P1120848Last Saturday is the ANZAC day, also, that is the centenary Gallipoli war.

That is a special meaning to watch the ANZAC Parade. So, I went to Brisbane City for this.


At the start of parade, there was a Marching Brand and the ex-service men and women in the team.

Of course, that was ANZAC, the army marching squad was the most important part of this parade.



There were not just army personnel, the army vehicles were joined too!

P1120891There were some armorer vehicles and army trucks took part.

There were only for those modern vehicles, a number of restored World War I army vehicles were in the parade too!



Also,  I saw a team were dressed World War I Australian army uniform to pay tribute those soldiers scarified.

This parade gave me a short lesson about Australian War history!


Chicken  Caesar Warp@Hog's Breath

Hog’s Breath Cafe is a steakhouse I and my wife like. Sometimes, we go to have a streak for dinner.
Actually, there were some good value lunch deals too. A few weeks ago, I have a chicken caesar  wrap with chips, they only are for $9.90. As a restaurant, the price is a good deal. If you have a chicken curry in a food court takeaway store, that will be a similar price.
I think you are considering to go out, that is worth to checkout their lunch set menu.

New Year Eve


Today is 31/12. 2015 is coming. That is the time to celebrate!  In Southbank, there will be a lot of activities for 2015 Celebration. The major one is firework in Brisbane River. There will be two shows, one is on 8.30 pm, another will be on 0:00 of 1/1/2015.  That will be fun to go out southbank for fireworks and having new year countdown together. During past years, I went to southbank with my friends for the new year countdown. I think you should not miss that. Moreover, there will be many people in southbank, so I recommend you should use public transport.

Have fun tonight!

Christmas Events in Brisbane CBD

Yesterday, Christmas Celebrations in Brisbane CBD have started . Of course, I recommend Christmas Parade, which is the one of major events in Brisbane. This parade will be started  6.30 pm every night until 21/12. There will be  around 200 performers. Some of them will dress as Christmas figures such as Santa Claus and the Three Wise Men. I believe the most of kids will like that.

Christmas Parade in Brisbane

Besides of that.  a lot of new Christmas decorations are installed in Queen Street Mall.


A giant Christmas Tree are placed in King George Square too.



Don’t miss these Christmas Celebrations in Brisbane.


New Myer in Garden City

Myer in Garden City

I went to oversea for about month, so I missed the grand opening of Myer in Garden City.This Sunday, I went to Garden after lunch. I found the Myer store is opened and I spent time in there too. The store has two levels which is similar size of Myer Carindale. That is not very big.

Well, that is good to have a Myer store close by!

NOOSA Chocolate Factory

Recently, the new extension of Garden City is opened. A number of new shops were introduced there.  One of new landmark stores is Noosa Chocolate Factory.  They offer a lot of number unique styles of hand-made chocolates such as blue berries and  sunshine coast macadamias.  By the way, I love their display shelves too. They made of wooden boxes. I love that of simplicity style!



I even bought some as the gifts for my friends in Hong Kong!


Also, this branch has a cafe too. You must try their chocolate drinks.  Some of my friends highly recommended.  Moreover, you can choose the chocolate level. I suggest 56% if chocolate, that is not too sweet.

Noosa Chocolate Factory - Chocolate Drinks


Yeah! There is another place to have a non-alcoholic drink in Brisbane!


Noosa Chocolate Factory
Level 2
Westfield Garden City Shopping
Cnr Logan & Kessels Rd
Upper Mt Gravatt
QLD 4122

Recently, I tried a new coffee,Cafe Madeleine, next to Hoyts Cinema  in Sunnybank Plaza. Their shop front looks beautiful, I think they hired someone to design that.

Besides of the shop front design, their food tastes good and great values. Last times, we ordered a seafood pan pasta which sounds like a Korean-Italian fusion dish.

Seafood Pan Pasta

I love the sauce, which is very creamy. Moreover, it had a lot of seafood, such as squid, shrimp, mussels and fish. Wow, I paid $8.80 and I cloud have that many types of seafood, that was great value for money.  Moreover, that $8.80 meal included a piece of garlic bread.

garlic bread.

If you go there after 2.30pm, you can try their omelet rice which is only $9.90. I tried their creamy chicken omelette rice.  I loved their omelette, which is fried very well. Inside the omelette, there were tasty chicken fried rice.  Of course, I loved their creamy sauce too.

creamy chicken omelet


In addition, this $9.90 deal included a cup of orange juice.

Orange Juice


I am happy about the meals I had in there and I had my lunch in there for a few times too.

Cafe Madeline

Address: Shop 113 Sunnybank Plaza

358 Mains Road


QLD 4109

Tel: 07-33445922


Now is near the end of Brisbane Festival 2014. That is the time for the largest event of this festival,Brisbane Riverfire. It will start on Tomorrow 7pm.  Moreover, according to the official website of Brisbane Festival, there will be aerial displays from defence force at Sunnybank. The timetable is listed as the below:

3.30pm – F/A18 Super Hornet
4.30pm – Helicopters
5.15pm – Helicopters
5.37pm –  F/A18 Super Hornet
5.50pm – Helicopters
7.04pm – F/A18 Super Hornet

I believe this event will be great and a lot of people will go to southbank for this. Thus, the best way to there is using public transport.  Translink will have extra services for this event!

New wing of Garden City

Last night, I went to Garden City for dinner. There were a long queue of cars! I have spent more ten minutes for finding a parking spot!

Well, yesterday, the new extension of Garden city was opened to public. A lot of people , like us, want to experience those new shops during the night shopping!

Wow, I found a lot of new things in there. Firstly, there is a huge new car park at the roof of  new extension. I was so silly, I have spent more ten minutes for finding a parking spot in those old car parks.

Garden City New Car Park

Secondly, there are a tons of new stores, such as Target, Kmart, ADLI and new spaces.

New Extension of Garden City


The new store of Target is very impressive! The store has a lot of open spaces, that is very different than the rest of stores. I found the shopping experience can compare with Muji.

DAISO Garden City

In additional, there is a new DAISO store. If you want to buy $2.8 household goods, you don’t need to go to carindale anymore.

NOOSA Chocolate Factory

Thirdly, I found there are new few coffee shops too,  such as NOOSA Chocolate Factory and Shingle Inn. I think you can find a coffee shop within a minute walking distance.

Well, this new extension is still quite new. Some shops, such as Myer, will opens on next month.

Lastly, there are a new Asian features.  For example, a asian supermarket,Sunlit, opened next to Coles.  Although this market is not very big, she has every asian goods, such as chinese vegetable, chinese frozen food and Asian sacks.

Sunlit Asian  Supermarket


In additional, the ground level food court is extended and given a new look.  There is a new section for Asian restaurants, it calls 8 streets.  It will opens soon.



The new extension is really a good place for shopping.  Also, it makes Garden City is the largest shopping center in Queensland!

Garden City Westfield Shopping Center

Cnr Logan Road & Kessel Road

Upper Mount Gravatt QLD 4122