I want to drive!

I want to drive!

I am traveling in Hong Kong now. We got a better public transport system. That is better to take the underground train (MTR)rather than driving. That is great. I was tried to drive when I was in Brisbane. Now, I can sleep while travelling MTR. But I need to do some “trade-off”. I need to walk more, I cannot be enjoy “door to door”! In addition, while they do shopping, we have not a car to drop our bags. So, I need to carry a backpack when I go shopping.  That is a bit annoying, I want to drive a car……

BBQ Pork Soup Noodle@Half Time Tea Bar

Is it a bowl of Japanese Noodle? No, No, No.  That is a Taiwan style Soup Noodle, but that is very similar with Japanese one.   BBQ Pork is 80% similar with Japanese one, the soup and noodle are 100% Taiwan style.

Anyway, that is very very tasty. I love it.  The soup does not taste very “heavy”, not salty.  The noodle is very elastic too! I love it, I love it, I love it!

Shop 17,
Market Sqaure
Cnr Mains Rd & McCullough St
QLD 4109
Telephone:07 3219 6601

Hong Kong Central Library

Australia is far away from Hong Kong. Most of Hong Kong People are not very interested on Australia. But I found there are a some books from Australia in the Hong Kong Central Library.I found our Australia Computer Society Journal and APC. Moreover, I found a fair number of papers from Australia Scholar in Information System Journals. Well, I think we has an important  role in Computer Science Area.

Chinese Food In Brisbane

Curry Chicken With Rice in Hong Kong

In Brisbane, there are many good Chinese restaurants. But I still think the best is still in Hong Kong. For example, I had Curry Chicken with Rice in Hong Kong last night. I found that was so tasty, I cannot find somethings can compare with this in Brisbane.

Well, maybe, that is because I am seeking Hong Kong Style dishes. In Brisbane, there are Chinese from various, such as mainland China, Singapore  and Malaysia. So, “Chinese” does not mean “Hong Kong”.  “Chinese” Food is not 100% suit for myself. I need Hong Kong Food!

Cedar Creek Fall Walking TrackMount Tamborine has a number of bush walking tracks. I believe Cedar Creek Fall Track is the easiest one. All path are paved concrete. That is very very easy to access.  That is not oblique at all. Included returned time, the whole track can be completed within an hour. That is very suitable for your whole family.

Moreover, at the end of this track, there is a small fall and a water pool. That looks cool! The scenery can make you enjoyable for a while.

If you bring your family to visit Mount Tamborine, you can drive to Cedar Creek Fall and have a enjoyable walk in there.