Cache Cache Cafe & Bar

Brisbane is getting more people living, especially on Saturday last week. The Cyber weekend sales were on, so the major shopping malls are crowded with people, so it is not easy to find a place to have coffee and chat with friends! Fortunately, My friend found a good place, Cache Cache Cafe and Bar in Rochedale Village. That mall has not any big department stores in this mall, even Kmart. There is a supermarket, Coles, so not many people will shop in this mall. Moreover, the mall has a big car park. Finding a parking spot in there is an easy job

Furthermore, the shop has been open for at most two years, so the decoration is relatively new, and the environment is quiet and comfortable. The coffee is not too bad, I have taro cake too, and it tastes good, and I feel delighted.
Rochedale Village
329 Gardner Rd,
QLD 4123
Phone: 07-3341 5355

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You can avoid mainstream society when you live in Australia. I recalled that when I was in university, except for using English in the classes in university and doing homework, I still used Cantonese most of the time. The people who I knew were either international students from Hong Kong or immigrants from Hong Kong. I rent Hong Kong TV dramas in the Sunnybank for watching TV, and the news I read was from Hong Kong’s online newspapers. When I was young, I only had to see a Cantonese-speaking doctor for minor illnesses. So there is no need to contact the mainstream society. But, of course, I still know some small things, such as bus and train schedules are very sparse, I need to watch the timetable to wait for the bus and chase the bus when I was late. That was already my most profound understanding when I was just an international student

Using fountain pens is a niche hobby in Brisbane, but I enjoy the feeling of writing. However, many fountain pen supplies can be found on the market. For example, this Pilot’s Kakuno fountain pen can be found in the stationery chain store, Officeworks. And it only cost $20, including ink cartridge, and made in Japan. That is very valuable for money.

Moreover, the writing is smooth, and the pen body has a variety of colors to choose from, so many female fountain pen users like to use this pen. In addition, the pen body is made of plastic, which is lightweight and polygonal, which is very ergonomic,. That is very suitable for writing during the whole day. The only downside is that there is only a medium-sized nib available in Officeworks. If you are looking for a different size nib, you need to buy it from another online store, which costs a few dollars more.

Supplementary information: If you want to use bottled ink, you need to buy a converter. Because the Pilot uses its proprietary ink supply system, you can use the Pilot CON-40 ink converter. It can be found in some online stationery stores and eBay.

I love Hong Kong-style cuisine, of course, mainly because of my homesickness. In addition, I also like pragmatism and its “CAN Do” spirit. For example, Hong Kong-style milk tea is derived from English-style milk tea. In the past, Hong Kong’s economy was still underdeveloped, and the general public was not very wealthy. If you want to use authentic tea and fresh milk to make an English-style milk tea, most people would be afforded to drink it. In those days, the Hong Kong-style food stalls did not insist on authenticity, any behind the scene philosophy. They just looked for some low-priced substitutes, such as some low-priced mixed teas and canned evaporated milk. In the end, they created some things that look like English milk tea but are very affordable. In fact, in my impression, the Hong Kong-style cuisine I have eaten is not exquisite at all. In Brisbane, someone uses the spirit of Hong Kong-style cuisine to make food. The tastes of Hong Kong-style cuisine that are not “authentic” are very different. On the contrary, they will be more similar to localized Chinese food such as lemon chicken. It is easy to make, and it “seems” to be a Hong Kong-style tea meal.


Before, I also mentioned that I got a new hobby, fountain pen, but it is a niche in Brisbane, so the required materials are pretty hard to find. First of all, of course, that is the ink! And I only use ink pens to write, so I don’t need too many ink colors. Blue and black inks are fine. And this kind of ink can be found in stationary chain stores, Officeworks. You can find in the brands of LAMY, waterman and
Parker. However, only Parker’s QUINK can be bought in-store, and other brands can be ordered online. QUINK is a good one. The ink is quick-drying. There are also black and blue options. They are enough for writing. The price is not too high, about $11, and it has 57ml. It should be enough for half a year. There is no problem with the ink supply!

Speaking of Australia, everyone will think of kangaroos and koalas. So Visiting a zoon is a must-do activity in Australia. However, many zoos will charge a fee, such as the Australian Zoo, $60 per ticket. For those of us living in Australia, it is a bit expensive. However, some government animal conservation centers do not charge fees and can also observe animals.

We also went out on a public holiday last week and went to the free-of-charge  animal conservation center, Ipswich Nature Centre, to see animals.
This Nature Centre is like a small zoo. You can spend almost an hour!

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It’s October again, and spring has arrived! There are various beautiful flowers in bloom around Brisbane, and there is a very famous plant in Brisbane, Jacaranda.
It usually blooms from October to November, when many purple flowers are about to bloom at the tree. If there are several jacaranda tree species, you can see the feeling of a small purple sea!
A few days ago, I went to Queens Park in Ipswich, where this kind of jacaranda trees are blooming! We took several photos!
Jacaranda is very common in Brisbane! So you can find one near your home! If you want to learn more about jacaranda trees, you can go to the following places:
-New Farm Park
-University of Queensland, University of Queensland Lake District, Saint Lucia
-William Dart Park, St. Lucia
-Pier Walk, Kangaroo Point
-Jacaranda Park, Yeronga.
-Laneer Street, Sunnybank Hills

Small Cake Place- Part 2

I have talked about how much I love the cake in the small cake place. Actually, both my wife and daughter ate some small cakes too. So I also want to talk about it.

strawberry cake

First of all, I will introduce the strawberry cake that my wife ordered. Of course, the appearance is quite exquisite! As for the taste, it is also desirable. It has a very fragrant strawberry flavor, and the texture is moderately soft and hard. Of course, I think that is a masterpiece.

And my daughter ordered the green tea-flavored Swiss roll. The daughter likes it very much, and the green cake is all around her mouth. She has used this way to tell everyone that this cake is very delicious! I tasted a bit of it. It has a solid green tea flavor, and the texture is good.
I like this cake shop so that I will try it again.

small cake place

Earlier this year, at my friend’s birthday party, I had a very delicious cake, and the texture of the cake was so soft that I thought it was one of the best cakes in Brisbane! So I asked where my friend bought it? It turned out to be one. It’s called a small cake place. That shop was near the Fruit Grove train station, not far from my home.
A few days ago, I finally had the opportunity to try it! Because the bakery shop is mainly making custom cakes, there are not many cake slice choices for sale. I remember there are about five choices to be offered.
So I ordered a black sesame cake slice (~$7) on the day, this is very suitable for Asian tastes, and the cake texture is very soft! Not bad! It reminds me of the cakes that I used to eat in Hong Kong, and they are very fragrant. The taste of sesame seeds is very solid. The appearance is also beautiful.
In addition to the food, the environment there is good! It is minimalist, the decoration is mainly white and wood colors, the color is soft, and it is very comfortable! Although it is a small shop, the seats are pretty spacious.
The last thing to mention is that there are not many parking spaces in the store, and the Fruit Grove train station is nearby, so I believe that office hours of Monday to Friday, the nearby street parking spaces will be almost full, so everyone should be aware of parking. We didn’t have this problem on Saturday when we went there. A lot of parking spaces are in the train station are very convenient!
The cakes in this shop are delicious. So if someone has a birthday next time, they will go there to order cakes and try their real skills!

Adress:Shop 3/83 Mango St, Runcorn QLD 4113

Business Hours: Wed-Sun, 11am to 5pm

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 lavender blooming season

It’s September again; it’s a flower blooming season. Thus, I went to Sirromet Winery in Mount Cotton to see lavender last week. Many purple flowers can already be seen.

 lavender blooming season
The weather was fine and sunny. Although there is no purple-sea-like lavender field, there are also several rows of lavender. That is still an excellent choice. And the winery has a lot of free parking spaces, which is convenient! Moreover, Mount Cotton is also half an hour’s drive from Brisbane City and only half an hour’s drive from the south of Brisbane. So it’s very close to our home!

several wild kangaroos in mount cotton
Apart from watching lavender, there are also several wild kangaroos there. They are jumping around the winery, which is interesting.
And that day we visited there, we saw a few little kangaroos baby, some cute ones.
So I think it’s worth going there!

Address:850-938 Mount Cotton Rd, Mount Cotton QLD 4165

Opening Hours: 9am to 8:30pm

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