8 Street @Garden City

On this Saturday and Sunday, 8 Street, a Chinese food court in Garden City, will celebrate their 2nd year birthday. During these two days, they will have $8 2nd year birthday combo deals, such as BBQ Pork Rice + a bottle of Beer or Soft Drink, or Pho Noodle + a bottle of Beer or Soft Drink. The choice of meal deals is quite a lot. That is attractive.

Besides, there will be Loin Dance and Chinese Kung Fu Performance at noon to 12.30pm on both days. The performance will be held at the entrance of 8 Street near JB-Hifi


Opening Hours:

Mon -Wed: 10am – 8pm
Thu-Sat: 10am – 9pm
Sun: 10am – 6pm
8 Street,
Ground Level,
Westfield Garden City
Logan Rd & Kessels Rd,
Upper Mount Gravatt QLD 4122

Brisbane Festival 2016

Last week, I went to Southbank and visited the ARCADIA in Culture Forecourt. I was in there at afternoon, so there were not many people and a bit quiet. I think that will be better in the evening; the food stalls will open, and some live music performances will be on the stage.

However, I found ARCADIA sounds smaller than previous years. The only attractive feature for me is a 3D wall and floor illusion. That is fascinating. I saw the tree in the picture is really 3D.

 a magical 3D wall and floor illusion.
Regardless, on this Saturday, there will be the closure of Brisbane Festival 2016. There will be som exciting events. For example between 3 pm and 6 pm, Aviation displays will be in Southbank. Moreover, Sunsuper Fireworks will be 7 pm in Southbank too! I think you should not miss that

Zara opened in Garden City

Zara@Garden City

This Thursday, I went to Garden City for weekly night shopping. I saw the new Zara store opened in Garden City. The two-story of the shop used a white color as the main theme. It looks fresh and new. It got Men, Women and Kids sections. If you like the Zara style, I believe you need to spend a lot of time to shop! The atmosphere is very comfortable.
For men, there is a section for the business suit. The selection is quite good. Well, I do not need to wear a suit for work, so that is not very useful for me, although those outfits look good.

Toowoomba Carnival Of Flowers

Spring has arrived, the weather began to get wammer, that is flowers blooming season.

In fact, this week has a flower related event in Toowoomba where is 130 KM from Brisbane; that is one and a half driving. From today (16/9) to September 24, Toowoomba holds its annual event, Toowoomba Carnival Of Flowers

The Chronicle Garden Competition

The Chronicle Garden Competition

Same as previous years, you can visit the winners home garden The Chronicle Garden Competition. Their award-winning gardens are charming. Those homeowners have spent a lot of effort to design and work on their garden. Moreover, some of the gardens are not small; they can compare with those public botanic gardens. For the full address of those award winning gardens, please go to Toowoomba Visitor Information Centre. If you are willing to spend some fees, you can join bus tours to visit those gardens. Again, the further information about the bus tours can be found in Toowoomba Visitor Information Centre

Queens Park

Queens Park
Of course, going to Toowoomba Carnival Of Flowers, we must visit the main venue of this event, Queens Park. There are a lot of beautiful flowers, and there are some rides and live performances. However, the parking spot close by are limited. You need to prepare more time for paring.

USQ Japanese garden

USQ Japanese garden

Another good place is USQ flowers Japanese garden. Likewise, there are many beautiful flowers in full bloom,but in a Japan Style.Just looking at the photo, I thought I had gone to Japan.

Grand Central Floral Parade Float Parade

Grand Central Floral Parade Float Parade

Another flagship event is held in at 3:00pm on 17 September  Grand Central Floral Parade parade. By then, there will be hundreds of flowery floats winding around Queens Park. Scenes are great.

Toowoomba Picnic Point

Toowoomba Picnic Point

If you go to Toowoomba, you should visit Picnic Point. Although there are not too many blooming flowers, there are some beautiful scenes to see. There is a lookout with panorama view of Toowoomba

Although we had some heavy rains yesterday, today the weather has been nice. So Toowoomba Carnival Of Flowers is a good family activity for this weekend.

Zara@Garden City

This Thursday(15/9), Zara will have a grand opening for the newest store in the new extension of Garden City. If you like Zara’s fashions, you will be exciting, I saw those two-stories Zara’s store having construction for a few months.
However, Zara is not my cup of tea. I prefer the fashion style to be more causal.



Level 2,
Westfield Garden City
Logan Rd  and Kessels Rd,
Upper Mount Gravatt
QLD 4122


Now is September,which is a good season to see lavender flowers. Of course, Going to Tasmania would be the best idea. Unfortunately, we do not have time to fly to Tasmania, but fortunately, there are some options where are close to Brisbane to see the lavenders flowers.

One of the options is Kooroomba Vineyards and Lavender Farm. I and my wife went to there a few weeks ago. This farm is only about a half hour’s drive from Brisbane. The most of the roads we traveled are paved and straight. The driving to there was without difficulty.

In fact, there is a winery, but there is also a lavender garden. Although there is not as large as lavender gardens in Tasmania , where you can see a purple sea of lavender flowers , but there are several rows of blooming lavender flowers.


Although there were not that many flowers, that is a good spot for photo shooting. In addition, the lavender garden is in front of their restaurant, so if you are keen, you can have a lunch in this restaurant. We can enjoy your food and watch the lavender flowers at the same time.However, a lunch in there is about fifty to sixty dollars, that is too expensive for us. We prefer a way doesn’t cost that much money. There are a few tables outdoors, not in the restaurant. so We bought two cups of coffee, sitting in there and enjoy the scene of purple flowers, this was only around $8.


Also, I have already mentioned before, there is a winery. Of course, you can taste some of their wines. Although there is no fee for wine tasting if you are not deliberately to buy, that is best not to try it! Furthermore, there is also a small gift shop selling lavender products, if you have time, you can have a quick look.

It was a good place to spend a weekend afternoon and do not cost too much money.

168 F.M. Bells Road
Mt Alford
Queensland 4310.

Phone: 0754630022

Opening Hours

Wednesday to Sunday from 10 am to the end of lunchtime (about 4pm)
Saturday: 10 am to 8 pm