Brisbane Festival 2016

Last week, I went to Southbank and visited the ARCADIA in Culture Forecourt. I was in there at afternoon, so there were not many people and a bit quiet. I think that will be better in the evening; the food stalls will open, and some live music performances will be on the stage.

However, I found ARCADIA sounds smaller than previous years. The only attractive feature for me is a 3D wall and floor illusion. That is fascinating. I saw the tree in the picture is really 3D.

 a magical 3D wall and floor illusion.
Regardless, on this Saturday, there will be the closure of Brisbane Festival 2016. There will be som exciting events. For example between 3 pm and 6 pm, Aviation displays will be in Southbank. Moreover, Sunsuper Fireworks will be 7 pm in Southbank too! I think you should not miss that