Boxing Day Sales

Queen Street Mall - Boxing day

Today is Boxing Day. The most of shops started their end of sales on today. So in “Australian  Custom”, today is a shopping day. I went to City for shopping as well. I found Queen Street Mall is full of people. There is a kind of “Human Traffic Jam”. I cannot walk faster, because the foot path is too many people. I entered Myer and David Jones, a lot of people are so busy with shopping.

Long queue

Even the shops have a long queue to line up for entering their shop! That is crazy!

But there are a huge saving, I saw some goods have 50% off, such as the Sheridan quilt cover in David Jones.  Others are at least 20% off!

The things draw my attention a lot is Ultrabook. Dick Smith and Harvey Norman set all Ultrabook on specials.Ultrabook are on sales

That is great, but they are too expensive!

Finally, I did not buy anything for myself.

Well, the end of sales has not finished yet,  the sales will run to the start of next year! Maybe, I can find something later. Let us go shopping again later!