Free Bus Tonight

Brisbane NYE 2014If you are going to watch the firework at midnight, that is a good news. According to Translink, all buses, trains and ferries are free from 9pm to tomorrow 5.30am. So, we can go to watch fireworks for free!



Brisbane NYE 2014Tomorrow, that is New Year Eve. That will be the time to watch Firework again! Tomorrow Night 8.30pm and Mid-night at 2014, there will be fireworks in the sky above Brisbane River. Of course, I will go to southbank for this firework display which has been called largest-ever in Brisbane.

If you do not want to go out, you can watch the live stream from youtube for Sydney Firework . The live stream will be started from tomorrow 8.30pm Sydney Time.

(P.S. Special Thanks to a friend to provide the information of live stream for Sydney Firework).


Westfield ChermsideToday is Boxing Day.  A lot of shops are running a crazy discount, including major stores, such as Myer, BigW and Target.  This sales is the largest discount during the year! Actually, that is a shopping day. I believe most of people in Brisbane went for shopping today.

I went to Westfield Chermside for the boxing day shopping today. That is the largest Brisbane shopping mall, where has Kmart, BigW, Target, Myer and David Jones. I should be get everything in one spot!

However, that was a painful day.  I arrived in there around 11am. I had spent half hour for parking and the whole mall were full of people, I saw even some shops required the people to line up for entry! That was crazy!

Fortunately, I got a 1000 threads fitting sheet in half price at Target. Finally, my hard work got a return! The boxing day sales always has some good stuff.



Christmas day in Brisbane

Christmas Lunch at Church

I guess everyone in Hong Kong is very busy with shopping now, because a lot of shops are on sales.
In Brisbane, no one goes to shopping too. Most of shops are closed. Even Mcdonald’s is not opening too. Most of people I know planned to spend their Christmas with family and friends. They will setup a barbecue at backyard, invite the people to their home.
For us, we went to the Christmas service in my church. After that, we had a lunch together with brothers and sisters .

Christmas Shopping


This afternoon, I went a shopping center near my home. I found the car park was almost full. Inside the shopping center, there were many people too. Moreover, I found a lot of people were in BigW and Woolworth. I guess they were busy with buying Christmas presents or buying food for their big Christmas feast! That sounds everyone is keen to go out for shopping today. No doubts, the major shopping centers in Brisbane will extend their trading hours to mid-night for Christmas Shopping!


Yesterday, I went to DFO for my Pre-Christmas Shopping.  That was wonderful!  A lot of shops are running 50% discount.  I bought a pair of shoes from Puma. That was only $40! It is very very value for money! I had a very enjoyable shopping afternoon in there!


Address:1 Airport Drive, Brisbane Airport



There is another must-do Christmas event, that is visiting the winners’ house of 4KQ Christmas Lights Competition . Each winner put a lot of beautiful Christmas light decorations on their house, aiming to win this competition. I visit those winners’ house every year.

This year, I went to South Residential Winner at Edens Landing. The house is very very impressive, the whole house is surrounded by a tons of light decorations.  It lighted up the whole area!

Moreover, I love there are star-shaped  light decorations at the roof. They keeps to flashing. That looks firework on the sky!

xmas2013Besides of light decorations, they placed the Christmas Figures at their Garden, such as three wisdom kings and Mary.

P1100694Also, the house owner put a Santa’s sleigh in their garden. You can sit in there and take photo with friends. That is very very cool!

P1100692The owner house is so generous.  They opened a part of their house and put Christmas  decorations in there. For example their living room.

P1100690Wow,that is a “Christmas Home”!

P1100687And they placed a little toy train set in one of their room, I suggest that must be polar express!

This house is very very cool! Please don’t miss this event!

Address:11 Lucy Drive, Edens Landing







City Hall got new colors

Gold Lotto City Hall Light Spectacular


Last Friday, when I was in King George square, I found the city hall turned into new colors. Well, actually, that is a part of Gold Lotto City Hall Light Spectacular. The organizer used a 3d projector to project 3d images on City Hall and those images changes every 15 minutes. Suddenly, the City Hall turned into a magic castle. That is fantastic. Please don’t miss that!

Date: today to 24/12/2013

Time: 7:30pm to midnight.

Multi-languages bus information


I believe Brisbane is a multicultural city. Yesterday, when I was in a bus stop, I found the bus information is in multi-languages, including Chinese, Korean and Arabic! I felt even English is not my first language, I am still a part of community.