Woolworths Durian Egg Roll

I’m a durian lover and saw Woolworths have durian egg rolls. Moreover, they had half price last week. So I purchased it, and it should be viral. But, unfortunately, I saw that there were only two bags left at that time.
After I bought it back, of course, I had tried it for the first time. That is a very fragrant durian, but I’m not professional enough to tell whether it is 100% real durian or not. It is perfect, a few fragrant, and a few crispy if you look at it as a snack.
As for the value, it is a little more expensive. If there is no half price, it will cost $4. The package is smaller. After I had a few bites, they were almost enough gone. To sum up, if there is another half price next time, I will buy it again.