Moon festival

Moon festival Dinner

Today is Chinese Moon Festival, so we had some celebrations.  I went to dinner at a church brother’s home with other Brothers and Sisters from our fellowship. There is a big dinner, and  some chit chat time after dinner with non-stop laughing.  I was worrying the next door will complain us…… Anyway, that is very fun.

Lastly, we followed our Chinese Custom to celebrate Moon Festival. They had some moon cakes. Well, I don’t like moon cake so much, but today is Moon Festival. I should have some…..

Moon Cake

As the conclusion, that is my way to celebrate Moon Festival.

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  1. Carrie Cheung says:

    Happy Mid Autumn Festival!

    I didn’t like moon cake so much too, but in this chinese festival, have some is a right way to celebrate! 🙂

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