Today is New Year Eve.  In Brisbane,  there are a lot of events in Southbank. The key event is fireworks on Brisbane River.  That is two sessions of firework. The first is at 8.30pm and the other one is at the mid-night.  You can watch it in Southbank and Eagle Street. I prefer to watch it in Southbank, because the people will have count-down in there too! But I may not watch it this year. Because that is very cloudy outside, it looks like raining soon!

Best of All Lookout

Springbrook is famous of water falls. There are many good spots to visit as well, such as Best of All Lookout . That is near Gondwana Rainforests.  It has the view of South Gold Coast, even as far as Northern NSW.  This is a great view. Unfortunately, when we went to there, there was a heavy rain. We could not see much. But there are a lot of clouds, that like walking in the sky!

This lookout is not far from the water falls, that is only about 5 minutes driving. If you go to see the waterfalls, you can go to there as well!

Please click here to view the photo album of Best of All Lookout.

Boxing Day Sales

Queen Street Mall - Boxing day

Today is Boxing Day. The most of shops started their end of sales on today. So in “Australian  Custom”, today is a shopping day. I went to City for shopping as well. I found Queen Street Mall is full of people. There is a kind of “Human Traffic Jam”. I cannot walk faster, because the foot path is too many people. I entered Myer and David Jones, a lot of people are so busy with shopping.

Long queue

Even the shops have a long queue to line up for entering their shop! That is crazy!

But there are a huge saving, I saw some goods have 50% off, such as the Sheridan quilt cover in David Jones.  Others are at least 20% off!

The things draw my attention a lot is Ultrabook. Dick Smith and Harvey Norman set all Ultrabook on specials.Ultrabook are on sales

That is great, but they are too expensive!

Finally, I did not buy anything for myself.

Well, the end of sales has not finished yet,  the sales will run to the start of next year! Maybe, I can find something later. Let us go shopping again later!

Brisbane Christmas Lights

Calmvale Christmas Lights

When I was in Hong Kong, I love to watch Christmas Lights. There was some lights which is about Christmas Stories on the high rise, we can watch on the street.  In Brisbane, there is no high rise buildings have lights for Christmas. Instead of, the people will set Christmas in their house. There is a competition for this too! Last night, we went to Liam Court, Calamvale. The houses in that street are joined this competition.  Although they are without the help from professional people and big sponsors, the lights are so beautiful!  I appreciated the effort of the house owners put into that!

Chinese Feature - Christmas Lights

They are creative too! I saw one of houses put some Chinese features in their Christmas Lights!

Officially,  the Christmas Lights are ended last night. If you live in Calamvale, that is still worth to drive pass there. Maybe, the owners still leaves their Christmas lights on.

If not, then please click here to watch the photo I took last night

Garden City - Christmas Last Minute Night Shopping

Last Night, major shopping centers in Brisbane opened until mid-night. I thought there were a lot of people. But I went to Garden City around 7pm last night. The car park is not full. The shopping center is not busy. I went to there on Thursday too! There were more people on that times. I think that is because there was heavy rains around evening time last night. Moreover, the most of  people have done their Christmas shopping.

Calamvale Central Car Park

I just went to Calamvale Central for lunch. For the most of time, the car park won’t be full. Even normally, there is not many car parked in there. But Today there is nearly full of car!

Calamvale CentralAlthough the shopping center is not full of people, there are still quite busy. Wow, everyone is crazy about Christmas Shopping!


Big Gun Chinese Restaurant  - Free Range Chicken

In the old days, our Chinese people love the fatty Chicken. We love the chicken which have some yellow fat under their skin. That is very high calories!  Everyone does not like this anymore, we want to eat healthy. I think you like the Free Range Chicken more.  Because this kind of chicken won’t  not trapped in cages, is allow them to walk in the farmhouse. Because they can move around, so it will not accumulate so much fat.

Few days ago, we had this kind of chicken in Big Gun Chinese Restaurant. That is not fatty at all. Moreover, the chicken is cooked in a Chinese traditional way, Salt-Baked.  That is so tasty and the price is reasonable. Only $38 for a whole chicken. Let’s go to there, have a trail!



Big Gun Chinese Restaurant

Shop 7, Big Gun Shopping Center,

2922-2926 Logan Road, Underwood QLD 4119

Tel: 07-32198868

Fax:07-3219 8863

Garden City Carpark

I went to Garden City this afternoon. There are full of people. The car park are full. The management opened the staff car park for customer parking too! I parked in there.  That is a bit far away from the shopping center,  5 minutes walking distance.

Garden City

The food court are quite full too. Moreover, there are many people doing their Christmas shopping too.  That looks like Christmas holidays has arrived. Actually, today is not a public holiday!

Gift wrapping service

However, there is somethings good. There is  a special counter to provide gift wrapping service.

Have you done your Christmas shopping? I think all major shopping centers will be full of people today and tomorrow!

Christmas Money Wallet

Christmas Money Wallet

In the Chinese Traditional Custom,in New Year, we will put some money into a red pocket and give them to kids as the new year present. They calls it, “Red Pocket Money”.

I found Australian got a similar custom! But that will happen in Christmas time. Today, there is a “special”  Christmas card which has a pocket stick on itself. This pocket is for putting Money or Gift Card. This kind of Christmas card is very similar with our Chinese Red Pocket! That’s interesting!