Sunnybank $2 Food Trail Summer 2016

I think Sunnybank $2 Food Trail is an effect marketing campaign. In my memory, Sunnybank Plaza holds that event twice per year.
This Saturday (12nd November,2016), Sunnybank Plaza and Sunny Park will hold an event again. On that day, from 2 pm to 8 pm, the participated restaurants in those two shopping centers will offer $2 tasting plates. Besides, the ranges of the dish on the offers have wide range of choices, such as Chinese, Japanese, Hong Kong Style, Vietnamese, Korean and Taiwanese styles. Also, because we are in the Summer, this times, some restaurants will offer chilled desserts and they mentioned some other new mini tasting dish. According to their website, this event is only about food; there will be some live entertainments too, such as live performance from
local musicians ,stilt walking geisha girls and crowds. Also all kids will be received the free balloon.
For the further details, please visit their website.


Venue:Sunnybank Plaza and Sunny Park