Australia has a lot of Vietnam migrants. They brought the tasty Vietnamese food to Australia too! Even they opened a lot of tasty restaurants.

There is a Vietnamese restaurant I like. It calls Rice Paper Vietnamese Cuisine(漢記) which is in Runcorn, the area close by my house. That is the reason I go there frequently.

In the most of times, I order Chicken noodle soup. The soup base is very tasty. Moreover, I paid a dollar extra to upgrade the noodle to clear noodle, which is a traditional Vietnamese noodle. If you are going to have Vietnamese cuisine, you must try this kind of glass clear noodle. I love their sticky texture a lot!


Besides the noodle soup, you must try Vietnamese black coffee!The coffee taste is very very unique! I felt the taste of this coffee is quite rich!

Vietnamese black coffee


Rice Paper Vietnamese Cuisine(漢記)
Shop 10
Warrigal Square
261 Warrigal Road,
Eight Mile Plains,
QLD 4113
Open Hours
Mon, Wed-Sat:11am -9pm
Sun :11:00-8pm