Mr. Curry

Last week, I was in City for work. Previously, I heard about Mr. Curry has a deal value. I wish to try that for long time. Well, that was a good opportunity to do that.

This special is only valid until noon every day. The Chicken Katsu Curry costs only $5 before 12 pm! I was in there at 11.50 am. That was close and I found there were a few people lining up! Luckily, the staff made that curry rice in a very effective manner, like a factory line! I only waited less than 5 minutes, then I had this lunch box.

$5 Chicken Katsu Curry @ Mr. Curry


For $5 only, that was  a good deal. The lunch box had some salad, rice and some deep fry chicken pieces. I only found the sauces was not enough. Apart from that, I cannot complain anything at all!  The size of lunch box was not too small at all, that was enough for me as a lunch!

That is not bad, I will recommend that to you!

Shop 10, Postoffice Square, 270 Queen Street, Brisbane, QLD 4000