A few days ago, I saw the trial run of Brisbane’s Metro! When I first heard the name “Brisbane Metro,” I thought it was a new subway system. But it is a bus rapid transit system designed to offer high frequency bus services. This system will employ two primary routes to connect Brisbane’s suburbs and the Central Business District by our existing busway with a few extensions.
The Metro will consist of 60 electric articulated buses, each of which can carry 150–170 passengers, making it so spectacular. I just observed one of these brand-new buses being tested on the southern busway. A more practical and eco-friendly travel choice appears to be coming to our city with this new public transportation system! I’m eager to try it when it launches officially!
Brisbane Metro

Longan Farm - Near North Lakes
With the beautiful weather we’ve been having, I couldn’t resist the opportunity to get outside and enjoy the great outdoors. Plus, I had heard that longan fruit was in season, and I couldn’t wait to taste some of the freshest fruit possible. So, I decided to go to Longan Farm to pick up some Longan.
The Longan Farm is located near North Lakes, just around an hour’s drive from Brisbane. When we arrived at the farm at noon, the entry fee was only $2, and kids under 15 could enter for free. The Longan you picked is $10 per kg. They only accept cash. I saw a group of people who picked around 16Kg and needed more cash.

Before we entered the farm, we had to sign a statement to waive the farm’s responsibility for any accidents that may occur. However, once we were inside, we had a great time exploring the farm and picking some delicious longan fruit. It was a fantastic way to spend a sunny afternoon, and I recommend the Longan Farm to anyone looking for a fun outdoor activity. Moreover, maybe the Longan is picked by myself. I found they are more delicious than those in the market.
One important thing to note is that the Longan Farm is only open during certain seasons and only when the longan fruit is ripe and ready for picking. So, if you want to experience this activity, check the farm’s Facebook page for the latest updates on opening times and picking conditions.
Address359 Raynbird Road
QLD 4504
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Fraser Island – Rainforest

The last time I went to Fraser Island, the first stop was to visit the tropical rainforest, the only tropical rainforest in the world that grows on a sand island. However, some trees, such as the white gum trees, seem out of place and grow in rows. It turned out that those were not native, and people tried to plant them on the mainland of Australia. Before, there was a logging industry on the island, so the government introduced different kinds of trees to rebuild the forest and see if it could prevent wildfires. However, the tour guide said that it was not very successful. This is a historic rainforest where new species are introduced at will, and if they are lucky, the new species and old species may be done well. Thus, you can increase biodiversity. However, it can cause ecological imbalance under bad conditions, and even the original species will be wiped out.

Fraser Island Four Wheel Bus Tour


Fraser Island is a sand island and is a World Heritage-listed island. So the island is full of sandy roads, and we, like our tour group, have to take this kind of four-wheel drive bus to go to different scenic spots. And it’s very wobbly, so be sure to fasten your seat belt the entire time. If you have children, you must bring your own car seat.

Fraser Island
During the Christmas period, I went to Fraser Island. But we chose to live in Hervey bay and just joined the one-day tour of Fraser Island. Because the island is full of mountain roads and dirt roads, not paved roads, you must drive a four-wheel drive, and I think it is safer to go with a tour group. Secondly, the choice of accommodation and restaurants on the island is very limited, and three meals a day should be done in the hotel where you live. In Hervey bay, you can choose high-end and mid-level hotels, or backpacker hostels. Food is also available, if you want to be more economical, you can choose McDonald’s and KFC

Big Pineapple Sunshine Coast

Australia likes to build some giant fruit landmarks, such as big mangoes, big bananas, and big pineapples. I recently traveled through the Sunshine coast, where there is also a big pineapple. It has decades of history, and many travel books have introduced it. More than ten years ago, if any friends came to visit us, we would take them to this big Pineapple. There is also a pineapple farm and a small train, as I remember.
Big Pineapple Closed

Big Pineapple Closed

But this time I went there and found that it was closed, and the pineapple farm and the small train were gone. Some signages said there will be some redevelopment plans. Fortunately, that giant Pineapple is still there. In fact, it is not too sad to see everything closed. I also entered the interior of Big Pineapple more than ten years ago, but there are some exhibition boards that introduce the history of the juice brand. It’s just a two or three stories high man-made fiberglass big pineapple. Taking a few photos outside is enough. If you pass by here, you can take a few pictures and spend more than 10 minutes.

Of course, there are also other scenic spots, such as a tree top Adventure Park, and a small zoo. Of course, we have to pay for it, but we didn’t enter it either.
We ended up spending ten minutes there taking a few photos and leaving.

76 Nambour Connection Rd, Woombye

QLD, 4559,
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Sunshine Plaza

Although the Sunshine coast is not as commercialized as the gold coast, Sunshine coast is a tourist area, and there are also some high-end residential areas, so there are large shopping malls. Sunshine Plaza is the largest in this area, it is comparable to the Pacific fair. Also myer and David, two big department stores, and there is h&m. Also, it’s comfortable to walk around, I think that is because the expansion was completed in 2019, so I think it’s new. On the day of the visit, I had a stop over during the trip to Hervey Bay, there will be aerial acrobatics.
Sunshine Plaza

Sunshine Plaza

Finally, there is a ropes course.
ropes course
 154/164 Horton Parade, Maroochydore QLD 4558
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Area 51 is Australia's largest family entertainment centre
Area 51 is Australia’s largest family entertainment centre and it’s located right in Underwood. It’s very close to my house, and many of my friends have been there too. Because their business was really good when they first started, it is said that many settings require an hour-long queue. So I haven’t been there until a few weeks ago when there was a friend’s birthday party, and I had the opportunity to go.
Maybe it’s not too crowded because it’s been open for a while.
children's Main Playground,

In fact, I understand why I like it so much. First of all, there is mainly a three-layer children’s Main Playground, where there are slides and wave pools, which are suitable for children aged three to seven and are very popular.
trampoline area
There is also a trampoline area, where children can jump around, suitable for children over four years old. There are many other settings, including a two-story Sky Ropes, rock climbing, tennis courts, ice skating rink. The equipment is very complete. Of course there’s a zipline, which is a staple there.
Sky Ropes
rock climbing

rock climbing
More importantly, there are coffee shops and restaurants, where children can play and adults can drink coffee and have some free time.
As for the fee, it is not very expensive, the children’s rope net area is two hours, and if on Saturdays and Sundays, the children’s rope net array is $20 for 1 hour and $40 for 2 hours, and the more advanced rope net array is $25 and 2 hours for 1 hour. $40.
Address:51 Kingston Rd, Underwood QLD 4119
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Since the epidemic began, it has been a long time since I left the city.

However, when I had the opportunity to visit the city earlier. I found a lot of changes here, such as a new coles local. Before, I have heard of this new Coles brand, mainly high-end and some local brands. This time, I have really had the opportunity to visit the one at Adelaide Street in person.

The storefront is bright and spacious, the furnishings of the goods are more stylish, and all the refrigerators have doors, giving people a clean feeling. However, the price of the goods seems to be similar to that of the other branches, but I can’t see the half-price specials. But there are some non-alcoholic gins that don’t seem to be found in other coles.

queensland museum
It’s the school holiday now. For Brisbane, it’s essential to take time off to go out with the children, otherwise, the children will be very bored. I took a day off today. I took the children to Southbank by bus, and there are many high-rise buildings in Southbank and Westend, which is entirely different from the style of Sunnybank, which is still a suburb, so it feels like going to oversea. Moreover, there are museums, art galleries, state libraries, and playgrounds. These facilities can definitely “discharge” the children’s energy.queensland museum
gallery of modern art