Last week, it rained heavily for several days. The water tank at home is also full. The water dam level in Queensland has finally returned to 70% f. Many new Hong Kong immigrant friends think that our water source is sufficient. We mainly rely on our dams for water supply. Therefore, that depends on the rainfalls. Brisbane had dry years. I remember that around 2006, when we had some water restrictions, we were not allowed to use tap water to wash the cars and water the garden, and we were limited to 110 liters of water per person per day. Fortunately, the dry period was about a year.
A friend said, why don’t we build more water dams because Australia has so many forests and mountains. But, of course, if you don’t need to consider environmental protection, the issue of indigenous land, that is workable. A new dam was proposed more than ten years ago, and construction has only begun in recent years. Therefore, Gold Coast is also a desalination facility. Most houses have water tanks to collect rainwater, which is used to wash cars and shower flowers.