Sunset Grill Bar
Sunnybank Community & Sports Club

Usually, my dearest dad takes mother and me for our once weekly dinners out every Sunday. However, I told dad that I couldn’t have dinner out with him tomorrow night because Origin Two was happening! Would he please take mother and me out for dinner tonight instead? Dad said yes!

We live around ten minutes away from The Sunnybank Sports and Community Club. Aside from pokie machines there’s also a restaurant tucked deep within the building. The meals there are reasonably priced and the serving sizes are decent, leaving you satiated, if not full, after your meal. Dad prefers ordering two meals for three people.

There are nightly specials; since we often visit there Sunday, we know the Sunday special is a roast.

Tonight the two special dishes($15 each) were stir fry chicken with rice and fried vermicelli with beef. Perfect; we didn’t even need to check out the menu and just ordered those two specials for us.

Usually we all just drink water but suddenly tonight dad orders himself a Jim Bean Whisky and Cola! Mother and I both sneak sips from the bottle~

Our food arrives promptly and we all tuck in. Somewhere in the distance, applause can be heard; there’s live entertainment tonight!

The Sunnybank Sports and Community Club hires decent chefs because the white rice we were served tonight was soft and delicious. Often, when Westerners attempt to cook rice with a saucepan, the rice comes out hard and crunchy, eww!

Perhaps we’ll come back here for dinner again after the mighty Maroons have taken out the Origin series!

Kid Free – Monday to Thursday – Get a free kid mealm,purchasing a main meal from the a la carte menu
$9 Roast Dinner on Sunday

Sunset Bargrill
Sunnybank Community and Sports Club
 470 McCullough St,
QLD 4109

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Free Ice Skating at Indooroopilly

These two weeks

Now is the school holiday period, so there are several activities for children around Brisbane. Last Sunday, we went to the ice skating at Indooroopilly Shopping Center. In the 1 level, near coles, they set up a small ice rink with real ice! Although that is small, they offer all kinds of gears included skates, and that is free of charge. Also, even your kids is too young to do skating, they can sit on kangaroo trolley to skate.
Because that is free of charge, you are offered a 15-minutes session in the rink. The purpose of this event is to allow the kids to try skating.
Lastly, this event will be ended on this Sunday. However, all online pre-booked sessions are booked out. You need to try the walk-in session 10am-4pm (or 10am-8pm on Thursdays). You will be allocated the next available timeslot on that day. This event is top-rated, so I suggest you go to try on the weekday.

SkatingAt Festival(Winter Festival)

Now is the winter time in Brisbane, but the lowest degree in Winter time is just only around 7-8 degree. Thus, we cannot see the snow at all.
However, you can go to SkatingAt Festival to have a snowy winter.
From this Friday to 14 July 2019, a giant ice rink and ice slide have setup in King George Square. I believe you can skate in there. But you need to pay the entry fee, Adult $28, Children (5 to 13-year-old) $20.(Buy online~5% off).
Also, there are some food trucks next to the ice rink. They offer some hot foods, which is the best for the cozy winter.
That sounds cool, I think you should not miss this event.

Sunnybank $2 Food Trail Summer 2016

This Saturaday, Sunnybank Plaza and Sunny Park will hold Sunnybank $2 Food Trail again,this event will be held occasionally during these recent years . Today, from 2 pm to 8 pm, around a lot of participated restaurants across those two shopping centers will offer $2 tasting plates. Besides, the ranges of the dish on the offers have wide range of choices, such as Chinese, Japanese, Hong Kong Style, Vietnamese, Korean and Taiwanese styles. Also, because we are in the Summer, this times, some restaurants will offer chilled desserts and they mentioned some other new mini tasting dish. According to their website, this event is only about food; there will be some live entertainments too, such as live performance from
local musicians and traditional roaming lion dancers . This year, they will have a dedicated Kids Zone. There will be face painting, board games and colouring-in. I think the kids will have fun too!
For the further details, please visit their website and download their event map.

Venue:Sunnybank Plaza and Sunny Park


DFO Brisbane

These days are the period of EOYF sales, DFO and Harbour Town have significant price reductions. Some friends said that most of the goods in Harbour Town are half price. However, in fact, we had been to Harbour Town a few weeks ago. At that time, there were already a lot of goods at half price, so there was nothing new.

And we went to DFO today, there are many people there, and it is not easy to find a parking space. I want to find a place to eat there, and there is no place! As for the discounted products, there are generally 30% to half price. For example, 25% off further storewide at New Balance

New Balance Outlet

Puma has 40% off storewide

Pumpa Outlet

And of course I have the harvest, all the Strandbag suitcases are half price. I spent $159 to buy a large size American Tourister suitcase! DFO EOFY sale price last tomorrow!

American Tourister suitcase
Harbour Town Outlet Mall
Now is June, which is the season of End of Financial Year Sale. The stores wish to have a quick sale on their stocks before new financial year sale to make their accounting books looking better. Thus, there are a lot of stores making sales across Australia. During this Friday to Sunday(7-9 June), two outlet malls in Brisbane and Gold Coast, which is DFO and Harbour Town in Gold Coast, will have EOFY sales. I will go to one of them for shopping this Saturday!
KFC Buy one Get One Free Burger - International Burger Day

Yesterday is International Burger Day. McDonald’s offered a free Quarter Pounders hamburgers to all of their mobile app customers, as long as they are placed the order through the app. KFC got a similar offer too. Buying a chicken hamburger via their mobile app is also getting a buy one get one free offer. Moreover, there were a lot of people in McDonald for getting this free burger. I believe KFC should have fewer people. In the end, I also spent six dollars this afternoon to obtain two chicken hamburgers without waiting in a queue in KFC Calamvale.

Movie Review
Source:Open Clip ArtUsing Under Public Domain Attribution

When I first discovered Pokemon in 1999, I became a HUGE fan! Like, I watched the cartoon every morning before rushing off to school (thankfully, I only lived five minutes away) and played my way through all the Pokemon games from red to gold.

I’ve also seen all the movies; when I saw the trailer for the newest one, which involved LIVE people and a TALKING Pikachu, I HAD to see it!
Since the Pokemon franchise was aimed for kids, while watching this movie I noticed that it was geared for older viewers. Fair enough, my generation who enjoyed this cartoon as kids were all grow up now and could appreciate the depth in this movie.

Pikachu was obviously my favourite Pokemon in this movie. Adorable, wise-cracking and furry, what more could I ask for? However, this movie also featured an array of Pokemon, some of which were unfamiliar to me. Fair enough, I’m pretty good with the first 150, but after the Gold and Silver versions were released and more than 100 new Pokemon were invented, I started losing track of them!
All in all, this was an absolutely magnificent movie; recognising all the different Pokemon from my childhood just brought a wave of nostalgia!

Shorncliffe Brisbane- Jetty

My visit to Shorncliffe Brisbane did not disappoint me. If you’re looking for a family fun destination that will keep you and the kids entertained, Shorncliffe Brisbane should be at the top of your list. Shorncliffe Brisbane is a beachside park featuring a jetty, board walk, playground, fishing area, and picnic area. On the weekends, Shorncliffe Brisbane is full of families enjoying the sun and the beautiful views of the ocean. Children love building sandcastles on the beach or playing on the playground. Adults can fish, enjoy the sun, and stroll up and down the “Lover’s Walk” board walk. There are activities for every age here, making it a perfect family-friendly destination.

Bluewater Festival  Rides
Bluewater Festival - Pet Farms

It’s also worth paying a visit to Shorncliffe Brisbane in April to attend the famous Bluewater Festival held every year. The festival is a one-day event jam-packed with entertainment, food, and fun activities. You’ll find live music, carnival rides, a petting zoo, hundreds of local food stalls, and fireworks to end the night. Even though the festival is to celebrate the start of a yacht race, there’s lots to do in addition to watching the boats.

Shorncliffe Brisbane

Shorncliffe Brisbane is a great place year-round to relax and have fun with the family. It’s an especially exciting place to visit when the Bluewater Festival is in town so you can be a part of the festivities. I will definitely be returning soon.

Palazzo Versace Gold Coast Hotel Seafood Buffet

The famous Palazzo Versace Gold Coast Hotel Seafood Buffet is one of the most extravagant buffets I have ever seen. This five star gold coast seafood buffet gives patrons an elaborate layout of seafood, meats, pastries, deserts, and salads. From the minute you walk into the front door, you are immediately met with the beautiful aroma of garlic butter shrimp, deliciously baked cheese lobster, and the subtle smell of a flowing chocolate fountain. 

 Gold Coast Seafood Buffet

The cost per person is a bit expensive, but it is well worth it. For each adult dinner ticket, the price is $90 per person. Make sure you come prepared to eat. I personally made sure that I ate well over $90 worth of seafood.

As you may know, the cost of fresh seafood in the Gold Coast is incredibly pricey. When you consider the market price of king crab, fresh salmon, tuna, and pacific oysters, the price tag of $90 per person doesn’t seem so bad.

Palazzo Versace Gold Coast Hotel Seafood

If you are big fan of seafood, you will notice the quality is incredibly fresh at the Gold Coast Seafood Buffet. As you gulp down oysters, they taste icey fresh. The succulent salmon doesn’t even have that classic fishy smell. The tuna and salmon is so fresh, it smells like it was just picked from the ocean only hours ago.

large chocolate fountain

When it’s time for desert, the first thing you see is a large chocolate fountain that looks like something from a Hollywood Movie. The flowing chocolate passes through layer upon layer of channels as it drips down to the beautiful pool at the bottom. Among the glorious chocolate fountain is a spread of sweet desserts and other pastries.

This is one buffet on the gold coast that you cannot pass up


 94 Seaworld Dr, Main Beach QLD 4217

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