Preparation of Ice sculpture

Today is Chinese New Year Day. First things I wish to say, Happy Chinese New Year and have a great year of Dragon. By the way, yesterday, I saw there was a performance for creating ice sculpture.

Look! That seems to create an ice dragon. But I got an appointment, I cannot wait for finishing of that ice sculpture.

Their Chinese New Year Program has not ended yet. Please go to  Sunnybank Plaza’s website  find out more.

Sunnybank Plaza,

Cnr Mains Rd & McCullough St


Queensland 4109

Loin Dance

On Monday(23/1/2012), that is the Chinese New Year’s day. But Sunnybank Plaza has started their Chinese New Year Program. At 3pm today, I went to Footcourt in Sunnybank plaza. There was Loin & Dragon Dance Performance. A lot of people were watching in there.  That is not just our Chinese, there are a number of Australian too! Everyone is very enjoy in there. We can experience the joy of Chinese New Year!

Moreover,  Loin Dance is very cool! Those two loins both look like very young , they are  full of energy.  They kept to run and jump around the foodcourt!  After the Loin Dance, that is the showtime of Dragon! That is a shiny blue dragon! That looks beauty. In Hong Kong, we only have those golden dragon. That is my first times to see a blue dragon dance. That is cool!

Well, there is a chance. On 3pm Tomorrow(22/1/2012) , there will be another session of performance.


Dragon Dance

Food Court,

Sunnybank Plaza,

Cnr Mains Rd & McCullough St


Queensland 4109

Ready for Dragon Dance

When I had my breakfast in Sunnybank Plaza, I saw there is a  dragon on display. I think that is for the dragon dance tomorrow. Please remember there will be a dragon dance on tomorrow(21/1) and Sunday at 3pm.


Chinese New Year Celebrations in Brisbane
Time passing so fast, the following Monday is Chinese New Year’s Day.I  a started to experiences  the Chinese New Year atmosphere in Brisbane. For example, Chinese supermarkets started to sell the goods related with Chinese New Year.  Moreover, Inala, Sunnybank and Valleywill be some Chinese New Year events around next week. On January 28, our Sunnybank area will held a Chinese Precinct at Henderson Park during 12-5pm, and dragon dance performances will be held in Sunnybank Plaza on 21 and 22 Jan 3pm. For further detials, please visit  the Brisbane City Council’s Chinese New Year events website and Sunnybank Plaza’s website .


Twin Falls - Springbrook

Twin Falls is one of major water falls in Springnbrook. The key feature of this water fall contains two water falls. Moreover, there is a walking track too! This track is suitable for most people. Last times, we have spent around an hour and half for walking to the bottom of the fall and back to the starting point.

The bottom of Twin Falls

At the end of this track, you can experience the water fall!

Creek near Twin Falls

Besides, you can walk over a creek on this walking track.  That is nice!


Getting there:

We can park your car near Tallanbana  picnic area which is located at the Springbrook Road. That is the entrance of track.

Please click here view to the photo album of Twin Falls


FlyBuys Coupon

Flyer Coupon

Last week,  I received the coupon from FlyBuys . There are two types of coupons.  The first type is $5 off when you spend $60 or more on one transaction. Other are triple FlyBuys points.  Each of them can only valid on the range of days printed on itself. Please check it. If you are the member of FlyBuys, please check whether you got these types of coupons. They help you save money!

Sea Platter - Kapsali

If you go to Southbank and plan to have a fine dinner, I recommend Kapsali. Dinnering in Southbank can be quite expensive. But the dinner price of Kapsali is relative fair. My friends ordered a sea platter for two, that is only $34.50. It has Pawns, Oyters, Fish, Calamari and fruits.

Sea Platter - Huge!

Looks!That’s huge!!! I have tasted a bit of that. That is tasty and fresh!

BarramundiNot just sea platter, I ordered Barramundi. That is very good too!  A fresh taste of fish! But that is a bit expensive, $29.50.

Moreover, if you sit outside of the restaurant, you can enjoy the view of Brisbane river!

That is not bad at all!

Shop 31a Southbank Parklands,
Southbank QLD 4101
Telephone : 07- 3846 1803

After one year - Brisbane Flood 2011

One year ago, we got flood hit our Brisbane city. Southbank and City area are affected. Toowong,  Milton, Rocklea,… a lot of areas are affected too. Even some areas have the water level at the roof top height.

This floods destroyed a lot of homes, and 33 people lost their life in this Queensland flood.

Our Brisbane people are very strong.  We had a super large volunteer clean up force. According to the  Wikipedia , that was around 55,00 people. They went every affected suburb in Brisbane to clean up.  During this year, we are working hard to re-build. I visited some areas which are affected by flood.  The most of them are   restored as before the flood arrived.

Unfortunately, there are some people lost their family and not everyone can get some money from the insurance claim to re-build their home.

Chicken Curry in a wok

Chicken Curry in a wok - Coffee Square


I think you may have Chicken Curry with Rice before. Most of times that is in a bowl. This Monday, I went to Coffee Square in Sunnybank. That is quite special, this one is in a wok. This is a good idea to keep the Chicken Curry always warm. Moreover, I like curry sauce too! That is not very hot. I recommend this one!

Coffee Square

Address:Shop 21G, Market Square,

Corner Mains Rd & McCullough Street


QLD 4109
Telephone:             07-3219 6009

The hottest day during this summer
Source:Open Clip ArtUsing Under Public Domain Attribution

Today is the hottest day during this summer in Brisbane. I heard about that is around 35 degree this afternoon. I went out for lunch around 2pm. I felt my skin was burning. That is so hot. Even now is night time, I still feel very hot……