I am in Australia for around 15 years.  I had a number of chances to move other states. Every times, at the end, I chose to stay in Brisbane.

I think I made a right choice so far. Last Monday, I went to Canberra for a business trip. I arrived at 7.50 am, that is so cold. The temperature was only minus 4 degree. When I walked out from the airport, that was freezing.

For weatherwise, Brisbane is much nicer. In winter, there is a quite warm, at morning, that is only 11-15 degree. Sometimes, if the weather is good, we have plenty of sunshine, the temperature can be over 20 degree.  That is a good place to live!

I am glad to settle down in Brisbane!

WokaWoka@Warrigal Square

Recently, Runcorn area have a lot of newly opened restaurants.  Beside of the ramen places I tried last week, there is another one I tried recently, Woka Woka at Warrigal Square.

This restaurant opened about two weeks ago and it is a branch of Coffee Square(榮記) in sunnybank. I love there one in sunnybank a lot. So, I was looking forward to try in this new restaurant.

Two week ago, I got a change to have a lunch in there.  I had squid balls noodle soup. That is not bad at all.


They claimed those squid balls hand made by their own. This is the reason of it tasting good.

Lastly, I had milk tea in there, that is really authentic hong kong style.

Milk Tea @Woka Woka

That is a point you should aware, their menu is a bit expensive than the one in sunnybank. The noodle I had costed $12.80. The total bill I had for that lunch is $16.80.

For myself, the price and food quality is not bad at all. I have lunch in there again(Actually, I will have lunch in there today 🙂 )

P.S. there is two choices of lunch set everyday, that is $12.80. The set included a hot drink, main dish and a soup. Note that, these lunch sets are not listed in their menu. You have to ask the staff about that!


261 Warrigal Road, Eight Mile Plains QLD 4113

Recent months, there are a lot of new restaurants opened in Runcorn area. A few days ago, I found there is a new Japanese ramen restaurant are opened in Runcorn Plaza. It looks very authentic Japanese ramen. I was keen to try.

Yesterday, I got a chance to have lunch in there. This restaurant was quite busy, I arrived before noon, there was already almost full. I tried their Miso Ramen.

Miso Ramen@Genkotsu RamenThat was very nice. It has some sweet corns, japanese style bbq pork (Chashu) and half of eggs. Quite a lot of ingredients. Moreover, miso soup base is super tasty too! Ramen has a great texture too! I love it.

Moreover, the interior of shop looks very authentic Japanese, the spoons, chopsticks and bowls look like from Japan too!



Although the price is quite expensive, $12.50, you need to pay $1 for extra noodle. Some other ramen restaurants offer free extra noodle. Well, the portion of noodle is not small, that is good enough for me as a lunch. And it offers a loyal card.


After you ordered one ramen, you can earn a stamp(double point on Tuesday and Wednesday). At 9th and 18th stamp, you can have a free side dish, 27th and 36th stamp, you can have a free ramen.

That is not good, I go there for lunch regularly.

Genkotsu Ramen

G25/258 Warrigal Road, Runcorn Plaza

Runcorn QLD 4113

Open hours 11:30-14:30, 17:30-21:00




Last month, Wheel of Brisbane closed. All pods on the wheel are taken off. Some friends even asked whether it will close down for good.

Actually, that was its first major maintenance, it closed down for about a month to do the maintenance, that is essential to ensure that is safe.  On early of this week, I was in Southbank. I saw it opens again, it lighted up too! It looks new and shiny!


wpid-p_20150603_192727.jpgThis morning, Brisbane only has around 3 degree, at the night, there is around 15 degree. That is . I need somethings to warm up. So, we went to Sunny Seoul for dinner. We had korean charcoal bbq. We really warmed up!