Now is September,which is a good season to see lavender flowers. Of course, Going to Tasmania would be the best idea. Unfortunately, we do not have time to fly to Tasmania, but fortunately, there are some options where are close to Brisbane to see the lavenders flowers.

One of the options is Kooroomba Vineyards and Lavender Farm. I and my wife went to there a few weeks ago. This farm is only about a half hour’s drive from Brisbane. The most of the roads we traveled are paved and straight. The driving to there was without difficulty.

In fact, there is a winery, but there is also a lavender garden. Although there is not as large as lavender gardens in Tasmania , where you can see a purple sea of lavender flowers , but there are several rows of blooming lavender flowers.


Although there were not that many flowers, that is a good spot for photo shooting. In addition, the lavender garden is in front of their restaurant, so if you are keen, you can have a lunch in this restaurant. We can enjoy your food and watch the lavender flowers at the same time.However, a lunch in there is about fifty to sixty dollars, that is too expensive for us. We prefer a way doesn’t cost that much money. There are a few tables outdoors, not in the restaurant. so We bought two cups of coffee, sitting in there and enjoy the scene of purple flowers, this was only around $8.


Also, I have already mentioned before, there is a winery. Of course, you can taste some of their wines. Although there is no fee for wine tasting if you are not deliberately to buy, that is best not to try it! Furthermore, there is also a small gift shop selling lavender products, if you have time, you can have a quick look.

It was a good place to spend a weekend afternoon and do not cost too much money.

168 F.M. Bells Road
Mt Alford
Queensland 4310.

Phone: 0754630022

Opening Hours

Wednesday to Sunday from 10 am to the end of lunchtime (about 4pm)
Saturday: 10 am to 8 pm

King George Square

Recently, I need to be in Brisbane City a lot for my work. Almost every times, I passed King George Square on my way to work. I found there were a lot of events in there. I saw a street market in there for a few times. There were a few stalls for selling fruits and vegetables.  Even tonight, I was in there too. There was a street night market. A few street food stalls were  in there, some of them were selling pasta and pizza, even some chinese cuisine too!  Also, I heard there will be a Korean Culture Festival  tomorrow from 10am to 4pm.  I believe there is some events every day!

Robina Shopping Center

If you are visiting Gold Coast and want to do some shopping, there are a number of good shopping centers.  During our road trip to Coffs Harbour, we chose a Robina Shopping Center as a stop-over place. I found that is a good place to do shopping. I have not been there for a few years. I found they are a lot of new sections built. There is a quite big and  a lot of parking spot. Also, there are a lot of stores, such as Zara, Myer and David Jones.  I went to Zara stores which is the first Queensland branch. There are Men and Women clothing, accessories and shoes.  Also, when we were in there around late June, that was a End of Financial Year Sales season, thus, I found a lot of discounted items in that store. I think there were a lot of things to shop. Moreover, I  went to David Jones in Pacific Fair, that sounds like targeting more high-end customers.  Comparing the one in Robina Shopping center, that is more local.  To sum up, that is a good place to do shopping, only disadvantages are the choice of restaurants are quite limited.

Note that, there are still some renovations happening, currently, the section where has Coles is almost completed blocked by a construction site. I think that is not good to park at that section car park(the “Purple” car park).

19 Robina Town Centre Dr,
QLD 4230


There is a kind of beautiful purple tree in Brisbane. That calls Jacarandas, Moreover, during these few weeks, that is the full bloom of the purple flowers from Jacarandas. It got an interesting name, “Exam flower”. It got full bloom during the exam period of university. In addition, this kind of tree is common in Brisbane, you can see a lot of purple tree along the roads or in parks such as New Farm and Botanic Garden. For me, I like to go to UQ Lakes at University of Queensland St. Lucia Campus.
Last Saturday, I went to there for watching this Purple Rain. That was quite magnificent. There is a corridor near the bus station, both sides along the pathway have Jacarandas. I felt like in Japan, the sky turned to purple. That was so nice. I recommend that is a family activity.


UQ Lakes got a large grassland. Your family can have a picnic in there and enjoy the scene of purple rain. Lastly, the car park near UQ Lakes are free to park during Saturday and Sunday. Please do not miss that.





I and my wife went to Cairns for holidays last week. We took a very early flight from Brisbane, that was 7am. We arrived at 9.30am. That sounds a bit late for a full day tour and that was tired. We woke up at 3.30am.  We chose to take a ride on Skyrail, which is somethings easy.

Skyrail is a cable over the rainforest from Freshwater Cairns to Kuranda. The total length is about 7.5km. You can enjoy the magnificent view of rainforest and Barron Falls.



Also, during the cable trip, there are two stops, Red Peak station and Barron Falls Station.

At Red Peak Station,  there is a free eco-tour to rainforest. The tutor gave a brief introduction about this rainforest to us.  That was quite informative.


Red Peak Rainforest


The second stop is Barron Falls Station,  There are a walk trail in there and a few lookouts which can see Barron Falls.

That is quite nice!


Barron Falls


During this trip, we had a cable car journey and a bit of bush walking too.

Lastly, if you stay in a hotel at Carins City, Skyrail can organize a pick up service.

Jan Powers Farmers Markets @ Brisbane CBD


Brisbane really has a lot of flea markets, I think most each suburb has a flea market. Even Brisbane city has one too! Every Wednesday, from 10am to 6pm, Jan Powers Farmers Markets setup stalls in Raddcliffe Place where is at the end of Queens Street, in front of the Treasury Casino.

Stalls included fresh fruit and vegetables, fresh juices, flowers, pasta and seafood. 



That is a good shopping experience. Moreover, the market located in the heart of Brisbane, about 3 minutes walking distance from Queens Mall Bus station. If you visit Brisbane and stay in a hotel in CBD. That is a good spot to visit. You can go to southbank after visiting that market! That is quite great! However,  that market is not very big. If you have time and keen on shopping in flea markets. I recommend you go to other flea markets in suburbs, such as Brisbane Markets in Roclea.

Jan Powers Farmers Markets @ Brisbane CBD

Raddcliffe Place, Brisbane, QLD 4000
10am to 6pm (Every Wednesday)


Mt Gravatt Showgrounds Sunday Markets


A lot of Australian love to shop in Flea Market. There are a lot of small stalls. The price of goods is cheaper than the large shopping center. Shopping in there is like a treasure hunting game

In Brisbane area, there are a number of flea markets. Last sunday, we went to a flea market nearby,Mt Gravatt Showgrounds Sunday Markets.

That is a quite big larger than Kuraby Farmers Market.  You can find any various kinds of goods in this Market, such as Plants, honey, meats, and even solar panels. Moreover, I found this market has a lot of stalls to sell second hand goods, included clothing, furniture and garden tools. You may be able to find some good stuff in there.

The key part is fresh vegetables and fruits. A lot of farmers rent the stalls. Those fresh vegetable and fruits directly sells to the customers. Thus, the price is lower and the vegetables and fruits are much fresher! That is the main reason we went. We bought some oranges around $1.5 per kg, that is cheaper than supermarket!


There is a thing you need to be aware. The entry fee is $1 per person (not per car)!

Shopping in flea market is fun!

Mt Gravatt Showgrounds Sunday Markets

1644 Logan Road(Enter via Boardwater Road)
Mt Gravatt
QLD 4122



Last month, Wheel of Brisbane closed. All pods on the wheel are taken off. Some friends even asked whether it will close down for good.

Actually, that was its first major maintenance, it closed down for about a month to do the maintenance, that is essential to ensure that is safe.  On early of this week, I was in Southbank. I saw it opens again, it lighted up too! It looks new and shiny!


wpid-p_20150314_105637.jpgRecently, I found a good spot for bushwalking. That is in Daisy Hill,Daisy Hill Conservation Park. There are a lot of tracks which are good for bushwalking,  That is very easy to walk, there are not many slopes required to walk.


The most of tracks have trees to be covered. You need to be too worry about the sunburns.Of course, the sunscreens are required.

I have spent about two hours walk in there, that was enjoyable. Note that, the tracks are shared by cycle and horse riders.

In addition, this park is not far at all, about 15 minutes driving springwood and plenty of parking spots. This park is the hills road in Daisy Hills, which is around exit 24 of pacific highway, you can follow the signs when you are off from Pacific Highway.


Woody Point@Recliffe

We like to go to Redcliffe if there is a long weekend.
In redcliffe, there is a tourist attraction, woody point. I like there a lot,because that is a very nice jetty. You can go fishing and watch the beautiful ocean scene. Moreover, some nice coffee shops are around!
That is a nice place to visit.