RiverFire 2015


Tomorrow, Brisbane Festival will be officially ended. RiverFire will conclude this festival. There will start at 7pm. Moreover, a5 5.15pm, Southbank will have some air display from Australian Royal Airforce. You can see F18, C17, Aviation MRH 90 and Tiger Helicopters. You should not miss that!

Brisbane Festival@Southbank

Brisbane Festival@Southbank

Last week, I went southbank culture forecourt. I entered the main venue of Brisbane Festival,Arcadia.  That sounds much larger than past years.  There are a few giant tents. The largest one is a bar.

JpegIf you like to drink some beers, that is a good choice, you can enjoy the beers and views of Brisbane River at the same time. However, because there is a bar. You need to provide some identity documents to prove you are over 18. That is a bit annoying to me.

If you don’t like to have a drink, there are some food trucks, you can have some burgers or curry.


If you don’t want to have a drink and get somethings to eat, there are some entertainments too.  You can buy a ticket to watch  Club Swizzle or Fear and Deligh at a small theater in Arcadia. Or attending a free event at QPAC, there are some live brands in front of QPAC.

JpegIf you want somethings quiet, there are some 3D chalks painting.


Lastly, Brisbane Festival will be end soon, the events will be ended officially on 26th September. Also, at that date, RiverFire will  ignites the skyline.


Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers 2015 started yesterday. As usual, there is a lot of flowers in Queens Park and USQ Japanese Garden. In addition, those family won The Chronicle Garden Competition. They opens their winning home gardens to the public.

Also, Their grand central floral parade will be held this afternoon 3pm. There were a lot of floral floats and street performers. You should not miss that!
Date :

Brisbane Festival 2015

wpid-20140927_190511.jpgFrom tomorrow to 26th September, that will be the period of Brisbane Festival 2015.In their 15 venues, there will be more 200 sessions of performances.  Also, the organizer built a temporary festival village calls arcadia, where has bar & restaurant, food trucks and two performance tents. There will be two shows,  Club Swizzle and Fear and Delight. Even on the surface of arcadia, that is also a part of Brisbane festival. That is Brisbane Airport 3D chalk which is a 3D chalk street painting. That is intersting

Lastly, on 26th September 7pm, at Brisbane river, there will be a firework show to celebrate the end of this year Brisbane Festival. I think you should not miss that.

For further details of programs, please visit Brisbane Festival website.