Brisbane Floods 2022

Brisbane had three days of non-stop heavy rain, finally clearing up today. However, it was similar to the flooding in 2011. Rocklea, Southbank, oxley and the city were all flooded. Of course, it seemed that the water was shallow, and everyone made preparations early and left early to evacuate.
However, many boats moored on the river were washed away, and the boat even damaged the dock of the city cat. Moreover, the production of water purification facilities was stopped due to heavy rain. Everyone went to the supermarket to buy all distilled water, and everyone was afraid of flooding on the road, so they had no supplies to supermarkets, and they also bought other necessities. I saw that there was no bread in the supermarket!

And 1,5000 households were flooded, schools were closed for two days, and a lot of roads were still closed.

Since a year ago, a friend introduced us to a Taiwanese restaurant in pinelands, Yuanbao, for dinner. After tasting it, I thought it was very delicious, so we had celebrations and Chinese New Year meals recently, so I ordered takeout twice there.

First of all, of course, the most famous one there, Fried Boneless Duck Taro with Vegetable Puree, when I was waiting for takeout, I saw almost every table e ordering this dish, and I believe it is really the signature dish there. The first time I ate it, I thought it was very delicious. It was crispy, crispy in the mouth, and soft in the inside. The duck meat was rich in flavor. However, be sure to eat it while it’s still hot, buy it out the next time, and freeze it a little, it won’t be so crispy.

The second dish was sweet and sour pork without fried powder. There is still pineapple and sweet and sour, very appetizing, and very fragrant.

The last thing is that when the vegetables are fried with minced garlic, they are not too greasy and fragrant. Although they are similar to the ones I bought, they are much better fried, and the heat and control are better than mine, which is attractive and attractive.

For this dinner, I ordered three pieces of food, which cost about 60 dollars. However, the amount is good, and some can be leftover for lunch the next day, and the taste is even better.

Address: Pinelands Plaza,
15-16/663 Beenleigh Rd,
Sunnybank Hills
QLD 4109

Tel:(07) 3323 360

Business Hours: Mon: Closed

Tue- Sun

11:00 AM – 2:00 PM

5:00 PM – 9:00 PM Continue Reading

Recently I listened to a radio program about I.T. professionals in Hong Kong, and there are T.V. dramas in Hong Kong with the theme of I.T professionals. These make me also want to talk about my Australian I.T. career here. Unfortunately, I have never worked in the Hong Kong I.T. industry as a Hong Kong local employee, so everything is based on what I have seen and heard in Australia.
First of all, of course, to talk about appearance, some people say: “people are not wearing a suit.” But, of course, in the past two decades, it is only a chance to wear a suit, most of them only wear a shirt and trousers (Business casual). However, most of the Brisbane office workers wear it like this. Sometimes they also wear trousers with the company Polo shirt. This does not mean we do not care about what we wear, but it shows the vitality of our industry.
Secondly, some say i.t. people are the first choice to be laid off when any company considers cutting costs. Then, if you are doing internal i.t, you will be laid off because your department is “cost center.” But if your company relies on I.T. to make money, such as fintech or professional services, the impact will be minimal. No one wants to fire anyone can make money.
Of course, there are many people who also think that i.t. people are not good at communicating with people. But I do have meetings from time to time, and i.t. companies generally focus on teamwork, so communication skills are also one of the necessary skills in our industry. Even some companies believe communication skills are more important than programming skills because technology can be learned quickly, and communication skills cannot be learned in a moment.
Every industry has some strange people and crazy things, and they can be exaggerated and made into episodes.

Last week, it rained heavily for several days. The water tank at home is also full. The water dam level in Queensland has finally returned to 70% f. Many new Hong Kong immigrant friends think that our water source is sufficient. We mainly rely on our dams for water supply. Therefore, that depends on the rainfalls. Brisbane had dry years. I remember that around 2006, when we had some water restrictions, we were not allowed to use tap water to wash the cars and water the garden, and we were limited to 110 liters of water per person per day. Fortunately, the dry period was about a year.
A friend said, why don’t we build more water dams because Australia has so many forests and mountains. But, of course, if you don’t need to consider environmental protection, the issue of indigenous land, that is workable. A new dam was proposed more than ten years ago, and construction has only begun in recent years. Therefore, Gold Coast is also a desalination facility. Most houses have water tanks to collect rainwater, which is used to wash cars and shower flowers.