Donto Sapporo

Donto Sapporo is my most favorite Japanese restaurant. I love their lunch special bento box. The bento box is under $20; it included Tempura, fried chicken pieces, stream egg, miso soup, and sashimi. What’s a good deal, the quality is excellent. The serving size is not small too. I felt full after I had a bento box.
Moreover, the staff is friendly. They are excellent in every aspect. They are very popular, so please book a table in advance.
Unfortunately, they were in the Broadbeach area for more than 20 years, which was a good location. In October 2019, they forced to relocate to Bundall. I hope their quality and price will remain the same.

Shop 15-16
Sorrento Shopping Village,
20 Bundall Rd,
Bundall QLD 4217

Tel: 07 5539 9933

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Palazzo Versace Gold Coast Hotel Seafood Buffet

The famous Palazzo Versace Gold Coast Hotel Seafood Buffet is one of the most extravagant buffets I have ever seen. This five star gold coast seafood buffet gives patrons an elaborate layout of seafood, meats, pastries, deserts, and salads. From the minute you walk into the front door, you are immediately met with the beautiful aroma of garlic butter shrimp, deliciously baked cheese lobster, and the subtle smell of a flowing chocolate fountain. 

 Gold Coast Seafood Buffet

The cost per person is a bit expensive, but it is well worth it. For each adult dinner ticket, the price is $90 per person. Make sure you come prepared to eat. I personally made sure that I ate well over $90 worth of seafood.

As you may know, the cost of fresh seafood in the Gold Coast is incredibly pricey. When you consider the market price of king crab, fresh salmon, tuna, and pacific oysters, the price tag of $90 per person doesn’t seem so bad.

Palazzo Versace Gold Coast Hotel Seafood

If you are big fan of seafood, you will notice the quality is incredibly fresh at the Gold Coast Seafood Buffet. As you gulp down oysters, they taste icey fresh. The succulent salmon doesn’t even have that classic fishy smell. The tuna and salmon is so fresh, it smells like it was just picked from the ocean only hours ago.

large chocolate fountain

When it’s time for desert, the first thing you see is a large chocolate fountain that looks like something from a Hollywood Movie. The flowing chocolate passes through layer upon layer of channels as it drips down to the beautiful pool at the bottom. Among the glorious chocolate fountain is a spread of sweet desserts and other pastries.

This is one buffet on the gold coast that you cannot pass up


 94 Seaworld Dr, Main Beach QLD 4217

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Eel with Rice and Ramen @Yamasakura

Apart from sunny beaches, there are many good Japanese restaurants, such as Yamasakura.  Ten years ago, that was already my favourite choice, because there are value meal deals and the restaurant was always full.

Recently, my friends and I had meals in there too. That is around $12 for Eel Dinner set. This set includes a small eel with rice, ramen and miso soup. Although the eel rice and ramen are not very big, they are good enough to taste. That is delicious! Moreover, I felt full after having this meal. I think that is super value for money, $12 can fill me up!


3131 Surfers Paradise Blvd, Surfers Paradise

QLD 4217



Gallery Walk@ Long Road Eagle Height

If you go to Gold Coast, I will suggest to visit Mount Tamborine. That is because this area have various activities in there, such as tree top walk, wine tasting, bush walking and shopping too, but the most of them need some entry fee. Few weeks ago, we went to Mont Tamborine and do some free activities.  For example, we chose to spend our afternoon in the Gallery Walk at  Mount Tamborine.

There are some art shops. They sold handcraft art, paintings and artist style homeware too! There are a lot of places to shop. Moreover, there  are some coffee shops and a tasty organic ice cream shop which is I highly recommended. Well, we had a lunch in there, that is not too bad, but that is a bit expensive.

German Clock House

In addition, there is an landmark shop in there. That is German Clock House. It got a fancy out-fit, looks a woody house! That is not just that.  Inside this shop, there are a lot of “Grandfather” style mechanical clocks. I don’t think you can find this kind of things very easily elsewhere.  Besides, they sold European style goods.  That is quite  interesting.

I believe you can spend a whole afternoon in there.


Varsity Lakes

I like  Varsity Lakes a lot! There is a lot of green area and a set of walk path around lakes. Walking in there is very comfortable. I can enjoy of view of those luxury house. In addition, if the weather is good, you can have the sunshine and blue sky. That is so great! All of them are free of charge!

P.S. Varsity Lakes is the area with a master planning near Robina in Gold Coast. Continue Reading

Ralph Lauren Polo Harbour Town 60% OFF

Today I went to Harbour Town, I found Ralph Lauren Polo Factory got 60%off Storewide again! If you go to there, you can check it out to see whether the discount are still running.

Harbour Town Gold Coast

Address:Corner Gold Coast Highway & Oxley Drive
Biggera Waters
Tel: (07) 5529 1734

Twin Falls - Springbrook

Twin Falls is one of major water falls in Springnbrook. The key feature of this water fall contains two water falls. Moreover, there is a walking track too! This track is suitable for most people. Last times, we have spent around an hour and half for walking to the bottom of the fall and back to the starting point.

The bottom of Twin Falls

At the end of this track, you can experience the water fall!

Creek near Twin Falls

Besides, you can walk over a creek on this walking track.  That is nice!


Getting there:

We can park your car near Tallanbana  picnic area which is located at the Springbrook Road. That is the entrance of track.

Please click here view to the photo album of Twin Falls


Boradbeach- Hotels

Besides of Surfer Paradise, I suggest you should visit Broadbeach too. There is a beach too. I went to there before, there is not bad, but Gold Coast area has a lot of beaches. It won’t make it special.  The special things are the buildings.  There are some landmark buildings in there, such as Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre, Pacific Fair and Jupiter Casino.

Moreover, during these recently years, many luxury hotels and apartments built in there too!  Their appearance are quite fancy. There is worth to have a look. The photo above is the one of examples.

Besides of buildings, there is a mono-rail system too!  It links between Jupiter Casino and Oasis Shopping Center. You can have a ride on it and enjoy the view of Broadbeach area during the trip.

Monorail - Broadbeach

I think there is worth to spend at least  two hours, or having an afternoon tea in there. There are some good coffee shops in there too!

Max Brenner @ Broadbeach

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Sunset @Varsity Lakes

I found there is a pretty residential area,Varsity Lakes, in Gold Coast. There is a footpath along the lake. That is very beautiful.  I took some photo during sunset, that looks a “art”(I think so)!

Sunset @Varsity Lakes

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