Happy Chinese New Year

Happy Chinese New Year

Source:Open Clip Art Using Under Public Domain Attribution

 Tomorrow is the Chinese new year.  First of All, Happy Chinese New Year. Tomorrow, there will be a number of celebrations around China Town and Sunnybank. I highly recommend the Lions Dancing in Sunnybank  Plaze at 10.30am. If you won’t be around, even Westfield Carindale will have lions dancing tomorrow!

Daisy Hill Koala CentreToday is the Australia Day, which is the national day of Australia. Thus,  I planned to do something related with this theme.  Finally, I chose to visit Koala Center, we can see Koala, which is a unique animal in Australia!

At the end, I went to Daisy Hill Koala Centre. There are three koalas,Celeste,Faith and Elsa. I can see them from the two different level viewing boardwalks along koala enclosure. I think that was the sleeping time for them. All of them was sleeping at the tree, that is too bad.  Besides of the real kolas, in the center, there are a number of informative displays about the koala’s life cycle and unique biology. That was a lesson about Koala.

That was a enjoy time. The center is very easy to access,  just about 5 minutes from Exit 24 of Pacific Highway.  That is the most important feature is  no admission fee . The  most of koala sanctuaries require an admission fee! Well, this one is an education center, there are only three koala and they do not allow visitors to to handle or pat the koalas. That is different from those koala sanctuaries. Anyway, we just want to visit Koalas and learn somethings about them, that is a right place to go!

Daisy Hill Koala Centre

Address:Daisy Hill Conservation Park,
Daisy Hill
QLD 4127

Opening Hours: from 10am to 4pm  daily (except Christmas Day, New Year’s Day and Good Friday).


Chinese New YearChinese New year is coming.  Chinese New Year ‘s day is on 01/02/2014. That is around two weeks, but I still cannot feel that will arrive soon. I think that is because not many Chinese live in Brisbane. However, during these recent years, a lot of Chinese migrated to Brisbane. There are something changes. For example, I found Coles, a main stream supermarket, has some Chinese New Year’s foods! Well, you can get them in Chinese Town for a lower price, a big of Chinese New Year Candy costs $.3.65. This is a bit expensive.  The main stream supermarket is selling Chinese New Year’s foods, that sounds Chinese New Year is getting popular!

Finally, I completed the editing of those video I got in New Year Firework at southbabnk. My camera is not very good, but the video was taken by this camera, they are still alright.

After a big storm

After a big stormYesterday, a storm hit Brisbane. The strong winds and raining lasted about two hours. Moreover, we were living without power for 5 hours. Luckily, we were in my home. I believe if I were outside, that could be ten times more worse! That is because I went out for jogging in the park nearby this afternoon. I found almost all of trees fallen down,  the pathway is full of broken tree branches. The park looks like a “disaster” zone! That was crazy!



Major Power Outage in Brisbane -Hakataya RamenAround 4pm this afternoon, the sky went dark. Then a number of lightning strikes were coming, they were very closed to my house. Then the lights in my house were flashing. At the end, the power and internet were gone.  We were not alone, some friends who live in nearby suburbs told me the similar stories. They lost the power supply too.  Then I checked the Energex twitter page, there were 70,000 households  were without power!

Until 7pm, we were still without power. Last year, a storm came and a lot of power lines  fall.  A lot of houses lost the power supply. In my case, I was without power around 2 days. I had to thrown away all of the food in my fridge. I believe this times will be in a similar situation. I prepared the worst case. I moved all food in my fridge to my friends’ house which are still having power.  Moreover, because the oven and cooktop in my house are electrical, I cannot cook our dinner. That was 7pm, I gave up to wait the power come back. We went to Hakataya Ramen in Sunnybank for dinner.

Again, we were not alone. That was 8 pm in a week day. Kmart, Supermarket and restaurants have more people than usual. I believe a lot of people cannot cook their dinner and stand for the heart in their house.

After 9.30pm, we finished our dinner and window shopping in Kmart. We arrived home. Luckily, the power came back! However, according Energex, there are still 34801 homes are without power. If you are one of them, you can go to their website for further information.

That was a crazy thunderstorm, which brought us a lot troubles!


The hottest day on January in Brisbane everToday is a record breaking day. That is the hottest day on January in Brisbane ever! The maximum temperature is around 40 degree in Afternoon. So, I stayed at home most of time and sat under air-condition. This was the only way to take cold. Even I walked a bit far away from air-condition, I started to feel hot! Fortunately, after the sunset, the temperature is dropping to the “normal” standard!


Temporary Closure of Story Bridge


Story Bridge, one of Iconic symbols in Brisbane, will be closed for resurfacing from midnight of today(3/1/2014) to 5am 6/1/2014. I guess the traffic near by the closure will be affected, I suggest to use alternative routes. According to Queensland Police website, Clem7 and Go Between Bridge will be free during the period of this closure. We can consider to use them rather than the Story Bridge.


Queensland Police


Brisbane 2014 New Year FireworkLast night, we went to southbank for watching firework. That was a great show!

At 11:59:50, the music  from the speakers was started.  We started the countdown too. At the midnight, the fireworks began! The firework was great, that was the best I ever seen in Brisbane. A ton of fireworks fired to the sky above Brisbane River, the whole sky was full of various patterns of fireworks. I have not seen large scale firework show in Brisbane before. That was very cool.

Moreover, there were some fireworks from the roof of high rise in CBD.


Some fireworks have sound too. When they fired, the fireworks created “Sa Sa” sounds, that is quite interesting.

I have seen a number times of firework display in Brisbane, the best one. Even transport arrangement is the best,  after 9pm, all public transport came free of charge. Thus, we took a free bus to southbank and back by a free bus too!

More photos of this firework display in my photo gallery.