The population of Brisbane has increased a lot in the past ten years, so several new development areas have been added, such as Park Ridge, Springfield, and Flagstone. These new districts emphasize high-quality life. Thus, each of them must have a large park. A few days ago, I went to one of the new development areas, flagstones, for a walk. There are still many open spaces there, which are still under development. However, there is already a big park. The most important thing is a large playground with three-story-high slides. There is a more special feature that it has a large water play area, and the entire water play area is designed as a water forest. A large tree will come out with a lot of water every minute. Many children like to be drenched by the big water under the tree. They want the feeling of being soaked all over. In addition, there are also some fixed small water cannons, which can be used by children to have “water war.” Similarly, there will be several small water jets that are constantly spraying out in some places, and children like to run around them. The only drawback is after the water play, and the children will get wet. It would be better if some shower facilities could be used to clean the children. Such a good facility should cost a lot, according to online information, where the cost of building is A$2 million. Another disadvantage is that there are not many parking spaces. So if you go on a holiday, you should pay attention to it.

Flagstone Adventure Playground

Flagstonian Dr,
QLD 4285

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Maruya@Gold Coast

I went to the Gold Coast side in recent months because I bought the annual ticket for the Gold Coast theme park, especially South Port. Then I also wanted to find something to eat in this area. I accidentally found an excellent Japanese restaurant there. It calls, Maruya, which is very delicious.

Earlier this year, when I finally went to dinner on a Saturday, there were many customers.
 sashimi rice
First ordered sashimi rice at that night, it was very delicious,

There is a lot of salmon, and it’s plump!
 tempura with sashim
Second, I ordered tempura with sashimi, a few thick slices of salmon, plus two prawns, which was quite attractive.
sushi platter
The third dish is the main sushi platter again!

There are eight types of salmon, tuna, prawns, etc.

Of course, the taste is good.

eel rice
In the end, because the kid doesn’t eat sashimi, we ordered a bowl of eel rice for her. Of course, I also tasted a few bites. The taste is delicious, the rice has the sauce, and the taste is not bad! The texture of the fish is also perfect. My daughter should like it a lot, and eat almost all the bowls for her.

As for parking, Southport is also considered the city center of Gold Coast, so it will be more challenging to find free parking spaces!

However, this Japanese restaurant is across the street from the Australian metro. So guys stopped by to visit the Tangren Supermarket over there, and they could park in the parking lot there and enjoy three hours of free parking, which is much more convenient.
In summary, this meal has a lot of dinners! So now this meal has become our choice for dinner.
Maruya Japanese Restaurant
15 Davenport St,
Queensland 4215
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New Shanghai Garden city

Queensland seems to be recovering financially and returning to normal, especially Garden City. I went there a few days ago, and it was prosperous. There are also new restaurants opening, one of which is New Shanghai. I went there for lunch on that day.

First of all, I must declare that I am not from Shanghai, and I have mainly eaten Cantonese food since I was little. So please don’t take it too seriously.

Of course, I ordered the famous Shanghai dish, Xiao Long Bao(Soup Dumplings). The skin is not too thick, the soup in the skin is very hot! This quality is considered to meet my requirements. To

In addition, the shredded Shandong chicken noodles are used as the main dish. The Shandong chicken is fried a bit fragrant, and the skin is very crisp. I like that.

As for the wife, he ordered a bowl of fried noodles. The noodles is not too soft and not too hard. The portion is enough too.

In fact, the most significant selling point of this point is the location and environment. That shop is located in Garden City, the largest and most important shopping mall in our southern district. In addition, it is just next to the family entertainment center, Timezonemand the upper-level food court. Therefore, the location can be regarded as the most prosperous area in the mall. You can go shopping in the mall and eat by the way.
The second is the decoration, where the lights are relatively dim! It gives people a high-class feeling and interior decoration is a kind of very Chinse Style, so I believe the locals should love it a lot. Also, you can scan the QR Code on the table, and place orders online, which is very convenient.

Finally, I ordered two bowls of noodles and half a dozen soup dumplings for only $66.5, which is a bit expensive based on our consumption habits.

SHOP 2027/8,





QLD 4122

Tel:07-3161 1500
Business Hours: Mon-Sun, 11:30am to 9pm
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