Today, I drove along Mains Road; I saw some Jacaranda trees are blooming. The whole tree turned Purple. That is charming. That reminds me now is the Jacaranda Blooming season. Late October to November, in Queensland and Northern NSW have a lot of blooming Jacaranda. There are a lot of good spots to watch Purple Jacaranda. The first spot is the place near UQ Lakes. Last year, I visited there and took some photo of Jacaranda. The second spot is in Botanic Garden. There are a few.
The other good spot is Grafton, where is a Northern NSW regional town. Also, there are a few streets where have planted Jacaranda Trees. There are some purple trees and I heard in the town, there are several big Jacaranda Trees. Besides, from Now to 7 Nov, Jacaranda Festival is held in Grafton. The town has a lot of activities related with Jacaranda. In additional, Grafton is a historical town. Someone recommended there is an old church is worth to live. However, please be aware Grafton is about 5 hours driving distance from Brisbane. For us, those people live in Brisbane; that doesn’t sound like a spot as a day trip, and Currently, that is Jacaranda Festival period. That is not easy to find an accommodation. The second best option is Coffs Harbour where is about an hour driving distance. There are a few more choices of motel too.
The blooming season won’t last long!


Last Sunday, I went to Masters in Parkinson. I went there about a month ago, there were not many good deals around. This times, I saw some good stuff, gardening stuff, such as Soils and Mulches. I bought a pack of sugar cane Mulch; that is only around $7  which is around half prices. Also, I saw a lot of stuff got 30-40% off. I think that is worth to have a browse.





Fishermen Basket @IKEA

If you are a fan of IKEA and live in Queensland, I will you must be a bit upset. Currently, we only got an IKEA store in Logan. For us, we live in Brisbane Southside, that store is very accessible. However, if you are in Brisbane Northside, that is very not good for you. Fortunately, IKEA is planned to open a new store in North Lakes which is in Brisbane Northside, just next to Bruce Highway. That is still accessible if you live in Sunshine Coast. That is bad. There is another good. I checked their website; this store will officially open on 17 November 2016. That is not long away. If you live in Brisbane Northside, I think that will be worth to visit.


Exit 133, Bruce Highway
North Lakes
QLD 4509


Opening Hours:

Mon – Wed: 9am – 6pm
Thurs: 9am – 9pm
Fri: 9am – 6pm
Sat & Sun: 9am – 5pm

Recently, I ate dessert in 8 Street in Garden City. That is somethings new for me; that is Chinese Egg Pancake. That sounds food from Northern China; even I had not seen that kind of Chinese Egg Pancake when I was in Hong Kong. So, I was keen to try that.
A few weeks, I bought one from there. That was the Traditional Chinese Style which is the cheapest one, $5.90. There are some choices too, such as Rolling Char Siu and Salmon Lover. However, that is more expensive. The one I ordered had sesame seed, shallot, traditional sauce, crisp, and Chinese ham sausage. That was quite of contents. I love the sauce inside. I found this kind of Chinese Egg Pancake is very similar to a crepe.

Chinese Egg Pancake
Moreover, if you want to buy one, please spare a few minutes for them to make a pancake. It took me five minutes for waiting last times. That was ok because that is a kind of fun to watch them cook a pancake. There is a big flat pan. And then the chief added the mixture of egg in the pan and sliced it carefully to make the mixture being a thin layer. Then the chief put the ingredients on the top of that. I found that looks like doing an act performance.
If you have not had this kind of Pancake before, I think that is fun to have it and watch the process of making a pancake!

Chinese Egg Pancake - Rolling Man

8 Street,
Lower Ground Level,
Westfield Garden City
Logan Rd & Kessels Rd,
Upper Mount Gravatt QLD 4122