Moon festival

Moon festival Dinner

Today is Chinese Moon Festival, so we had some celebrations.  I went to dinner at a church brother’s home with other Brothers and Sisters from our fellowship. There is a big dinner, and  some chit chat time after dinner with non-stop laughing.  I was worrying the next door will complain us…… Anyway, that is very fun.

Lastly, we followed our Chinese Custom to celebrate Moon Festival. They had some moon cakes. Well, I don’t like moon cake so much, but today is Moon Festival. I should have some…..

Moon Cake

As the conclusion, that is my way to celebrate Moon Festival.


We were quite dry in Brisbane, nother much rain last month. Yesterday , i went to church camp in mount tamborine and the whole night was raining. That is the most wet day during this month.
That is a great. The rain stopped.This morning, that get cooler and the air is fresher. I feel we get back to the early winter.

Brisbane Airport International Lantern Garden @ Brisbane Festival

Brisbane Festival is just about City of Lights. There are other great events, such as Brisbane Airport International Lantern Garden  in Southbank Culture Forecourt. They have around hundreds of Chinese Laterns! That looks like a thousand of stars in sky. Very cool!

By the way, Brisbane Festival is going to end soon. Tonight will have last three shows of City of Lights. Moreover, tomorrow 7pm, at Brisbane River, there will be firework with F18. That will be very very cool! According to my memory, this year will be the first year featuring F18. Please not miss out!

Brisbane  Moon Lantern Festival

Source:Open Clip ArtUsing Under Public Domain Attribution

Tomorrow is Moon Festival. That is not boring this year. In Sunnybank, there will be Brisbane Moon Lantern Festival. I believe that will be a lot of chinese performance and food. It should be fun!


Saturday 29th September, 2012
2pm to 5pm

Sunnybank Plaza Shopping Centre,
Huelin Street Precinct
Corner Mains Road and McCullough Street –
Huelin Street Entrance

Mr Curry @ Postoffice Square

Mr Curry @ Postoffice Square

I like to have a Chicken Curry in Hanaich, I love it. But during these years, they increased their price a bit, quite expensive.

There is a new option.  A new curry shop has opened in Postoffice square food court.  I tried that last week. I had a curry chicken with rice which is very nice and its price is only $5.70! I can save some money for lunch!

Shop 10,280 Queen Street
Brisbane QLD 4000

Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers

Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers 2012 started yesterday. As usual, there is a lot of flowers in Queens Park. Moreover, those family won The Chronicle Garden Competition. They opens their winning home gardens to the public.

But too bad, I don’t think I will have time to go! even though I had time, I missed their grand central floral parade which is held this afternoon. There were a lot of floral floats and street performers.

Date :

Taiwan Festival


There is a big event in our Chinese community.  That is Taiwan Festival which held on Today and Tomorrow in Upper Mt Gravatt Showgrounds. I went to there this afternoon, that is great. A lot of people went there too.

Taiwan Festival - That is busy!

When I entered the showgrounds, the scale of this event is quite big. I saw a lot of rides in there too! I think the kids would love them!

Taiwan Festival - Rides

Moreover, there are a few counter to provide traditional Taiwanese Food, such as Cold Noodles and Tofu pudding.

Taiwan Festival - Food

I spent $2 to buy three fried cuttlefish balls, that was tasty!

TAIWAN FESTIVAL - fried cuttlefish balls

Besides of food, this festival is about Taiwan. Traditional Taiwanese Performance is “must have” such as Taiwanese Puppet shows. I saw a part of that too!


This event is great.  But if you plan to go there, please aware that is hard to find a park spot in the showgrounds.


1644 Logan Road, Mount Gravatt, Queensland, Australia 4122

Open Hours:

22/9 :9am-9pm

23/9 : 9am-3pm
Free entry

short cappuccino@starbucks

Inflation in Australia is very high.  Last year, there is still possible to find a under $10 lunch in City. Now, that is harder and harder, near impossible now. Moreover, bus fare is increased by 15% at the beginning of this year. I have to cut down my spending. But I need to have a cup of coffee every day! That is the way to keep myself awake during the day. I just get a smaller size now. I used to buy Tall size cappuccino in starbucks. Now, I changes to buy short size.

Brisbane Festival- Friday

Brisbane Festival- Friday

Last Friday, I went to watch City of Lights, because I want to enjoy the show this times. Last times, I  concentrated on taking photo.  I did not put my focus on the show.  But  this times, I put into the fancy world created by those laser beams, music and spotlights.

Besides enjoying the show, I found the culture forecourt was like a party, a lot of people was drinking in courier mail spiegeltent and santos lounge.


I backed to Brisbane about two weeks. I am thinking of wonton noodle soup in Hong Kong. Well, I can find this kind of food in Brisbane . They are tasty too. But they are a bit different from Hong Kong.  So I want to go back Hong Kong .