Calamvale Central Car Park

I just went to Calamvale Central for lunch. For the most of time, the car park won’t be full. Even normally, there is not many car parked in there. But Today there is nearly full of car!

Calamvale CentralAlthough the shopping center is not full of people, there are still quite busy. Wow, everyone is crazy about Christmas Shopping!


Big Gun Chinese Restaurant  - Free Range Chicken

In the old days, our Chinese people love the fatty Chicken. We love the chicken which have some yellow fat under their skin. That is very high calories!  Everyone does not like this anymore, we want to eat healthy. I think you like the Free Range Chicken more.  Because this kind of chicken won’t  not trapped in cages, is allow them to walk in the farmhouse. Because they can move around, so it will not accumulate so much fat.

Few days ago, we had this kind of chicken in Big Gun Chinese Restaurant. That is not fatty at all. Moreover, the chicken is cooked in a Chinese traditional way, Salt-Baked.  That is so tasty and the price is reasonable. Only $38 for a whole chicken. Let’s go to there, have a trail!



Big Gun Chinese Restaurant

Shop 7, Big Gun Shopping Center,

2922-2926 Logan Road, Underwood QLD 4119

Tel: 07-32198868

Fax:07-3219 8863