During the flood in Brisbane, many people were affected by the flood and even lost their homes and lives. Many areas are still flooded. But I’m sorry, I feel old, and I think it’s a little dangerous to take pictures in a flooded area. So I just checked around my house to see if it was affected. Fortunately, we are far away the riverside, and nothing was affected for the time being, but there was some mud on the road, and some sections of the road were washed away by the flood.

Everything else is normal, and there are many vehicles on the road, and the grass is dry.

The only thing is that there seems to be some shortage of goods in the supermarket, and there is a panic buy,

but this time, no one is rushing for toilet paper.

Brisbane Floods 2022

Brisbane had three days of non-stop heavy rain, finally clearing up today. However, it was similar to the flooding in 2011. Rocklea, Southbank, oxley and the city were all flooded. Of course, it seemed that the water was shallow, and everyone made preparations early and left early to evacuate.
However, many boats moored on the river were washed away, and the boat even damaged the dock of the city cat. Moreover, the production of water purification facilities was stopped due to heavy rain. Everyone went to the supermarket to buy all distilled water, and everyone was afraid of flooding on the road, so they had no supplies to supermarkets, and they also bought other necessities. I saw that there was no bread in the supermarket!

And 1,5000 households were flooded, schools were closed for two days, and a lot of roads were still closed.

Recently I listened to a radio program about I.T. professionals in Hong Kong, and there are T.V. dramas in Hong Kong with the theme of I.T professionals. These make me also want to talk about my Australian I.T. career here. Unfortunately, I have never worked in the Hong Kong I.T. industry as a Hong Kong local employee, so everything is based on what I have seen and heard in Australia.
First of all, of course, to talk about appearance, some people say: “people are not wearing a suit.” But, of course, in the past two decades, it is only a chance to wear a suit, most of them only wear a shirt and trousers (Business casual). However, most of the Brisbane office workers wear it like this. Sometimes they also wear trousers with the company Polo shirt. This does not mean we do not care about what we wear, but it shows the vitality of our industry.
Secondly, some say i.t. people are the first choice to be laid off when any company considers cutting costs. Then, if you are doing internal i.t, you will be laid off because your department is “cost center.” But if your company relies on I.T. to make money, such as fintech or professional services, the impact will be minimal. No one wants to fire anyone can make money.
Of course, there are many people who also think that i.t. people are not good at communicating with people. But I do have meetings from time to time, and i.t. companies generally focus on teamwork, so communication skills are also one of the necessary skills in our industry. Even some companies believe communication skills are more important than programming skills because technology can be learned quickly, and communication skills cannot be learned in a moment.
Every industry has some strange people and crazy things, and they can be exaggerated and made into episodes.

Last week, it rained heavily for several days. The water tank at home is also full. The water dam level in Queensland has finally returned to 70% f. Many new Hong Kong immigrant friends think that our water source is sufficient. We mainly rely on our dams for water supply. Therefore, that depends on the rainfalls. Brisbane had dry years. I remember that around 2006, when we had some water restrictions, we were not allowed to use tap water to wash the cars and water the garden, and we were limited to 110 liters of water per person per day. Fortunately, the dry period was about a year.
A friend said, why don’t we build more water dams because Australia has so many forests and mountains. But, of course, if you don’t need to consider environmental protection, the issue of indigenous land, that is workable. A new dam was proposed more than ten years ago, and construction has only begun in recent years. Therefore, Gold Coast is also a desalination facility. Most houses have water tanks to collect rainwater, which is used to wash cars and shower flowers.


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I’m a person who doesn’t like playing computer games. Real-life is exciting enough, so I don’t need to play mobile games for excitement. Therefore, I prefer diversified theme parks. If I want to find a theme park that meets this requirement in Queensland, there is only Sea world, an ocean-themed park with more non-motorized game facilities and more performances than other amusement parks. Appreciate. Moreover, it was the Hong Kong Ocean Park when I was a child.

Of course, I said that I liked the pavilion so much and that there is the theme of the ocean, and there will be an aquarium. There are coral fish, groupers, manta rays, sharks, etc., everything. All are magnificent. You can snorkel there if you pay.

Plus, there are more performances. It’s the treasure of the park, the dolphin. There are two performances every day, which are very popular. The dolphins will make a variety of jumping movements after listening to the trainer’s instructions. The audience was very excited and clapped. In addition to performing, they will swim in the pool at the other area in the park and jump out of the water from time to time, which is very interesting. Of course, paying to get in close contact with them.
The second animal that attracts attention is the seal. Take your show every day.

Moreover, in such a hot place as Brisbane, it would be nice to see some polar animals, so there are penguins and polar bears there too.

Of course, it is a theme park, and there are many rides.

There are roller coasters and things like that. Recently, a large wooden roller coaster has been under construction. And there is also a children’s area, with Fiesta Carousel, children’s roller coasters, etc.

Finally, there are also resorts where you can stay for days.

I think this theme park is very worth visiting, there are performances to enjoy, exhibition halls to see, and fun, and finally, you can stay for a few days.

Address::Seaworld Dr,
Main Beach
QLD 4217

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Using fountain pens is a niche hobby in Brisbane, but I enjoy the feeling of writing. However, many fountain pen supplies can be found on the market. For example, this Pilot’s Kakuno fountain pen can be found in the stationery chain store, Officeworks. And it only cost $20, including ink cartridge, and made in Japan. That is very valuable for money.

Moreover, the writing is smooth, and the pen body has a variety of colors to choose from, so many female fountain pen users like to use this pen. In addition, the pen body is made of plastic, which is lightweight and polygonal, which is very ergonomic,. That is very suitable for writing during the whole day. The only downside is that there is only a medium-sized nib available in Officeworks. If you are looking for a different size nib, you need to buy it from another online store, which costs a few dollars more.

Supplementary information: If you want to use bottled ink, you need to buy a converter. Because the Pilot uses its proprietary ink supply system, you can use the Pilot CON-40 ink converter. It can be found in some online stationery stores and eBay.

Speaking of Australia, everyone will think of kangaroos and koalas. So Visiting a zoon is a must-do activity in Australia. However, many zoos will charge a fee, such as the Australian Zoo, $60 per ticket. For those of us living in Australia, it is a bit expensive. However, some government animal conservation centers do not charge fees and can also observe animals.

We also went out on a public holiday last week and went to the free-of-charge  animal conservation center, Ipswich Nature Centre, to see animals.
This Nature Centre is like a small zoo. You can spend almost an hour!

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It’s October again, and spring has arrived! There are various beautiful flowers in bloom around Brisbane, and there is a very famous plant in Brisbane, Jacaranda.
It usually blooms from October to November, when many purple flowers are about to bloom at the tree. If there are several jacaranda tree species, you can see the feeling of a small purple sea!
A few days ago, I went to Queens Park in Ipswich, where this kind of jacaranda trees are blooming! We took several photos!
Jacaranda is very common in Brisbane! So you can find one near your home! If you want to learn more about jacaranda trees, you can go to the following places:
-New Farm Park
-University of Queensland, University of Queensland Lake District, Saint Lucia
-William Dart Park, St. Lucia
-Pier Walk, Kangaroo Point
-Jacaranda Park, Yeronga.
-Laneer Street, Sunnybank Hills

During these years in Australia, I usually ate some kind of budget dining, most of them only cost around $10. However, sometimes I have to eat some high-end things to treat myself better, and it can also add some romance to my life. Thus, I went to a Japanese Fusion restaurant in the star casino of Gold Coast earlier, Kiyomi, for fine dining. As soon as I entered, I already felt that the environment was good, the atmosphere was very high-end, the light was soft, and the decoration was not old. Although, of course, the atmosphere is so high-end, that is still entirely causal, and it is very comfortable! As for the food, of course, it is also good, in this grade place, but that is quite pricy. A set meal costs $120 per person, and there are eight courses at this price.
First of all, let’s talk about the appetizer, a few slices of tuna and some snacks like tofu. Seriously, I really don’t know what it is, but it’s exquisite in short.
The second dish is fried squid, nothing special, but it is beautiful, and it is fried a little bit fragrant, plus some green onion, just like painting.
The next thing is the DENGAKUMAN fish, which is also fried a little fragrant, and the meat is tender.
Next is tonight’s main course, Wagyu. I am a person who dislikes beef very much, but I also think that this kind of beef is good, and it has a feeling of melting in the mouth.
Next is the other main sushi set, including salmon, tuna, and squid. Although it is not too special, it is also very exquisite. Everything about this meal is picturesque.
Finally, dessert is also a kind of art, including green tea, ice cream, and a small pancake. In summary, this restaurant is excellent. Must go once so that you can understand what fine dining is. But there are some things to pay attention to. First of all, this is a Fine Dining restaurant, which is mainly for enjoying the atmosphere. Therefore, don’t expect to eat full in there. In short, there are several dishes, but the portions are small. Secondly, my daughter is only a few years old, so I found that the environment and menu are not very suitable for young children. Finally, I want to mention that this restaurant is popular. Therefore, if you’re going to go on the weekend, it is best to make an appointment one or two weeks early. address: Lobby Level, The Star Gold Coast Broadbeach QLD 4218 Phone: 07 5592 8757 Continue Reading

This lockdown is a lot more serious than the previous lockdowns! Queensland’s chief health officer has asked everyone to avoid going out. If you can not go out, you should not go out. You can order the things you need online, and then you don’t buy them in person.
I bought this cycling machine at Kmart just last week, and it is now suitable for use. The lockdown is only lasting until Sunday, so use it to fight the epidemic at home these few days, and at the same time, keep your body healthy!