Brisbane City - ChristmasI went to City for Christmas Shopping tonight. I found there is full of people, this Sunday is Christmas.  That is still a few days away. I believe that is because there is night shopping every night until 23/12.  Most of shops will opens up to 9pm. On 23/12, they will open to Mid-night. Everyone needs to do Christmas Shopping!

Christmas Events @ Brisbane City

Moreover, there is a lot of special events happening in there too! I saw a lot of act performances and Christmas Carol.

Well , there is a Christmas Parade at 7 pm too!

Christmas Parade @ Brisbane

The parade team is not very big. There is various types of performances, such as singing and dancing.  Moreover, we can stand very close to the parade team. You can shake hand with some performers too.

 Camels @ Christmas Parade

There are three real camels too!


Of course, we have Santa too!

Don’t miss the Christmas Parade!  Christmas Parade will be held at 7pm every night in Queen Street Mall until 23/12.

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Dining out in Brisbane



In Hong Kong, dining out is a part of our daily routine, but that is not apply in Brisbane! Dining out is very expensive.  Even a take-away dinner can cost you $8! If you want to dinner at a restaurant, that is around $20.  Thus, at the most of time, we will cook at home. That will only cost you around $3 per meal! You can save a lot of money to eat at home.