Woolworths - Disney Collectable
My kid unexpectedly requested me to go grocery shopping at Woolworths a few days ago. I was¬†wondering why. Due to the fresher items at Woolworths? In reality, it turned out to be about another of their incentive schemes. They’ve had a variety of collectibles to trade over the years, including plastic building blocks and mini¬†supermarket products. But this time, no plastic is used anymore. Disney character cards are being made available for the celebration of the studio’s 100th anniversary. You can get a pack for every $30 spent.

UQ Brisbane City
Brisbane Open House is taking place this coming Saturday and Sunday. There will be public access to many old Brisbane structures, as well as some guided tours. I regrettably arrived in the city at half past three since I had to take care of the kids and run other errands. The former National Australia Bank Queensland Headquarters, a heritage-listed structure, was where I went to find UQ Brisbane City, but it had just closed. The Brisbane Open House website states that the City Hall is open until 5 o’clock, so I eventually went there. Unfortunately, the Council Chambers had already been locked. Thankfully, I went to the BALMORAL ROOM, which was open at last. It is a highly regal dinner hall in the European style. I at least got some outcomes on this trip.

Easter Saturday
Good Friday is an important Christian holiday that commemorates the crucifixion and sacrifice of Jesus Christ. The weather, however, could have been better on that day. There were a few showers during the day, and things took a turn for the worse in the evening. Finally, around 7 PM, there was a storm and even a hailstorm.
The following day, however, was a different story altogether. The weather was clear, with no clouds in sight. It was fantastic, sunny, and a bit windy, with a distinctly autumnal feel. This change in weather was surprising and remarkable.
Good Friday is a somber and solemn occasion, and the poor weather on the day itself may have added to the sense of sadness and grief. But the bright and clear weather on the following day was a reminder that even in difficult times, a better future is always possible.
No matter what challenges we may face, if we stay optimistic and maintain a positive attitude, we can overcome them and enjoy the beauty of life. The changing weather serves as a metaphor for the ups and downs of life, and we can take heart in the fact that after every storm, there is the possibility of sunshine and calm.

Stop over
The last time I drove to Hervey Bay, it was almost four hours of driving. For such a long-distance vehicle, it is very important to take a break halfway, and lack of concentration will affect driving safety. So, I took a break every hour and a half. There are rest spots like this on the side of the main highway. There are gas stations, fast food restaurants, and even slides for children to play. You can take a break there, eat something like a pie or a sandwich, and drink coffee.

I was talking with my colleagues today that technology has changed now. I recall using Java in college. Now that C# and TypeScript have been used, we have used Server/Clients. Now, everything is in the cloud. However, I suddenly remembered the classic textbook Design Patterns, from my college days (more than 20 years ago). Technology has really changed, and it has changed a lot, but it is basically based on the same theory, and the Design Patterns in the book are used today.

I have been doing programming for about 20 years. Whether technology changes or signs of progress, I can adapt to it because the basic has not changed. If the basic has changed, and I have reached middle age, I really don’t know what to do to respond the changes

In my previous blog posts, I said that the Newnham Hotel is a great place to meet friends. Recently, I also attended another friend’s dinner party at Club Southside.
It was a Saturday night, so the parking lot was almost full during peak hours, and the inside was almost full, so you really needed to book a table to suit you.

Once inside, the restaurant decorations are grand, and the seating is wide. It’s much better than Newnham Hotel, so it feels good. And they all sit comfortably and have a sense of space. After sitting down, look at the menu. It is not expensive, a main course of more than $20, and the children’s meal is only $10. In Brisbane, it is very reasonable.

Chicken Schnitzel
I ordered Chicken Schnitzel, and it was the same as last time I ordered at Newnham Hotel, so to compare, and again it’s hard to go wrong. Back to the topic, the food is all okay, and it’s all a few crispy. And maybe the environment is better, so I think the taste is better than that of the Newnham Hotel.
Fish & Chips

Another selling point is the children’s meal, although it is not buy one get one free, but if you are a member, it is only$10. Furthermore, the portion is quite large, which is almost the same as an adult meal. And if it is a friend under the age of twelve, a cup of ice cream will be given. As for the taste, the children ordered Fish & Chips, and the children will definitely say that this food is delicious.
If you are a member, you can save $5 per meal, and the membership fee is $5 a year, so as long as you order one meal or more, you can “earn” the membership fee back.

To sum up, this dinner is really good, the environment is quite comfortable, and you can sit there for two or three hours, and the food is also okay.

76 Mount Gravatt – Capalaba Rd
Upper Mount Gravatt 4006

I went to Pinelands plaza for lunch the other day. D’s Sizzling HouseD's Sizzling House is closed for good.I used to have dinner there from time to time when they were in Little Taipei more than 20 years ago. I still remember that there are sizzling steaks, toasts, and drinks for about $10, which are affordable. However, not anymore. In the past two years, Sunny Seoul and Haoke are closed. Garden city has changed its name and is no longer Garden city anymore. During this time, friends will gradually become strangers.I feel like getting old. That sounds like my era is near to be ended.

Automatic recycling machines

In the past one or two years, our Queensland also promoted the beverage can recycling program. As a result, each beverage container can be returned to the designated location to get 10 cents, and it can be fully automatic. However, this kind of automatic recycling point is not many before.
But today, I went to the garden city and found that there are several automatic recycling machines. You can directly put plastic bottles into that machine, which deposit the recycled money into your container for changes account, or you can generateWoolworths shopping vouchers with the same amount to be recycled. Garden City is our main shopping mall, and these automatic recycling machines are located on the side of the parking lot of Officeworks. There are plenty of parking spaces, that is so easy to parking.

Lindt Iced Mocha

When I go to Harbour Town, I must go to the Lindt Chocolate Specialty Store. Of course, I don’t buy chocolate, I like the mocha there. I find it more appealing than the chocolate there, especially on a hot day. Order a cup of iced mocha, which has fragrant coffee, and Lindt chocolate-flavored ice cream balls, which is smooth and relaxing

Address 147-189 Brisbane Rd, Biggera Waters QLD 4216

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When the weather is better, that is an excellent chance to go out. Before, there was a new wave of epidemic peaks and flooding in Brisbane, so I didn’t go to places far away for several weeks. Therefore, I went to Longan Garden on Sunday a few weeks before. There are longan farms around the Sunshine Coast and Gold coast, and we went to the Narangba Longan Garden on the North Lakes side, which is about a 45-minute drive from the city center. Generally speaking, the longan harvest season is from March to April, so this longan garden is open to the public, but not every week. So everyone should keep an eye on their Facebook.

We just happened to have a longan harvest and saw that their Facebook said it was open to the public. We accommodate a time to go as soon as possible because all the longan can be plucked within a week or two, and it will have to wait until the next season.
Under normal circumstances, there is an admission fee of one dollar per adult. Fortunately, since the longan was picked for the public a few weeks ago, there are not many longans left, so the garden has waived the admission fee.

Since it was already more than 11 o’clock when we arrived, it had been more than two hours since the park opened, and most of the eyes had been removed. This is because we finally saw the longan in the corner of the garden. It turns out that longan hangs on the tree like this, and it turns out that the longan tree is only about the height of an adult. So it’s easy to pick up. Some longan trees are relatively short. Even children can pick it, so children like it. For the adult, you can slowly choose the good ones. As a result, I picked 1.5 kilograms, so I only need to pay ten dollars per kilogram. Although the price is similar to the market, it is more umami than the ones outside. I bought 1.5 kilograms, and only three of them were bad.

In addition, there are more dragon fruit trees in the park, which can be picked. It is also the first time that I have seen dragon fruit trees. It turned out to be like this. However, we arrived too late, all the dragon fruit had been picked, but some dragon fruit was for sale at the door.

Also, I would like to remind everyone. It’s is a farm. Therefore, there will be a lot of mosquitoes. Everyone should remember to have anti mosquitoes spray.And Brisbane is still hot in March and April, so use sun oil and a hat, and add a lot of water. Pay attention to having a lot of water. AFor s for tools, a pair of scissors is good enough. The farm can lend it to visitors for a deposit of ten dollars. Finally, the day after we left, all the longan have been smashed and should be harvested in the next season. But it was delicious so we will definitely go back next year.


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