Loin Dance

On Monday(23/1/2012), that is the Chinese New Year’s day. But Sunnybank Plaza has started their Chinese New Year Program. At 3pm today, I went to Footcourt in Sunnybank plaza. There was Loin & Dragon Dance Performance. A lot of people were watching in there.  That is not just our Chinese, there are a number of Australian too! Everyone is very enjoy in there. We can experience the joy of Chinese New Year!

Moreover,  Loin Dance is very cool! Those two loins both look like very young , they are  full of energy.  They kept to run and jump around the foodcourt!  After the Loin Dance, that is the showtime of Dragon! That is a shiny blue dragon! That looks beauty. In Hong Kong, we only have those golden dragon. That is my first times to see a blue dragon dance. That is cool!

Well, there is a chance. On 3pm Tomorrow(22/1/2012) , there will be another session of performance.


Dragon Dance

Food Court,

Sunnybank Plaza,

Cnr Mains Rd & McCullough St


Queensland 4109