New Kmart&Coles@Sunnybank Hills Shoppingtown

In our Sunnybank Hills and Calamvale area, there are three woolworth stores, but no other supermarket is in this area.

However, there is a good news. A new Coles and Kmart are opened in Sunnybank Shopping Town. Now, we have more choices! We believe that is good to have more competitions!

Cnr Calam and Compton Road
Sunnybank Hills
QLD 4109

Crazy Hot in Brisbane

Crazy Hot in Brisbane

That is very very very hot in Brisbane. In this afternoon, that was 38 degree! I think today is the hottest of this summer. Even the water pipeline is burnt under the sun, I opened water tap. The water is hot!!!!

When I went out for jogging, that was around 6.30pm, but that was still very very hot. I ran for 20 minutes only. Then I needed to back home due with the hot weather.  I wish the rest of summer will not be that hot!

surfer paradise

Every year,  those high school graduates will go to Surfer Paradise for parties. That is for celebrating they finished their high school life. They calls this as Schoolies Week.

I don’t like to go Surfer Paradise during the Schoolies Week, because there will be a lot of people and even they will setup some parties on the breach of Surfer Paradise. I don’t feel this kind of situation is peaceful. I have been there a few years around that period. I felt very very noisy.

According tot he  Schooies website,  this year Schoolies started today until 24th Nov. Well, I will stay in Brisbane during this period.


Hong Kong Central Library

Australia is far away from Hong Kong. Most of Hong Kong People are not very interested on Australia. But I found there are a some books from Australia in the Hong Kong Central Library.I found our Australia Computer Society Journal and APC. Moreover, I found a fair number of papers from Australia Scholar in Information System Journals. Well, I think we has an important  role in Computer Science Area.

MOS Burger in Brisbane City

Yesterday, I went to City for shopping. I found MOS Burger opened their new branch in Brisbane City. Now , we can another choice for Lunch. I quite like their rice Burger. The new branch is near King George Square, just next to the commonwealth bank.

After one year - Brisbane Flood 2011

One year ago, we got flood hit our Brisbane city. Southbank and City area are affected. Toowong,  Milton, Rocklea,… a lot of areas are affected too. Even some areas have the water level at the roof top height.

This floods destroyed a lot of homes, and 33 people lost their life in this Queensland flood.

Our Brisbane people are very strong.  We had a super large volunteer clean up force. According to the  Wikipedia , that was around 55,00 people. They went every affected suburb in Brisbane to clean up.  During this year, we are working hard to re-build. I visited some areas which are affected by flood.  The most of them are   restored as before the flood arrived.

Unfortunately, there are some people lost their family and not everyone can get some money from the insurance claim to re-build their home.

The hottest day during this summer
Source:Open Clip ArtUsing Under Public Domain Attribution

Today is the hottest day during this summer in Brisbane. I heard about that is around 35 degree this afternoon. I went out for lunch around 2pm. I felt my skin was burning. That is so hot. Even now is night time, I still feel very hot……

IKEA is on sale

IKEA is on sale

Last night, I went to IKEA. I found that is running a post-Christmas sale.   I found there was not many good stuff on a good price. Maybe, now is already January. All good stuff are already gone.  Anyway, I had a good value dinner in there.Chicken and Chips again.

IKEA Logan

Exit 23
3539-3565 Pacific Highway