Mt Gravatt Showgrounds Sunday Markets


A lot of Australian love to shop in Flea Market. There are a lot of small stalls. The price of goods is cheaper than the large shopping center. Shopping in there is like a treasure hunting game

In Brisbane area, there are a number of flea markets. Last sunday, we went to a flea market nearby,Mt Gravatt Showgrounds Sunday Markets.

That is a quite big larger than Kuraby Farmers Market.  You can find any various kinds of goods in this Market, such as Plants, honey, meats, and even solar panels. Moreover, I found this market has a lot of stalls to sell second hand goods, included clothing, furniture and garden tools. You may be able to find some good stuff in there.

The key part is fresh vegetables and fruits. A lot of farmers rent the stalls. Those fresh vegetable and fruits directly sells to the customers. Thus, the price is lower and the vegetables and fruits are much fresher! That is the main reason we went. We bought some oranges around $1.5 per kg, that is cheaper than supermarket!


There is a thing you need to be aware. The entry fee is $1 per person (not per car)!

Shopping in flea market is fun!

Mt Gravatt Showgrounds Sunday Markets

1644 Logan Road(Enter via Boardwater Road)
Mt Gravatt
QLD 4122



Last month, Wheel of Brisbane closed. All pods on the wheel are taken off. Some friends even asked whether it will close down for good.

Actually, that was its first major maintenance, it closed down for about a month to do the maintenance, that is essential to ensure that is safe.  On early of this week, I was in Southbank. I saw it opens again, it lighted up too! It looks new and shiny!


wpid-p_20150314_105637.jpgRecently, I found a good spot for bushwalking. That is in Daisy Hill,Daisy Hill Conservation Park. There are a lot of tracks which are good for bushwalking,  That is very easy to walk, there are not many slopes required to walk.


The most of tracks have trees to be covered. You need to be too worry about the sunburns.Of course, the sunscreens are required.

I have spent about two hours walk in there, that was enjoyable. Note that, the tracks are shared by cycle and horse riders.

In addition, this park is not far at all, about 15 minutes driving springwood and plenty of parking spots. This park is the hills road in Daisy Hills, which is around exit 24 of pacific highway, you can follow the signs when you are off from Pacific Highway.


Woody Point@Recliffe

We like to go to Redcliffe if there is a long weekend.
In redcliffe, there is a tourist attraction, woody point. I like there a lot,because that is a very nice jetty. You can go fishing and watch the beautiful ocean scene. Moreover, some nice coffee shops are around!
That is a nice place to visit.


One of important features in EKKA is animals.You can meet farm animals in a short distance.

Firstly, there is an exhibition of sheep. I think they are the winners of some competitions.   All of them looks very pretty



If you think that is not close enough with animals, you can go to RACQ Animal Nursery at EKKA.  You can feed some sheep in there.


Besides of sheep, EKKA has a lot of cows.


Well, I did not stay too long time. I don’t like their smell.

In addition, there are some horses too.


Moreover, there is an exhibition for poultry, I saw  various kind of hen and pigeons, and even birds I don’t know their name.


Please don’t miss it, EKKA will end tomorrow!

Daisy Hill Koala CentreToday is the Australia Day, which is the national day of Australia. Thus,  I planned to do something related with this theme.  Finally, I chose to visit Koala Center, we can see Koala, which is a unique animal in Australia!

At the end, I went to Daisy Hill Koala Centre. There are three koalas,Celeste,Faith and Elsa. I can see them from the two different level viewing boardwalks along koala enclosure. I think that was the sleeping time for them. All of them was sleeping at the tree, that is too bad.  Besides of the real kolas, in the center, there are a number of informative displays about the koala’s life cycle and unique biology. That was a lesson about Koala.

That was a enjoy time. The center is very easy to access,  just about 5 minutes from Exit 24 of Pacific Highway.  That is the most important feature is  no admission fee . The  most of koala sanctuaries require an admission fee! Well, this one is an education center, there are only three koala and they do not allow visitors to to handle or pat the koalas. That is different from those koala sanctuaries. Anyway, we just want to visit Koalas and learn somethings about them, that is a right place to go!

Daisy Hill Koala Centre

Address:Daisy Hill Conservation Park,
Daisy Hill
QLD 4127

Opening Hours: from 10am to 4pm  daily (except Christmas Day, New Year’s Day and Good Friday).



Yesterday, I went to DFO for my Pre-Christmas Shopping.  That was wonderful!  A lot of shops are running 50% discount.  I bought a pair of shoes from Puma. That was only $40! It is very very value for money! I had a very enjoyable shopping afternoon in there!


Address:1 Airport Drive, Brisbane Airport

I love Kings Beach in Caloundra! That is very nice. In my impression, Surfers Paradise sounds like a shopping mall. Kings Beach is like a beach. That is the reason to love there.

In Sydney, if you want to have tasty seafood, you know the place to go is Sydney Fish Markets. For Brisbane, I suggest you can go to Morgans Seafood in RedCliffe.

Sydney Fish Markets has a lot of shops to sell fresh sea food. You can choose one you like. In there, the choices are not many. But there are some fresh fishes!

The most of important part is the oyster bar!

Oyster bar@Magons

Last times I went to there, we ordered a dozen of pacific oysters. That is very very tasty and sweet too!

Pacific Oyster@Magons

Besides of oysters, their Fish & Chips Combo is not bad too. It was only around $10.90 with a box of Fish & Chips with a bottle of drink. Although the price is not expensive, the quality was not compromised at all. The Cod Fillet was was tasty!!!

Fish & Chips @ Margons

In addition, there are some outdoor seats which is very good! You are not just able to enjoy the sunshine and fresh air in there,  that is next to Scarborough Boat Harbour too! You can enjoy the scenery with foods too!

Scarborough Boat Harbour @Margons

I really want to go to there again!!!


Bird Of Passage Parade
Scarborough Boat Harbour
QLD  4020