EKKA 2015

EKKA 2014EKKA is coming. That will be 7 days later, on 7 th August 2015. This is a major event in Brisbane and an annual agricultural show in Brisbane and has more 100 years old.The first EKKA held in 1876 and holds in RNA showgroun


d every year.  A lot of people like to visit this show.

There will be a lot of animals!


Moreover, there will be a lot rides and games in the stalls

Rides @EKKA




That will be a lot of fun. Well,  please do not forgot The showbags. They are a bag contains commercial merchandise. These merchandise will have much higher value than the price tag of a showbag. I love them!



Lastly, every night will be some live entertainment and fireworks in there. This year, there will be a transformers live action show, that sounds interesting.

If I have time, I will visit this show! I think you should not miss that.

Car Parking in City

wpid-p_20150425_113426.jpgIf we go to City, we won’t drive unless that is weekend or evening time. Normal weekdays, that is very expensive. It can cost you $15 per hour. Taking a bus is a more affordable option.

If we go to City during weekend or evening time, that is a different story. The parking fee will be $12 per day. Moreover, if you book online, there will be further discount. Last week, we went to Night Noodle Markets at Southbank. We used Secure parking, and booked a spot online. I parked their SW1 car park just behind convention centre. That was only $5, which is cheaper than bus fee. Also, that is very convenient. I made a booking online a few hours before our arrival. Then the system will email a PIN to me. When I enter the car park, I just need to put the PIN in the gate. That is easy

In conclusion, our suggestions is taking a bus to City during weekdays. If we go to City during weekend or evening time, you can consider to make a booking online and drive. If you travelled with at one person, that is cheaper. 


Last night,we went to Southbank for Night Noodle Markets. A lot of people were there and 30 stalls opened and provided various kinds of food, such as Japanese Ramen, Japanese Style Pizza, Chinese Xiao Long Bao  etc. We enjoyed this kind of  vibrant aisan hawker  market atmosphere. I think that was more people in there than last year.

Night Noodle Markets 2015

This year, I think the event organizer  did a better job. There are some improvements. Firstly, there are more tables and chairs for visitors. We sat and enjoy our food. Moreover, there are some performances too, I saw illuminated lion dances. Those two illuminated lions were walking around the whole market. Everyone loved them, they passed by. Everyone took his/her phone to take photo.

illuminated lions

Lastly, this year, most of stalls accept credit cards and paypass. I love this kind of cashless arrangement. Without changing cash speeded the queue.


For the food, we tried two stalls. The first one was Chicken Teppanyaki ($13) Noodles. I love this kind of stir fry noodle. They were freshly cooked and I felt the hot temperature from the noodles. Also, Teppanyaki sauces is very tasty.

 Chicken Teppanyaki Noodles
Secondly, we tired Hoy Pinoy. They are from Melbourne and travel up to Brisbane and make Filipino street bbq skewers. We saw them put two big Charcoal grills next to the stall and kept to make skewers. The skewers smelled good.

Hoy Pinoy

Charcoal grills

Finally, we had chicken and pork BBQ skewers ($12). the sauces on the top was good. That has unique Filipino flavours.chicken and pork BBQ skewersBesides of them, I saw there are some interesting dishes. There are korean and chinese small burgers. They looks quite interesting and mixing the traditional aisan cuisine with burger. At the end, I felt they are a bit expensive, around $10 for a palm size burger.
Lastly, a thing you need to be aware. Most of stalls have a long queue. I spent around 15 minutes for waiting in each stall. Please provide more time for this.

From today until 2 August, every night, the market will open in Culture forecourt in southbank

Free Entry

Openings Hours :Monday to Thursday: 5pm til late, Friday: 4pm til late , weekends: 2pm til late

Tomorrow, noodle night market ,which is a major event of Brisbane Good Food Month, will start officially. I was in Southbank this evening, I saw the stalls has setup.



There will be 30 stalls, including Japanese pizza,ramen and Chinese bao burgers. Please checkout from their website.

However, I pointed out some highlight stalls.


This is a restaurant from Melbourne. They converted Chinese buns into Chinese bao burgers.  That is quite interesting.

Japanese Pizza Okonomi House:

A lot of friends like their Japanese Pizza.

Japanese Style Pizza

Taro’s Ramen:

I love japanese Ramen, I will try their signature dish, Tonkotsu Ramen.

Sorry about that, I have not time to list all stall in here….. The best way is going out there!

Address: Culture Forecourt, Southbank.

Jan Powers Farmers Markets @ Brisbane CBD


Brisbane really has a lot of flea markets, I think most each suburb has a flea market. Even Brisbane city has one too! Every Wednesday, from 10am to 6pm, Jan Powers Farmers Markets setup stalls in Raddcliffe Place where is at the end of Queens Street, in front of the Treasury Casino.

Stalls included fresh fruit and vegetables, fresh juices, flowers, pasta and seafood. 



That is a good shopping experience. Moreover, the market located in the heart of Brisbane, about 3 minutes walking distance from Queens Mall Bus station. If you visit Brisbane and stay in a hotel in CBD. That is a good spot to visit. You can go to southbank after visiting that market! That is quite great! However,  that market is not very big. If you have time and keen on shopping in flea markets. I recommend you go to other flea markets in suburbs, such as Brisbane Markets in Roclea.

Jan Powers Farmers Markets @ Brisbane CBD

Raddcliffe Place, Brisbane, QLD 4000
10am to 6pm (Every Wednesday)


Mt Gravatt Showgrounds Sunday Markets


A lot of Australian love to shop in Flea Market. There are a lot of small stalls. The price of goods is cheaper than the large shopping center. Shopping in there is like a treasure hunting game

In Brisbane area, there are a number of flea markets. Last sunday, we went to a flea market nearby,Mt Gravatt Showgrounds Sunday Markets.

That is a quite big larger than Kuraby Farmers Market.  You can find any various kinds of goods in this Market, such as Plants, honey, meats, and even solar panels. Moreover, I found this market has a lot of stalls to sell second hand goods, included clothing, furniture and garden tools. You may be able to find some good stuff in there.

The key part is fresh vegetables and fruits. A lot of farmers rent the stalls. Those fresh vegetable and fruits directly sells to the customers. Thus, the price is lower and the vegetables and fruits are much fresher! That is the main reason we went. We bought some oranges around $1.5 per kg, that is cheaper than supermarket!


There is a thing you need to be aware. The entry fee is $1 per person (not per car)!

Shopping in flea market is fun!

Mt Gravatt Showgrounds Sunday Markets

1644 Logan Road(Enter via Boardwater Road)
Mt Gravatt
QLD 4122


Two weeks before, I and wife went to Harbour Town for shopping. There are a lot of outlets. A lot of discounted goods are in there! My wife did not get many things she want, but I had somethings. I only spent $20.

I bought a shirt for $10 in Cotton On. That is quite stylish!

wpid-p_20150704_232550.jpgI bought a sport shirt for $10 in New Balance. That is very very good for jogging. It can wick sweat easily to keep you dry!


That was a very deal. If you have time, I think that is good to check out any good stuff to buy!



Gong Cha @ 8 Street

wpid-p_20150630_163300.jpgGong Cha(貢茶) is a famous Taiwanese Style Milk Tea Bar in Hong Kong and Taiwan. When I was in Hong Kong, I came there for drinking milk tea a number of times.

Last year, they opened a branch in Brisbane too! Finally, I got a chance for trying them in Brisbane last week. I ordered  Fresh Milk Tea with Red bean and Pudding. This is their signature drink! That was sweet and tasty. The taste of Red Beans with Milk tea is quite unique. I love it. I recommended this drink. The price is quite fair too, $4.5 for regular and extra 50 cents to upgrade to large size. At the end, I paid extra 50 cents for upgrade. Adding 50 cents to large size, that sounds a better deal!

If you go to 8 Street food court, I recommend you to try Gong Cha

8 Street
Westfield Garden City
Logan Rd & Kessels Rd,
Upper Mount Gravatt QLD 4122



Good Food Month

July means Good Food Month if you are in Brisbane now! During 9 July to 9 August, there will be a number of events about food happening around Brisbane. A number of famous restaurants will take part in this event.

Also, this year will have Night noodle market agian, this event was very successful in last year Good Food Month. In this year, a number of  restaurant stalls, themed bars, music and an outdoor party will setup in Culture Forecourt Southbank again. I am looking forward about that. This event will be held during 22 July – 2 August 2015.

I think that will be fun!

Fish&Chips@Fasta PastaI and my wife quite like Harbour Town, there are a lot of factory outlets. We went to there for shopping every few months.

Last Saturday, we went to there again. After shopping for a while, I felt hungry and tired. I really needed a place to sit down and have a lunch. The best place for those purpose is  Fasta Pasta which is a very comfortable dine-in restaurant.

Moreover, there are discounted lunch sets just around $10. I had a Fish&Chips for $10.90 and a coffee too! They were very tasty! I love the chips, they were very crunchy!

Lastly, I joined RAQC Dinner Reward, I can get 20% cash back!

I think the most of times we went to Harbour Town, we chose Fasta Pasta for lunch!

Fasta Pasta

Harbour Town Shopping Centre (At the Reading Cinema Entrance))
Cnr Gold Coast Hwy & Oxley Drive
QLD 4216

Tel:07)-5537 5778