Clean up for my garden

Garden Clean up
Minor projects needed to be done in the garden before, so the workers removed some small trees before they started the work. In fact, it took half an hour every week for 6 months, I was trying to clean them out, but there was little progress. Finally, the workers used a soil piler for half an hour, and even the roots were completely removed. There is something that need to be done by professional labor. Without them, even if the miscellaneous trees are cleared away, they will regenerate, and the roots must always be cleared away, or the tree will be killed with poison.

When I was a child in Hong Kong, I saw other friends having birthday parties at McDonald’s. I believe that friends of our generation who grew up in Hong Kong in their forties, this is our childhood dream.

In Brisbane, of course, there are many children cafes, children’s indoor playgrounds where can hold birthday parties . However, you can go to the park to celebrate a birthday is also a very popular choice. When the children are playing in the playground in the park, the host will find a gazebo for the guests to sit in, and prepare snacks and drinks to entertain their guests. Of course there will be party bags for the guest, and birthday cakes. There are all must-have elements for a birthday party. Now, Brisbane people are getting rich, and some people will hire people to do some face painting and rent some animal-shaped balloons, all of which are quite grand. However, if you want to choose a popular park, you go to there very early for getting a spot

You can avoid mainstream society when you live in Australia. I recalled that when I was in university, except for using English in the classes in university and doing homework, I still used Cantonese most of the time. The people who I knew were either international students from Hong Kong or immigrants from Hong Kong. I rent Hong Kong TV dramas in the Sunnybank for watching TV, and the news I read was from Hong Kong’s online newspapers. When I was young, I only had to see a Cantonese-speaking doctor for minor illnesses. So there is no need to contact the mainstream society. But, of course, I still know some small things, such as bus and train schedules are very sparse, I need to watch the timetable to wait for the bus and chase the bus when I was late. That was already my most profound understanding when I was just an international student


Before, I also mentioned that I got a new hobby, fountain pen, but it is a niche in Brisbane, so the required materials are pretty hard to find. First of all, of course, that is the ink! And I only use ink pens to write, so I don’t need too many ink colors. Blue and black inks are fine. And this kind of ink can be found in stationary chain stores, Officeworks. You can find in the brands of LAMY, waterman and
Parker. However, only Parker’s QUINK can be bought in-store, and other brands can be ordered online. QUINK is a good one. The ink is quick-drying. There are also black and blue options. They are enough for writing. The price is not too high, about $11, and it has 57ml. It should be enough for half a year. There is no problem with the ink supply!

Recently, I saw some people in a Whatsapp group who have been in Australia for a short period asked that the things on Kogan and are cheap, but they do not have a physical store. So is it credible?
I think it should be ok. I also brought some goods to those two online stores from time to time, especially Kogan, because there are many OEM products. They are all made by foundries in Southeast Asia, so the prices are very attractive, the styles are many, and the functions are complete. I once had friends who bought their brand TV sets, and they all said they were good. However, it was made by a foundry. Whether it is durable or not depends on your luck. But according to my experience with friends, it is ok. is all possible. My Dyson vacuum cleaner was also bought in there, and there are often significant discounts on brand-name products!
There is also a membership system, where members can have free delivery services and even some member discounts. But their monthly membership fee is a few yuan. But if you often buy the goods in there, it’s worth it. And they have a one-month free trial; you can use it after the trial, then you can consider whether to use it or not.
In the end, everyone should pay attention, some of their products are sold by third-party suppliers, so if they are unreliable, you have to look at the reviews of that merchant!

Click Frenzy - Online Stores Sales

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In the US, there is Cyber Monday, In China, there is a Single day. In Australia, there is a similar online sales event calls ClickFrenzy, which From 7pm AEDT Tomorrow to the next day 7pm AEDT. Same as the overseas, some major online stores will have a fast sale on their selected products during the time, such as Myer, Big W, Woolworths, Sheridan and Chemist Warehouse to promote online shopping. Those participated stores are from computer stores to supermarket and houseware. Almost every things are covered. I need to check it out tomorrow 7pm, I wish I can find some good stuff!

For the further details, please check their website.

IKEA Clearance sale

IKEA Clearance sale
Today, IKEA started their Clearance sale until this Sunday(21/10). There are 400 products on sale and at least 40%off.
Thus, tonight, we went there. That was not very fun. I spent half an hour on the queue for ordering our dinner. Fortunately, after this hard work for queuing. We found a set of baby bed sheets for $10. It looks “high end” and just for $10.
Bed Sheet Set - $10
If they are considering to move to a new home, I think we can get more bargain deals than us.
I saw $399 for a three-seat soda, $99 bookshelf and $119 for a desk. They sound a good deal too. I have not much time to shop tonight, so I think I should miss a lot, there should be more good deals rather than just I mentioned above.
$99- Bookshelf

$399- Three Seat Sofa

I think that is worth to go to their store and check out any good stuff for you if you consider moving to a new home and renovation. Well, If you are just looking for buying some new dining tableware or some towels, just some homeware, there may be not many choices for you.
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Mid-Autumnm festival

MoonCake Bread Top
Today is Mid-autumnm festival which is a notable festival of Chinese culture. I know Melbourne and Sydney, there are some weekend markets and lions dances. In Brisbane, there was a weekend market for this in China Town, but that is a far away from us who live in Southside of Brisbane. For us, I bought some moon cakes which is the traditional food for this festival to share with Brothers and Sisters in our church last night. This is to follow to the tradition. In the tradition, we will have mooncake with our family and watching the full moon. In Brisbane, we chose to with the Brothers and Sisters in our church. They are our closest “family members” in Brisbane. Last night is great, the mooncakes are great, they made in Australia, but those tasted “Chinse”.
I bought those from BeardTop for $9.80. Besides the mooncakes, I had some lanterns too.
We had some great time for Mid-autumn festival. I wish every one to have an enjoyable time with your family or friends during Mid-autumnm festival.

P.S. If you like Mooncakes, after Mid-autumnm festival, most of the Chinese grocery stores will have a huge discount for the mid-autumn festival to clear their stocks!

Underwood Bunnings is moved

Bunnings Underwood

Underwood originally had two Bunnings hardware stores. One was on the Compton road, the other was on the Kingston road. Last year, the one in Compton Road closed to rebuild. Until a few weeks ago, it has been reopened, I was thinking that there are two Bunnings again. But last Tuesday, I went to the one in Kingston Road for buying some tools. Unfortunately, this store has been permanently closed. Actually, two stores have merged into one. Finally, I went to the new store in Compton road, only a five-minute driving distance. Honestly, I thought that the two rooms were so close together. There are no reasons to have two Bunnings in the same suburb. Besides, the new store environment is better, there are a lot of covered parking spaces. Even on the raining days, I do not need to worry getting wet.

Bunnings Underwood - Undercover Car Park

The new store is also a lot bigger, and the shopping experience is more comfortable. It seems to be air-conditioned. In summer, it is more comfortable when you buy something. I like the new store!

Compton Road &, Ewing Rd,
QLD 4119

Garden City New Library
Garden city new library opened on last Wednesday. However, the opening events were on last Saturday. I think that is a good idea, which allows most of the working parents to bring. I went there too. When I arrived, there was an afternoon tea for all visitors. That was quite good.
Garden City New Library Entrance
Moreover, I found the library got bigger. There are rooms. Even a room calls secret garden for little kids, that is quite good. Besides that, on that day, some STEM tools has shown off, such as 3d printers and small robots.
3D Printing @Garden City
They are very useful for those young kids. I saw a lot of kids were keen on that at the session. Of course, this library still had a lot of foreign languages booms such as Chinese and Korean. After this visit, I like that library then the old one