In Australia, we like to buy a gift card as the gift as a wedding gift and a present to thank you someone help. Sometimes, we don’t know what our friend want. The gift card is the best option; they can use it to buy the things they like, and it sounds more polite than cash.
Also, Gift card always has a discount. For example, this week in Woolworth special. If you buy Myer, City Beach and Kathmandu gift card, $50 gift card has 1000 Woolworth point which can be exchanged $5 Woolworth dollars(you can use as a cash in Woolworth). $100 gift card has 1000 Woolworth point which can be exchanged $10 Woolworth dollars. That is 10% off. It sounds a good deal.
Please be aware this special will be ended on Tomorrow.

Frozen Yogurt@ Nominom

Frozen Yogurt has been popular in Hong Kong for a while. Last year, I was in Hong Kong, I saw a lot of Frozen Yogurt in there.  In recent years, it becomes popular in Brisbane too. All major shopping centers at least have one Frozen Yogurt.

Well, I wish to have one too! So, I bought a groupon coupon, for Nominom. That is $3 coupon has $6 value! And few weeks ago,  I went to there for a trial.  The way to buy frozen yogurt is interesting. They are not selling Frozen Yogurt per cup. The price is counted by weight, $2 for 40g. You can freely choose any frozen yogurt base with the topping.  I got $6 voucher, therefore I could have 240g.

I chose Coffee Frozen Yogurt as the based. Choosing topping was a bit headache. So many choices, there were various selections of fruits, candy and chocolate.  Finally, I chose some M&M, chocolate with some of mango and kiwi fruit. I got the job done, that was my frist frozen yogurt.


Nominom Shop

2B 131 Elizabeth St, Brisbane QLD 4000

$2 deal in Mcdonald's - Chicken and Mayo

I had a meeting until 2.30pm,that is very late. Fortunately, I had something during this meeting.  But that was not enough . Thus I went out to McDonald’s. Then i found there are some special deals. The one I picked was Chicken and Mayo for $2.It tastes alright just a deep fried chicken breast and lettuce with bread. For $2, I did not except much. Moreover, the portion was good enough to be a light meal. I was quite happy for this $2 lunch. In addition , the deals are also included apple pie and small fries. They only cost around $1.50the each.

Dove Shower Gel - 50% off

Today, I needed to do shopping at supermarket. Well, I got a surprise at Woolworth. I found 50% off for Dove Shower Gel . That is only $3.49. What’s a good deal!


NIVEA Shaving GEL- 3 FOR 2 @ Coles

Today, when I was shopping at Coles, I found NIVEA shaving gel is on sale,  3 FOR 2! Three is only $ 11.38, very cheap. If you like to use this brand too, you can go to Coles and check whether the offer is still valid.

Ralph Lauren Polo Harbour Town 60% OFF

Today I went to Harbour Town, I found Ralph Lauren Polo Factory got 60%off Storewide again! If you go to there, you can check it out to see whether the discount are still running.

Harbour Town Gold Coast

Address:Corner Gold Coast Highway & Oxley Drive
Biggera Waters
Tel: (07) 5529 1734