Mr. Curry

Last week, I was in City for work. Previously, I heard about Mr. Curry has a deal value. I wish to try that for long time. Well, that was a good opportunity to do that.

This special is only valid until noon every day. The Chicken Katsu Curry costs only $5 before 12 pm! I was in there at 11.50 am. That was close and I found there were a few people lining up! Luckily, the staff made that curry rice in a very effective manner, like a factory line! I only waited less than 5 minutes, then I had this lunch box.

$5 Chicken Katsu Curry @ Mr. Curry


For $5 only, that was  a good deal. The lunch box had some salad, rice and some deep fry chicken pieces. I only found the sauces was not enough. Apart from that, I cannot complain anything at all!  The size of lunch box was not too small at all, that was enough for me as a lunch!

That is not bad, I will recommend that to you!

Shop 10, Postoffice Square, 270 Queen Street, Brisbane, QLD 4000



I and my wife went to Cairns for holidays last week. We took a very early flight from Brisbane, that was 7am. We arrived at 9.30am. That sounds a bit late for a full day tour and that was tired. We woke up at 3.30am.  We chose to take a ride on Skyrail, which is somethings easy.

Skyrail is a cable over the rainforest from Freshwater Cairns to Kuranda. The total length is about 7.5km. You can enjoy the magnificent view of rainforest and Barron Falls.



Also, during the cable trip, there are two stops, Red Peak station and Barron Falls Station.

At Red Peak Station,  there is a free eco-tour to rainforest. The tutor gave a brief introduction about this rainforest to us.  That was quite informative.


Red Peak Rainforest


The second stop is Barron Falls Station,  There are a walk trail in there and a few lookouts which can see Barron Falls.

That is quite nice!


Barron Falls


During this trip, we had a cable car journey and a bit of bush walking too.

Lastly, if you stay in a hotel at Carins City, Skyrail can organize a pick up service.

Cairns Airport

Last week, we went to Cairns for holidays. We stayed in a hotel at Cairns City. The first problem we had how to go to our hotel from Airport. We did some research.  Taking a coach bus sounded a cheaper option, the most expensive is $19 and the cheapest one is $10. I travelled with my wife, therefore, that was around $20 which is a reasonable amount. However, I landed at 9:30 am and we booked a pickup service to Skyrail from our hotel at 10:40. That was very rush.  At the end, I chose to take a taxi.

I found that is a better option than by a coach. The taxi trip was around 10 minutes from airport to Cairns City, and only costed $25, which is included $4 airport access fee.  If you travelled with someone, that is a similar price to coach and that is faster. Sometime, coach required to drop off other passengers at a number of hotels. Taxi will drop you off to your hotel directly.

That was a good option for us. As a result, we took a taxi from our hotel to Airport. The airport fee access is only applied all taxi getting out from airport, not entry. So, end up, our taxi fee is cheaper, only $20. If you stay in Cairns city and need to go to/out from Airport, I think  taking taxi will be a good option for you.

(Note that: most of hotel receptionists will help their guests to call a taxi, please note that, there will be extra $1.50 as the call out fee. If you are willing to walk a little bit, there are a number  of taxi ranks in the City)