$10 Quick Cut

$10 Quick Cut
I tried the new hair salon,F10 Quick Cut, in Sunnybank Plaza this Monday. They only provide haircut.  They are similar with QB House in Hong Kong. Firstly, there is a vendor machine. You put  a $10 note into this machine, and then you get a ticket.  Then sit and wait, when there is a hair dresser available, you give the ticket to him.  The 10 minutes hair cutting journey starts.  That is very similar with QB House way. But in Hong Kong, we can use our Octopus card to pay the fee. Well, they are similar, but they are not as good as QB House. I like my cut in QB House more. This is Australia, I cannot ask for too much. F10 Quick Cut can deliver what they say, that is $10 haircut.  I think that is reasonable. That is completed around 10 minutes. Now, my hair is cut shorter. That is what I want.

Sunnybank Plaza
Cnr Mains Rd & McCullough St