Ying Cha No.9 - Sunnybank Plaza

In Brisbane, there are so many new bubbles tea shops during recent months. Another one I tried recently is in Sunnybank plaza. That is Ying Cha no.9.
That is exactly located in the heart of Sunnybank Plaza, their food court. That is so convenient. I can have a bubble tea after I have yum cha. That will be a kind of funny match. Or after you did a grocery shopping, then you have a bubble tea.
A few weeks ago, after I did shopping in Sunnybank Plaza, then I had a one in Yha Cha No.9. I ordered a brown sugar bubble milk tea. I do not know why there is a trend of brown sugar tea. I saw most bubble tea shops are promoting this kind of brown sugar tea. I like the drink I ordered. Firstly, it looks very nice.
Moreover, the tea tastes not bad. Furthermore, it is not too expensive, that is around $6. I also like the pearl in this tea, that is not too “rubber.”
I like it, and I added that shop in my list of choices!

Shop 11B,
Sunnybank Plaza,
Cnr Mains Rd & McCullough St,
Sunnybank QLD 4109

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During these two years, I found a lot of new bubbles tea shops opened. Moreover, in the past, these kinds of shops are from Taiwan or operating by Taiwanese. However, during these few years, those newly opened tea shops are from mainland China or running by the people from mainland China. I am glad to see that. I like diversity and more choice.
HEERETEA is one of them, a lot of my friends like the shop, and this shop is famous in Sunnybank. Recently, they opened a new branch in Myer Center, just next to Starbuck. That is a good location.
A few weeks ago, I went to City. Then I tried this new store. I ordered a drink which they are promoting, Roasted Burlee Milk Tea. The quality is not bad, not too sweet. Moreover, I like the taste of brown sugar. I love it, but that is quite expensive, at around $7. If I go to City again, I will consider to have it yet, I am keen to try other drinks on their menu.

Roasted Burlee Milk Tea.

Address: Ground Level,
Myer Center,
91 Queen St,
Brisbane City
QLD 4000

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In the past, there was a very affordable Korean restaurant in Warrigal Square, Madtongsan III. We visited there very often, but it closed down a few years ago. Fortunately, she has other branches.
On the night of Lunar new year, I wanted to go out to eat, but all Chinese restaurants were full! Then Go for Korean food! So we went to Madtongsan’s market square branch. My wife likes that restaurant very much too, so I can also take this opportunity to recall some memory!
That night, we first took a look at their menu, which is similar to the previous one. There is also my favorite, hot stone rice, and there are free Korean side dishes, and they are free for the refill!
We ordered a bowl of hot stone rice and fried chicken fillet rice that night. The stone rice is delicious. I like the stone bowel, which makes the rice always warm! As for the fried chicken rice, it is also excellent!
In the end, I wish to mention the price, which is only around $13 for each dish! Affordable and significant portions! Value for money!
9 Lewina St,
Market Square
Sunnybank QLD 4109

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Although it has recently been affected by bushfires, many places have a fire ban, so many cities have canceled their fireworks displays. However, according to the Southbank Offical website, there will be a ten minutes long firework display on 26th Jan(Australian Day) at 7.30pm. The best places to watch are the Clem Jones Promenade and the Cultural Forecourt. Also, there are various Australian day celebrations in Southbank during the day time. You can refer to their official website

 Brisbane Lunar New Year Celebrations

This Saturday is the Lunar New Year! The Lunar New Year in previous years, we had quite a lot of celebrations in Brisbane, such as the fireworks and lunar celebration party in Garden City.
Unfortunately, according to the information on the website of Garden City, this year, it will not be so large, but there will be a lion dance performance at 7:30 every night from 23 to 25.
Fortunately, in our largest Chinese shopping mall, Sunnybank Plaza, there will be various New Year activities from the 22nd to 26 th, as follows:
Sunnybank Plaza
 Lion Dance Show: Wednesday to Friday, 10.30 am
 Lion Dance and Kung Fu Performance: Saturday, Sunday, 10.30 am
 Sunny Park
Wednesday to Sunday: 11:30 am outside Woolworths
Ice Craving
 Sunday at 4.00 pm
 Foodcourt, Sunnybank Plaza
Saturday, 12.30 pm
 Outside Kafe Cafe, Sunny Park

Moreover, on 1st February from 4 pm to 9 pm, there will be a Lunar New Year party on the rooftop of the Plaza car park, where there are various cultural performances such as lantern making workshops and calligraphy performances, of course, there are also lion dance performances, and there will be fireworks at night!
So if you want to have a festive atmosphere, you can go there!

The Noodle Club- Congee Breakfast

We are living in oversea, so I especially like Chinese food. I even want to eat Chinese food for the first meal of the day(breakfast). Unfortunately, not many Chinese restaurants offer breakfast because of demand. For people like us, who is the working class, we are in a hurry to work every morning. So, most of us eat breakfast at home. For those Chinese oversea students won’t get up that early to have breakfast.
Fortunately, a friend recently recommended the noodle club, where congee and fried dough sticks are sold before 10:30. There are two types of congee to choose, Congee with Pork and Century Eggs and white porridge.
I went there last week and tried it. First of all, I found that the breakfast there was not expensive, only about $7. Then I ordered the cheapest breakfast for only $ 6.50. I have packed white porridge with a mustard and a fried dough stick! The most attractive thing is that the fried dough stick is really huge! And it looks like it’s freshly fried!
Furthermore, the environment is very comfortable and not noisy, so I can have breakfast with my friends and have some chatting. I sat here for over an hour that day
Finally, I want to mention that the fried dough sticks there are very popular! So if you’re going to have this, you’d better place your order before ten o’clock.
I will go there for breakfast next time I have the chance.

Address: shop 2
254 warrigal road
QLD 4113
Phone: (07) 3189 3433

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A Segway/scooter does on footpath what cars do on the road. Thomas travelling 15+km on foot paths around Brisbane city is amazing. Don’t have to do it as slow as 3 hours of walking. Can see so many things in 2 hours wheeling it. Feeling fantastic! Trying new store location, Yummy Taro ramen now

Taro's Ramen - South Brisbane

Author: Thomas Kong(Photo&Contents are permitted to use by Thomas Kong)

Taro’s Ramen – South Brisbane
154 Melbourne Street
South Brisbane
QLD 4101
Tel: 07 3844 4414

From LiveInBNE Team: We thank you so much Thomas sharing his trip to southbank today. Thomas got a strong passion to promote traveling by Segway/E-Scooter. He mentioned that is a new way to travel. We do not need to wait bus coming or spend hours on walking for exploring. Segway/E-Scooter is much faster. He reminded us to follow the laws of using Segway/E-Scooter. Wear Hamlet and no passage. Further information read Queensland Government website

Donto Sapporo

Donto Sapporo is my most favorite Japanese restaurant. I love their lunch special bento box. The bento box is under $20; it included Tempura, fried chicken pieces, stream egg, miso soup, and sashimi. What’s a good deal, the quality is excellent. The serving size is not small too. I felt full after I had a bento box.
Moreover, the staff is friendly. They are excellent in every aspect. They are very popular, so please book a table in advance.
Unfortunately, they were in the Broadbeach area for more than 20 years, which was a good location. In October 2019, they forced to relocate to Bundall. I hope their quality and price will remain the same.

Shop 15-16
Sorrento Shopping Village,
20 Bundall Rd,
Bundall QLD 4217

Tel: 07 5539 9933

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Firework 2020

Christmas Fireworks

If you mention New Year’s fireworks in Australia, of course, everyone will think of New Year’s fireworks in Sydney, because this is the largest in Australia, and fireworks on the famous landmark, harbour bridge, they are spectacular, so everyone is especially familiar. Although this year, there are several petitions for not having fireworks in Sydney, because of NSW bush fires, rather than spending on Fireworks, that is better to help those people affected. However, at this minute, the fireworks will still go ahead.

There are also New Year’s fireworks in major cities across Australia(please check whether your city will have fireworks, some cities canceled their fireworks, because of fire ban)! Also, we have New Year’s Eve fireworks in Brisbane, and we will have two sessions of fireworks on the Brisbane river! The first session will start at 8:30 pm on December 31. This game is called Family Fun Fireworks. It is mainly for families with small children. You can go home early to make it easier for children to sleep. The other, of course, is the one that started at 0:00 on New Year’s Day. It is relatively more significant, and more people watch it, so the atmosphere is better. If you can, I would recommend you to see this. Besides, the best vantage point to watch will be South Bank, followed by the North Quarry or riverside in the city.

 Finally, I want to remind everyone. According to the experience of previous years, there are many people watching fireworks. So I suggest everyone use public transport! Moreover, all bus, train, and citycat ferry services will be free from 7:45 pm on the 31st to 5:30 am on New Year’s Day! Detailed information can be involved in TransLink.

Boxing Day Shopping

Garden City - Boxing Day Sales - A lot of people

Yesterday is Boxing Day. According to my experiences during the past years, a lot of people will go to the shopping mall, because the most of shops have massive sales on Boxing Day. Thus, we went out a bit late, around 2pm. However, there were still a lot of people. When I arrived at Kessels Road, about 1KM away from Garden City. There was a queue to enter Garden City. I spent 15 minutes in the queue; then I could enter the car park in Garden City. And then, I spent another 30 minutes to find a parking spot. I used 45 minutes to line up and seeking the parking spot. That was crazy.
When I entered the mall, there were a ton of people. That is rare to see in Brisbane. I felt I was in Hong Kong. Also, I saw a lot of people walking with a full trolley of new stuff they just bought. I think this year; there should be a good record of sales during the boxing day.
For myself, I do not have may things I need to buy. My home blender is quite old and dirty. So, I wish to buy a new one. Then I found one is in Target for $79, which is only $20 off, not a huge discount, so a lot of stocks on the floor. That is the reason I can come late!

NUTRIBULLET at Target $79