A lot of my friends said taking a bus from home to city is very expensive, even a colleague told me the fares of public transports in Brisbane is the 3rd highest in the world. I believe that is truth, I live in Zone 5. I need to spend $5.96 for the bus fare from my home to Brisbane city. That is a lot. Fortunately, Queenlsand government will restructure their Translink fares. New structure will be activated on January 2017. I think most of people will pay less included myself. According to the Translink website, there are the few key points as followings:

  1. Currently, Translink included 23 Zones. In the new structure,  there will be 8 zones only. Therefore, each fare zone will be larger. Currently, I live in Zone 5. In the new structure, I will be in Zone 2.
  2. The fare of single zone will be reduced to $3.20 from $3.35. After the zones will be restructured, the most of people need to travel one zone to city. Therefore, that is only $3.20. I live in Zone 5, after the restructure, I need to pay $3.90 for the trip from home to city, instead of $5.96.
  3. The morning off-peak discount period is still keeping same from 8:30am to 3:30pm, but the evening off-peak discount period will extend from the existing period( 7pm to 3am) to the new period (7pm to 6am).
  4. All children from 4 to 14 year old will have free ride
  5. The fare will be reduced a lot, I think that sounds ok to change some existing free bonus. Now, if you are using go card, after 9 rides in a week, then you can travel free of charge in the translink network within the same week. That will be replaced. In the new structure, if you are using go card, after 8 rides in a week, you will be 50% off all rides within the same week.

I love these changes which saved a lot of travel expense for our family!


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