Masters-Final Sales


Yesterday, I went to Masters at Parkinson. I found there were 16 days to close down. Moreover, the whole store got 60% to 80% off. I thought the should be a lot of good deals. But after I went there, the most of the shelves were empty. The most of the stocks are sold out.

Empty Shelves@Masters I planned to buy some LED light bulbs and lawn seeds, but these kinds of goods were sold out too.


However, if you intend to have some home improvements, there were still some paints, wooden fences, floor tiles, bathtub and toilets left. Please be quick, I saw a lot of people bought these products yesterday.

Queens Street Mall Christmas
Early in this week, I went to Brisbane City. However, that was still a month away from Christmas, and Brisbane City is already very “Christmas.” I found Queens Street Mall has some Christmas decorations.

Queens Street Mall Christmas

Moreover, there are some Giant Christmas Toys.Also, please don’t miss the big Christmas Tree in King George Square. I think that is about two story height;

Christmas Tree King George SqaureUnder the tree, there is a big postbox for Santa. All big and small kids can write down your wish list and put it in the box. AusPost will send them to the north pole.

Postbox for Santa
I went there at day time, if that is the night time, that will be even better. The tree is with lights too. The lighting event of Christmas Tree will be held at 5.30pm 25/11/2016(Tomorrow) at King George Square. There will be some Christmas Carols and free entertainment during this event.

Myer Christmas Window
Lastly, I found Myer has setup a Christmas Window for this year. The theme of this year is about some Iconic places in Melbourne such as Luna Park,The Palais Theatre, and the Sidney Myer Music Bowl. I think that is a traditional custom in the Western world. The department stores in New York and London have this kind of Christmas Window. Some of them will use the current affairs or Christmas stories as the main theme.


In Australia, we like to buy a gift card as the gift as a wedding gift and a present to thank you someone help. Sometimes, we don’t know what our friend want. The gift card is the best option; they can use it to buy the things they like, and it sounds more polite than cash.
Also, Gift card always has a discount. For example, this week in Woolworth special. If you buy Myer, City Beach and Kathmandu gift card, $50 gift card has 1000 Woolworth point which can be exchanged $5 Woolworth dollars(you can use as a cash in Woolworth). $100 gift card has 1000 Woolworth point which can be exchanged $10 Woolworth dollars. That is 10% off. It sounds a good deal.
Please be aware this special will be ended on Tomorrow.

Golden Lane@Sunnybank
A few months ago, Mint buffet garden in Sunnybank Plaza had been closed down. There was a notice about the closure for renovations. I think that was about the changes of ownership. The restaurant would be a kind of buffet garden. But early in this week, I went to Sunnybank for dinner. I saw Mint buffet garden became Golden Lane which is a new Chinese restaurant. I have heard a rumor about a new restaurant will open in Sunnybank. I read their website. This restaurant will have Yum Cha and Cantonese Style Cuisine for lunch and dinner. This sounds attractive for me. I will find a chance to try this restaurant.


Shop 109 Sunnybank Plaza,
Corner Mains Rd & McCullough St.,
QLD 4109

Tel:07-3344 1361

Open Hours:

Open 7 days from 10:30am to 2:00am

Click Frenzy - Online Stores Sales

Source:Open Clip ArtUsing Under Public Domain Attribution

From now to tomorrow 7pm AEDT, there is an online sales event happening in Australia. It calls Click Frenzy. Some major online stores will have a fast sale on their selected products during the time, such as Kogan and mwave, to promote online shopping. That sounds similar to Cyber Monday in the US. I check the event websites the discounted goods from Computers and Phone to Men and Women wears. The ranges of goods is quite wide. For the further details, please check their website.


Last night, I saw a super moon when I back home. The moon was brighter and bigger than usual. Moreover, another Super Moon will happen in 70 years later. That is a rare chance! So, I made the decision, we went out for dinner and watched the super moon, well, that was a good excuse to dinner out.

Super Moon@Mount Gravatt Lookout
We arrived Mount Gravatt Lookout at 9 pm; it was Moon rise and moon set which should be the popular time for moon watching. There was a lot of people. I was surprised so many as keen as us to watch the super moon. Near the peak, there was a traffic jam. I already felt that was a good sign. We might not be able to get a parking spot. When we arrived the peak, the car park was full. Even some cars parked at the grassland and roadside too. In the end, we only stopped a car for a few seconds and my wife took a photo of the moon.


That is a chance today. We can go to Mt Coot-tha Lookout or Mt Gravatt Lookout for watching the super moon if you won’t scare off the crowds. But Bureau of Meteorology said tonight, they will be a bit cloudy.


I felt Brisbane is getting similar with other big cities. For example, every major shopping center has to have some unique features for Chrismas as the attractions for customers.
Last Saturday, I went to Garden City for Yum Cha with friends. I saw there are some Christmas Trees and decorations in the mall. Now is still mid-November, but the mall already looks very Christmas. In the afternoon, we even saw there was a Parade. In the parade, there were a lot of Chrismas characters, such as Elf, Toy Soldiers, Christmas girls and Angels. The parade was very attractive. A lot of people stopped to watch the parade and took a photo too. That was interesting.

Sunnybank $2 Food Trail Summer 2016

I think Sunnybank $2 Food Trail is an effect marketing campaign. In my memory, Sunnybank Plaza holds that event twice per year.
This Saturday (12nd November,2016), Sunnybank Plaza and Sunny Park will hold an event again. On that day, from 2 pm to 8 pm, the participated restaurants in those two shopping centers will offer $2 tasting plates. Besides, the ranges of the dish on the offers have wide range of choices, such as Chinese, Japanese, Hong Kong Style, Vietnamese, Korean and Taiwanese styles. Also, because we are in the Summer, this times, some restaurants will offer chilled desserts and they mentioned some other new mini tasting dish. According to their website, this event is only about food; there will be some live entertainments too, such as live performance from
local musicians ,stilt walking geisha girls and crowds. Also all kids will be received the free balloon.
For the further details, please visit their website.


Venue:Sunnybank Plaza and Sunny Park

Butterfly Storm


During these few weeks, when I drive in Brisbane, I saw a lot of white dust floating. At first sight, I thought I was worrying my glass is not right and I need to get a new one. But after I looked them in details, they were a group of white butterflies. Yesterday, this problem got more series. I saw them everywhere. Moreover, there is a wind blowing, a huge group of white butterflies came out from a tree. It did not look normal at all.
Fortunately, I read the news from Yahoo. It calls Caper White. This species of butterfly migrates from Western Queensland to our East Coast every year. This kind of situation is entirely normal. That was a bit larger number this year. I think that is fine too and I saw the number of butterflies is reduced.