When I was a child in Hong Kong, I saw other friends having birthday parties at McDonald’s. I believe that friends of our generation who grew up in Hong Kong in their forties, this is our childhood dream.

In Brisbane, of course, there are many children cafes, children’s indoor playgrounds where can hold birthday parties . However, you can go to the park to celebrate a birthday is also a very popular choice. When the children are playing in the playground in the park, the host will find a gazebo for the guests to sit in, and prepare snacks and drinks to entertain their guests. Of course there will be party bags for the guest, and birthday cakes. There are all must-have elements for a birthday party. Now, Brisbane people are getting rich, and some people will hire people to do some face painting and rent some animal-shaped balloons, all of which are quite grand. However, if you want to choose a popular park, you go to there very early for getting a spot

JW Marriott Buffet

JW Marriott
During the epidemic, the buffet was stopped, and then it was reopened after a few months. They are all just distributed by the staff to the guests, not self-serve, not a real buffet, and a friend once said that it would take time to queue up to get the food, so there is no interest in eating. Later, of course, with the gradual acceptance of the epidemic, the buffet also returned to being entirely self-service, but we always felt it was not too safe. I felt confident recently, and there was on school vacation, so I took this opportunity to eat a buffet. as one of the holiday activities.
I also went to the Gold Coast Marriott for a buffet a few years ago, and I wasn’t impressed. Now, visit again to see if the level can be maintained.
JW Marriott

Marriott is also one of the top luxury hotels on Gold Coast, so the lobby is all stylish, and it seems that it has just been renovated.
(The last visit was a few years ago). Now, the lobby has been renovated very modern retro style, very extravagant. As for the restaurant, it is also newly renovated and has a very high-end feel. The seats are pretty spacious and comfortable. And it’s quite peaceful.

Of course, I want to talk about the food there, there are a lot of rich, mainly for the seafood area, cooked food, bread, fruit area, and dessert area.

First of all, I have to say my favorite seafood area, there are shrimp, raw fish, Bugs and oysters, as well as sushi. In fact, in terms of the Australian level, this level is already good, and we also see employees refilling from time to time, so they are all good. The family ate several prawns, they looked big and fresh, and the family said they tasted good. I have to save the empty stomach for my favorite sashimi and oysters. The sashimi only has salmon, although it is not thickly cut or has any special knife skills, but it is still fresh. I also like oysters, not super plump, but the oysters are always in morgan seafood, I always prefer this kind of sea flavor. 

Also, there is sushi there too, but only a few and the standard is just average. Of course, other cooked foods, such as roasted pork, are also very popular. I saw that almost every customer has them. I have tried some of them, and they are all good.

The crispy skin is more enjoyable. There are Noodles, chips, fried rice, steamed fish, etc. This area has also everything.
I just like their spaghetti, very “creamy” and springy. Of course, kids are addicted to fries.

Of course, there are other areas, such as the bread and fruit area, although nothing special, the area is not very large. Mayb,e I am not a bread person, I felt the bread area is not attractive, and the fruit area is fresh.

Another highlight is the dessert area and of course the ice cream area, and you can put all kinds of candies on it. Other desserts are very attractive, there are many cakes, and tiramisu all attractive, and the coffee aroma is strong.

Speaking of coffee, does the buffet also include coffee? However, if the coffee machine brews it, you can ask a waiter to bring it to you. This kind of coffee is already included.

As for service, Marriott certainly has good service. The waiters are polite, and an average waiter serves about three people.

As for the price, it is $119 for adults/$59 for children for an hour and a half. There are seafood and five-star hotels buffet. The price is very fair
Address:158 Ferny Ave, Surfers Paradise QLD 4217
Every Friday and Saturday 5:30pm
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Area 51 is Australia's largest family entertainment centre
Area 51 is Australia’s largest family entertainment centre and it’s located right in Underwood. It’s very close to my house, and many of my friends have been there too. Because their business was really good when they first started, it is said that many settings require an hour-long queue. So I haven’t been there until a few weeks ago when there was a friend’s birthday party, and I had the opportunity to go.
Maybe it’s not too crowded because it’s been open for a while.
children's Main Playground,

In fact, I understand why I like it so much. First of all, there is mainly a three-layer children’s Main Playground, where there are slides and wave pools, which are suitable for children aged three to seven and are very popular.
trampoline area
There is also a trampoline area, where children can jump around, suitable for children over four years old. There are many other settings, including a two-story Sky Ropes, rock climbing, tennis courts, ice skating rink. The equipment is very complete. Of course there’s a zipline, which is a staple there.
Sky Ropes
rock climbing

rock climbing
More importantly, there are coffee shops and restaurants, where children can play and adults can drink coffee and have some free time.
As for the fee, it is not very expensive, the children’s rope net area is two hours, and if on Saturdays and Sundays, the children’s rope net array is $20 for 1 hour and $40 for 2 hours, and the more advanced rope net array is $25 and 2 hours for 1 hour. $40.
Address:51 Kingston Rd, Underwood QLD 4119
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Taro’s Ramen-South Brisbane

I went to Westend earlier, and I had the opportunity to try another restaurant here, so I went to Taro’s Ramen for lunch.

Taro Ramen should be the earliest generation of ramen shops in Brisbane. In my memory, as early as in my college days around 2003, they had already opened in the city, and my classmates said that the ramen there is very delicious. Later, I also had the opportunity to eat ramen there, which was a good impression, but it was many years ago.
This time I visited their west end branch, which is located between Southbank and Westend, so you can get off at the bus stop at the Culture center, which is very convenient.
Taro's Ramen-South Brisbane
The decoration is neat, and each table has iPads to order food, which is very convenient.
tonkotsu ramen($18.50)
First of all, I ordered the tonkotsu ramen, calls the treasure of their shop, their soup base is very flavorful and creamy, which is what I like, and the noodles are very chewy. My wife ordered the Shoyu Ramen and it was also good. The soup base was fragrant, and the noodles very chewy too. I like them all. That is a bit sad, no free extra ramen, $3 per bowl.
Japanese Gyoza
Of course, there are also some Japanese Gyoza that children like, they are all attractive and delicious.

To sum up, if there is a chance, you can find there for lunch, and you will definitely go there. Unfortunately, there is no branch in the south, and I don’t know when there will be another chance.
Business Hours: 7 Days 12–2pm, 5:30–8pm
Address :154 Melbourne Street,
South Brisbane
QLD 4101
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Since the epidemic began, it has been a long time since I left the city.

However, when I had the opportunity to visit the city earlier. I found a lot of changes here, such as a new coles local. Before, I have heard of this new Coles brand, mainly high-end and some local brands. This time, I have really had the opportunity to visit the one at Adelaide Street in person.

The storefront is bright and spacious, the furnishings of the goods are more stylish, and all the refrigerators have doors, giving people a clean feeling. However, the price of the goods seems to be similar to that of the other branches, but I can’t see the half-price specials. But there are some non-alcoholic gins that don’t seem to be found in other coles.

In my previous blog posts, I said that the Newnham Hotel is a great place to meet friends. Recently, I also attended another friend’s dinner party at Club Southside.
It was a Saturday night, so the parking lot was almost full during peak hours, and the inside was almost full, so you really needed to book a table to suit you.

Once inside, the restaurant decorations are grand, and the seating is wide. It’s much better than Newnham Hotel, so it feels good. And they all sit comfortably and have a sense of space. After sitting down, look at the menu. It is not expensive, a main course of more than $20, and the children’s meal is only $10. In Brisbane, it is very reasonable.

Chicken Schnitzel
I ordered Chicken Schnitzel, and it was the same as last time I ordered at Newnham Hotel, so to compare, and again it’s hard to go wrong. Back to the topic, the food is all okay, and it’s all a few crispy. And maybe the environment is better, so I think the taste is better than that of the Newnham Hotel.
Fish & Chips

Another selling point is the children’s meal, although it is not buy one get one free, but if you are a member, it is only$10. Furthermore, the portion is quite large, which is almost the same as an adult meal. And if it is a friend under the age of twelve, a cup of ice cream will be given. As for the taste, the children ordered Fish & Chips, and the children will definitely say that this food is delicious.
If you are a member, you can save $5 per meal, and the membership fee is $5 a year, so as long as you order one meal or more, you can “earn” the membership fee back.

To sum up, this dinner is really good, the environment is quite comfortable, and you can sit there for two or three hours, and the food is also okay.

76 Mount Gravatt – Capalaba Rd
Upper Mount Gravatt 4006

I went to Pinelands plaza for lunch the other day. D’s Sizzling HouseD's Sizzling House is closed for good.I used to have dinner there from time to time when they were in Little Taipei more than 20 years ago. I still remember that there are sizzling steaks, toasts, and drinks for about $10, which are affordable. However, not anymore. In the past two years, Sunny Seoul and Haoke are closed. Garden city has changed its name and is no longer Garden city anymore. During this time, friends will gradually become strangers.I feel like getting old. That sounds like my era is near to be ended.

Newnham Hotel
Earlier, a friend took us to Newnham Hotel for dinner. When we were young in Hong Kong, we must all think of a five-star hotel when we heard about “Hotel”.

But in Australia, the Hotel is just a bar. Generally, there are some poker machines and a very ordinary restaurant.
This Newnham road is like this. As soon as you enter, you can see that the decoration is very ordinary and looks relatively old. But we were looking for a place to chat with friends and sit for two or three hours. And there are not many people here. So there is no need to wait and make reservations. And there are ample parking spaces. Also, the location is excellent. It is also one or two streets away from Garden City and only one or two minutes drive away from the entrance and exit of the expressway. So even if you have friends living in the North District, it is very convenient.

Also, their other selling point is that you can get a free kid’s meal ($6) with just one main course. So if you are a family of four with two children, it’s almost half price.
chicken parmigiana
On that day, I ordered chicken parmigiana. because that is the most classic, so it is very safe. In the end, there is no surprise in the taste, but it must not be wrong, I am satisfied. At the same time, it also a free Fish & Chips for children. This is about 20 dollars, so I am very happy.
In the end, there were more than ten people in our group, and five or six children were sitting there for two or three hours. No one disturbed us; we sat well and had enough to eat. All our requirements are met. Of course we are very happy
Address: 516 Newnham Rd, Upper Mount Gravatt QLD 4122
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Coffee Bun
If you have been to Warrigal Square, you will feel the very fragrant coffee smell, in fact, coffee bun. Because these are attracted by these fragrances, I want to buy them almost every time I pass by.
A coffee bun costs $3.80, which is not too expensive, and it has a strong coffee flavor and is hot. If you add an extra coffee for $7 (If I remember correctly) I think it’s worth a try.
Papparoti Warrigal Square
261 Warrigal Rd,
Eight Mile Plains
QLD 4113
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Rice Paper Vietnamese Cuisine in Warrigal Square has been in business for more than ten years. I used to go there for lunch from time to time before I had children, but because their seats are a little bit narrow, that is good for the baby pram. The kid is getting a little older, the epidemic seems to be getting better again, and everyone has accepted the epidemic. Recently, I went out to eat more, so I recently had the opportunity to go to Rice Paper Vietnamese Cuisine for lunch.

It was around 1:00 p.m. on weekdays, and it was busy.Most of the tables were almost full, but fortunately, there was no need to wait for a table. Of course, if you go there, you must eat Vietnamese noodles, Pho.
Beef Tripe Pho
The wife ordered Beef Tripe Pho. The wife said that the taste is good, and the Beef Tripe is very fresh. The soup is more flavorful, and the rice noodle is very smooth.
chicken shredded soup noodle
And I just ordered the chicken shredded soup noodle, which is very high quality. The soup base is flavorful and fragrant, the Pho is smooth, and the taste is similar to the previous one, still at a level.
Vietnamese iced coffee
In addition, Vietnamese iced coffee is still very famous, so you must try it. This is the drip coffee, I ordered frozen black coffee, and this kind of coffee can be drunk with strength. The taste feels very special and very strong, which is most suitable for people like me who often need coffee reminders.

Although Rice Paper Vietnamese Cuisine is still in charge of “Uncle Han”, it is still worthy of being one of Brisbane’s restaurants with history.it won’t let you disappointed.

261 Warrigal Road,
Eight Mile Plains
QLD 4113
Business Hours: 11am to 9pm 7Days
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