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I’m a person who doesn’t like playing computer games. Real-life is exciting enough, so I don’t need to play mobile games for excitement. Therefore, I prefer diversified theme parks. If I want to find a theme park that meets this requirement in Queensland, there is only Sea world, an ocean-themed park with more non-motorized game facilities and more performances than other amusement parks. Appreciate. Moreover, it was the Hong Kong Ocean Park when I was a child.

Of course, I said that I liked the pavilion so much and that there is the theme of the ocean, and there will be an aquarium. There are coral fish, groupers, manta rays, sharks, etc., everything. All are magnificent. You can snorkel there if you pay.

Plus, there are more performances. It’s the treasure of the park, the dolphin. There are two performances every day, which are very popular. The dolphins will make a variety of jumping movements after listening to the trainer’s instructions. The audience was very excited and clapped. In addition to performing, they will swim in the pool at the other area in the park and jump out of the water from time to time, which is very interesting. Of course, paying to get in close contact with them.
The second animal that attracts attention is the seal. Take your show every day.

Moreover, in such a hot place as Brisbane, it would be nice to see some polar animals, so there are penguins and polar bears there too.

Of course, it is a theme park, and there are many rides.

There are roller coasters and things like that. Recently, a large wooden roller coaster has been under construction. And there is also a children’s area, with Fiesta Carousel, children’s roller coasters, etc.

Finally, there are also resorts where you can stay for days.

I think this theme park is very worth visiting, there are performances to enjoy, exhibition halls to see, and fun, and finally, you can stay for a few days.

Address::Seaworld Dr,
Main Beach
QLD 4217

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Fresh Fish at Brisbane

We Chinese like to eat fresh fish. After coming to Australia, it is more complicated. Generally, supermarkets sell already processed fish fillets. Even if you go to some fish markets, there will only be chilled fish, but they should be the same day processed. I’ve tried steaming, and it’s okay.
If you want to eat seafood, you can go to the opposite side of Times Square at Sunnybank. An Asian fish market on the side of the Korean barbecue shop, Fresco in calamvale, and Fresco in sunny park (if I remember correctly) all have fresh fish to sell.
In addition, whether it is chilled or fresh fish, you can ask the staff to “clean it.” Therefore, the staff will take the internal organs in fish away after returning home. Then, you can cook directly cook them after washing.

BigW in Calamvale central has been closed for a while, and after that, it took a while to renovate. Finally, it was completed this week. The area opened an Asian supermarket, fresco supermarket,

a family game center, billiard room,

and some restaurants.

Last night, I went to fresco supermarket. It is huge and has more than half the area of ​​BigW. It is said that it is the largest Asian supermarket in Australia. It has meat stalls, fish stalls, vegetables, fruits, and general Asian goods. That is comfortable and clean. However, it was expensive. And some area still seems to be getting ready, some shelves are empty, and the bakery department is not open.

Address:662 Compton Rd,
QLD 4116
Business Hours: 8am-9pm (7days)

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Woolworths Durian Egg Roll

I’m a durian lover and saw Woolworths have durian egg rolls. Moreover, they had half price last week. So I purchased it, and it should be viral. But, unfortunately, I saw that there were only two bags left at that time.
After I bought it back, of course, I had tried it for the first time. That is a very fragrant durian, but I’m not professional enough to tell whether it is 100% real durian or not. It is perfect, a few fragrant, and a few crispy if you look at it as a snack.
As for the value, it is a little more expensive. If there is no half price, it will cost $4. The package is smaller. After I had a few bites, they were almost enough gone. To sum up, if there is another half price next time, I will buy it again.

Earlier, the company invited a group of our colleagues to have a day trip to the O’Reilly winery. It was beautiful scenery, and it was possible to have close contact with the alpacas. We could take it and walk on the grass for half an hour. At the same time, you can also feed them food. They are so cute and very greedy. They will keep eating. Of course, if you put the feed close to your mouth, they will be crazy to eat on your hand, and sometimes they will not go because they want to eat grass, this is a few exciting experiences.
O’Reilly is an excellent eco-tourism area. They had hosted visitors around Lamington National Park almost a hundred years ago.
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Hercules Street Park
Hercules Street Park is also a famous park in Brisbane because there is also a giant children’s playground. There are several different slides in the playground. Although it is not too high, it still has a special style, and there are also different climbing paths, which is really good. Therefore, there is also a perfect place for children to play hide and seek.
Hercules Street Park
Like other well-known parks, there are also some places to water play, but this water plat area is a bit smaller, and there are only a few places where water jets are sprayed.
Hercules Street Park
In addition, there is a large grass field where children can play ball.
Hercules Street Park
At the same time, there are also some tables and chairs, where you can have a picnic, and some barbecue grills. However, the park is top-rated, so the facilities is highly demanded.
In the end, I don’t understand why such a popular park has only a few parking spots.
I believe everyone will like this park, especially children.
Address: 40 Remora Rd,
QLD 4007
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Tamborine Mountain can also be regarded as a tourist area, so the price for dining out is relatively high. I want to find a reasonable price and sit comfortably. Unfortunately, it’s a bit difficult in suitable places. Fortunately, after a friend’s recommendation, I went to Fortitude Brewing Co. Of course, the most famous one is a wood fire Pizza. So I ordered 12″ PERI PERI CHICKEN PIZZA, which sells for $24. The portion is ok. Enough for two people, the taste is superb, the cheese is very fragrant, that is very “Creamy,” the texture of the pizza is very elastic, and the edge of the pizza is also very crispy. In addition, there is also a kid’s meal for $12. My daughter ordered a Fish & Chips kids meal, which also included a pack of juice. The price is reasonable. As for the environment, there are wide outdoor seats; that is spacy. The space is suitable for friends of the whole family. It’s also neat. It’s perfect. Finally, there are plenty of parking spaces there, our First choice for restaurants in Tamborine Mountain.

Address:165 Long Rd,

Tamborine Mountain

QLD 4271


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Red Cliffe can also be regarded as a tourist area. There are also beaches, “jetty,” water play areas on the seaside, and seafood to eat. It can compare with Gold Coast. However, it is not so commercial, and it is relatively calm.

It’s like I went to Settlement Cove a few days ago.

This is a typical Redcliffe tourist area. There is a sandy beach on the side, a jogging track, and the main feature, the Lagoon, where you can swim and feel at ease, don’t be afraid of sharks and jellyfish.

Moreover, there is a water play area. There is also a children’s playground, so it is suitable for our local tourists to come here peacefully and relax.

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