Rochedale Markets

Sometimes, I and my wife go to some farmer markets for shopping fresh food. The food in those sorts of markets are fresher and cheaper than super market in the most of cases. Today, we went to Rochedale Markets. I found that market is very good.  I can find some good value of vegetables, such as Asian Vegetables and Mandarin. This pack of vegetables  is only 48 cents. That is very good, I cannot find such good value vegetable in other markets.

Asian Vegetables

I love this Rochedale Markets! And it opens 7 days per week too!


814 Rochdale Road,
QLD 4123

Hanaromart Supermarket

During these few days, Calamvale central is getting a bit quieter than before. The asian supermarket is closed a few months ago. Also, last month, Dick Smith in there closed.  Fortunately, when I did my grocery shopping last week. I found there will be a new asian grocery store, Hanaormart. I like Hanaromart in Sunnybank. That store got a lot of asian goods. Almost, I can find most of groceries I want in that store. And I found that store is quite neatly too. It will open at the same block which is the chinese grocery store. I wish it can attract more people to be there.

Calamvale central
662 Compton Rd,
Calamvale QLD 4116