My car has been used for more than ten years, and I use it every day, so that is the time to consider getting a replacement. A new car is always more reliable and safe. Now, Electric Cars are starting to have more options. In addition, the Queensland government will start to provide a 3,000 subsidy for Electric Cars priced below $58,000 in July. I’ve thought about switching to Electric Cars again.
As far as I’m concerned, changing Electric Cars is just a matter of economics. The cheapest trams cost 40,000 dollars to nearly 50,000 dollars, which is more than 10,000 dollars more expensive than the average Japanese car. Even if my solar panel can provide enough electricity for the vehicle, the 10,000 dollars may not be more than the fuel used during the life span of a car. And the government subsidy is only 3,000 dollars, and it must be on the car priced below$ 58,000, and there are not many choices. Generally, the better electric car costs nearly $60,000, and there is no subsidy.
Furthermore, although the tram does not have a gearbox and an internal combustion engine, the structure is relatively simple, and maintenance will be relatively cheap. But it is always a real car, shock absorbers, wheels. These consumables still need to be replaced regularly. So there will be savings in maintenance, but not much.
In addition, the general electric car is heavier than the gasoline car, so it should be more energy-intensive.
Summarizing these economic considerations, I will switch to a general gasoline car.

New Myer in Garden City

Myer in Garden City

I went to oversea for about month, so I missed the grand opening of Myer in Garden City.This Sunday, I went to Garden after lunch. I found the Myer store is opened and I spent time in there too. The store has two levels which is similar size of Myer Carindale. That is not very big.

Well, that is good to have a Myer store close by!

Zheng Asian Supermarket

Yesterday, A New Asian Supermarket, Zheng Asian Supermarket, were opened at Calamvale Central. She provides the choices of wide ranges Asian Groceries such as Asian fresh vegetables, Asian bottled drinks and BBQ Pork.  That is more convenient to buy Asian goods in Calamvale


Shop 41
Calamvale Central
662 Compton Rd
Calamvale QLD 4116

New wing of Garden City

Last night, I went to Garden City for dinner. There were a long queue of cars! I have spent more ten minutes for finding a parking spot!

Well, yesterday, the new extension of Garden city was opened to public. A lot of people , like us, want to experience those new shops during the night shopping!

Wow, I found a lot of new things in there. Firstly, there is a huge new car park at the roof of  new extension. I was so silly, I have spent more ten minutes for finding a parking spot in those old car parks.

Garden City New Car Park

Secondly, there are a tons of new stores, such as Target, Kmart, ADLI and new spaces.

New Extension of Garden City


The new store of Target is very impressive! The store has a lot of open spaces, that is very different than the rest of stores. I found the shopping experience can compare with Muji.

DAISO Garden City

In additional, there is a new DAISO store. If you want to buy $2.8 household goods, you don’t need to go to carindale anymore.

NOOSA Chocolate Factory

Thirdly, I found there are new few coffee shops too,  such as NOOSA Chocolate Factory and Shingle Inn. I think you can find a coffee shop within a minute walking distance.

Well, this new extension is still quite new. Some shops, such as Myer, will opens on next month.

Lastly, there are a new Asian features.  For example, a asian supermarket,Sunlit, opened next to Coles.  Although this market is not very big, she has every asian goods, such as chinese vegetable, chinese frozen food and Asian sacks.

Sunlit Asian  Supermarket


In additional, the ground level food court is extended and given a new look.  There is a new section for Asian restaurants, it calls 8 streets.  It will opens soon.



The new extension is really a good place for shopping.  Also, it makes Garden City is the largest shopping center in Queensland!

Garden City Westfield Shopping Center

Cnr Logan Road & Kessel Road

Upper Mount Gravatt QLD 4122

After a big storm

After a big stormYesterday, a storm hit Brisbane. The strong winds and raining lasted about two hours. Moreover, we were living without power for 5 hours. Luckily, we were in my home. I believe if I were outside, that could be ten times more worse! That is because I went out for jogging in the park nearby this afternoon. I found almost all of trees fallen down,  the pathway is full of broken tree branches. The park looks like a “disaster” zone! That was crazy!



Major Power Outage in Brisbane -Hakataya RamenAround 4pm this afternoon, the sky went dark. Then a number of lightning strikes were coming, they were very closed to my house. Then the lights in my house were flashing. At the end, the power and internet were gone.  We were not alone, some friends who live in nearby suburbs told me the similar stories. They lost the power supply too.  Then I checked the Energex twitter page, there were 70,000 households  were without power!

Until 7pm, we were still without power. Last year, a storm came and a lot of power lines  fall.  A lot of houses lost the power supply. In my case, I was without power around 2 days. I had to thrown away all of the food in my fridge. I believe this times will be in a similar situation. I prepared the worst case. I moved all food in my fridge to my friends’ house which are still having power.  Moreover, because the oven and cooktop in my house are electrical, I cannot cook our dinner. That was 7pm, I gave up to wait the power come back. We went to Hakataya Ramen in Sunnybank for dinner.

Again, we were not alone. That was 8 pm in a week day. Kmart, Supermarket and restaurants have more people than usual. I believe a lot of people cannot cook their dinner and stand for the heart in their house.

After 9.30pm, we finished our dinner and window shopping in Kmart. We arrived home. Luckily, the power came back! However, according Energex, there are still 34801 homes are without power. If you are one of them, you can go to their website for further information.

That was a crazy thunderstorm, which brought us a lot troubles!


Temporary Closure of Story Bridge


Story Bridge, one of Iconic symbols in Brisbane, will be closed for resurfacing from midnight of today(3/1/2014) to 5am 6/1/2014. I guess the traffic near by the closure will be affected, I suggest to use alternative routes. According to Queensland Police website, Clem7 and Go Between Bridge will be free during the period of this closure. We can consider to use them rather than the Story Bridge.


Queensland Police


Heatwave is gone!!!


During these few weeks, we got some extreme summer days. There were some 30 to 40 degrees hot days. Sometimes, i felt hot even the air conditioning was on. But today,we got some rains. The weather is cooler. Finally ,we got a break from this heatwave.

Boxing Day @Robina

20121226_133632During Boxing Day, we went to Robina Town Centre for shopping. Because of our Australian customs, most of the shops have Boxing Day sales! Moreover, Robina Town Centre has Myer, David Jones, Dick Smith and JB-HI Fi. Those are the shops we are keen on shopping at. Thus, this was an ideal place for Boxing Day shopping.

We arrived there around 11am. After we exited the highway, there was a traffic jam from the Highway exit to the entrance of shopping center. It was full of cars and was so busy! Moreover, inside the shopping centre, it was filled of people; almost every shop had people lining up in front of its cashier! That was so crazy! Everyone wanted to shop! For myself, I only bought a massage pillow. Well, I did some boxing day shopping too!


Shopping Discount@Sunnybank Hills ColesThis evening, I went to the new Coles in Sunnybank Hills Shopping Town. There is quite huge! I felt very comfortable to do my shopping task. Well, the key part is $5Off Discount!  If you spend $50, then you will get $5 discount! That is cool!

Cnr Calam and Compton Road
Sunnybank Hills
QLD 4109

(Note that: This offer is for this week. In the next week, as I remember, there will be $10 off if you spend $100)