Today, I drove along Mains Road; I saw some Jacaranda trees are blooming. The whole tree turned Purple. That is charming. That reminds me now is the Jacaranda Blooming season. Late October to November, in Queensland and Northern NSW have a lot of blooming Jacaranda. There are a lot of good spots to watch Purple Jacaranda. The first spot is the place near UQ Lakes. Last year, I visited there and took some photo of Jacaranda. The second spot is in Botanic Garden. There are a few.
The other good spot is Grafton, where is a Northern NSW regional town. Also, there are a few streets where have planted Jacaranda Trees. There are some purple trees and I heard in the town, there are several big Jacaranda Trees. Besides, from Now to 7 Nov, Jacaranda Festival is held in Grafton. The town has a lot of activities related with Jacaranda. In additional, Grafton is a historical town. Someone recommended there is an old church is worth to live. However, please be aware Grafton is about 5 hours driving distance from Brisbane. For us, those people live in Brisbane; that doesn’t sound like a spot as a day trip, and Currently, that is Jacaranda Festival period. That is not easy to find an accommodation. The second best option is Coffs Harbour where is about an hour driving distance. There are a few more choices of motel too.
The blooming season won’t last long!

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