Watching RiverFire 2018

RiverFire 2018
Yesterday, we went to Brisbane City for watching RiverFire 2018 around 5:30pm. Firstly, I booked a parking spot at City. Unfortunately, even I booked the parking spot, after I entered the car park, there were all full. Finally, I found a parking spot at QUT, and it is not too costly. For the weekend parking is $10 per day. Next year, I have to plan better, and I need to make sure we really really can get a parking spot. Then We walked to bicentennial bikeway just next to the river. That is not closed to the river, and I saw there was already a crowd to wait for watching the RiverFire 2018.
At 7:04pm, EA-18 has a flyover the river, then the fireworks started. There was magnificent. There were a lot of fireworks, that is 15 minutes long non-stop fireworks. Moreover, some fireworks got the sound effect, has “weeee” “weee” sound! That was interesting. Also, this year, it has a new feature. I saw there were two jet ski driving across the river and it fired some fireworks too! The fireworks are not just on the sky, over the water too!
RiverFire 2018- Fireworks from Jet Ski
Lastly, the bicentennial bikeway is a vantage point to watch the fireworks. However, there is too close to the platform at the middle river where is all fireworks fired from. Thus, that is very very noisy. I highly recommend not staying in there if you have kids or even with a baby. That is too noisy for them.
In conclusion, the Fireworks is excellent, that is my fault. I did not arrange the parking well and end up we went to the place not suitable for us who was with a toddler. As a result, this times is not an enjoyable experience for us this year.
RiverFire 2018

Last night, I went to city for watching CelebrateBrisbane River of Light, which is a light show in Southbank. At 9.30pm, the show started. The water fountain spray water like dancing, then there are a number of the spotlights flashing at the same time too. According to their official website, there is some rainbow light too. Maybe, I watched that in the city, that is too far away, I did not any laser at all.
Please be aware there are two nights of the show left! Please do not miss that!


This Saturday, Brisbane Festival 2018 will be officially ended. That is the time for the most significant event of this festival, Brisbane Riverfire, as the course event. It will start this Saturday at 7:05 pm. At the time, there will be a ton of colorful fireworks at the River to light up Brisbane.
This event is not about Fire Works; There will be aerial displays from defense force at Southbank, not many other opportunities you can see the fighter jets from RAAF

According to the official website of Brisbane Festival, the timetable listed as the below:

2:45 pm – C 17A Globemaster flypast

4:10 pm – Roulettes Aerobatic Display

5:30 pm – EA-18G Growler flypast

7:04 pm – EA-18G Growler flypast

7:05 pm – Fireworks display commences

EA-18G is the latest RAAF fighter jet. Moreover, besides of US, Australia is the only one country equipped this kind of jet. So, watching those jets is a must-do activity for Brisbane Festival! Also, tomorrow will be pre-event practices of those jets too, please be aware that, if you are a fan of flighter jet.

I believe this event is worth to go! Thus Many people will go to Southbank for this. Then, the best way to there is using public transport. Translink will have extra services for this event! There will be special shuffle bus for this event. They will run every 8 minutes between 4 pm to 7 pm from:
shuttle 999S runs all busway stations from Eight Mile Plains to South Bank
Shuttle 4 runs between all stops via Old Cleveland Rd and busway, then express from Gabba to Ann Street
Shuttle 6 runs between all stops and busway stations from Chermside to Woolloongabba

In the past, we like la casamia a lot. I got a lot of friends like their cake. My friends told their chief was in a five-star hotel in Hong Kong, so their cakes are tasting similar to those ones from those high end hotels. Unfortunately, they closed a few years ago. But I found out they are re-opened again in our Brisbane Southside. They located near Runcorn Train Station, that is still very close to us, but for some reasons, they changed their brand to Brisbane Dessert and Cake.
Two weeks ago, we went to their shop for afternoon tea. Their store is not very big, but very comfortable. Also, their cakes were great. I had a slice of Cheese Cake and Chocolate Vanilla Brulee. First of all, they looked very great, like an art piece. That sounds high end. The most important, they tasted awesome. The cheesecake is very cheesy. And I loved the Chocolate Vanilla Brulee a lot! I like that kind of sweet!
Besides of cakes, I bumped into some sisters from our Church. They recommended their coffee too. However, I already had a cup of coffee beforehand, I have not a chance to try. I must try it next times.
That is a must go cake shop!

Opening Hours

Tue to Sunday
1pm to 10pm
Shop 3/957 Beenleigh Rd, Runcorn Brisbane, Queensland, Australia 4113
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Mid-Autumnm festival

MoonCake Bread Top
Today is Mid-autumnm festival which is a notable festival of Chinese culture. I know Melbourne and Sydney, there are some weekend markets and lions dances. In Brisbane, there was a weekend market for this in China Town, but that is a far away from us who live in Southside of Brisbane. For us, I bought some moon cakes which is the traditional food for this festival to share with Brothers and Sisters in our church last night. This is to follow to the tradition. In the tradition, we will have mooncake with our family and watching the full moon. In Brisbane, we chose to with the Brothers and Sisters in our church. They are our closest “family members” in Brisbane. Last night is great, the mooncakes are great, they made in Australia, but those tasted “Chinse”.
I bought those from BeardTop for $9.80. Besides the mooncakes, I had some lanterns too.
We had some great time for Mid-autumn festival. I wish every one to have an enjoyable time with your family or friends during Mid-autumnm festival.

P.S. If you like Mooncakes, after Mid-autumnm festival, most of the Chinese grocery stores will have a huge discount for the mid-autumn festival to clear their stocks!

There are a lot of activities in this area this month. In Brisbane, We have Brisbane Festival. Also in Toowoomba which is about one and half hour driving distance, there is also a significant event happening. This is The Carnival of Flowers, which held from 21st to 30th September.

The Chronicle Garden Competition

First of all, I need to recommend you visit the private gardens of the Chronicle Garden Competition and I think that is a must-do event. Many passionate locals turned their private gardens into stunning floral showpiece . to participate in this competition. Those gardens are gorgeous, and some yards are big, like a small botanic garden. For the detailed address of those gardens, you need to buy the 21st Septemeber of The Chronicle which is available in most of the local newsagent in Toowoomba. And if you would like to spend a bit, there are some bus tours ($35 Adult, $30 concession) to take you to those gardens, Toowoomba Visitor Information Center will have more information about this.

Queens Park


Besides, there is a giant carnival and flower show in queens park. It is the primary site of this activity. There will be a lot of beautiful flowers and some live music too.


USQ Japanese garden

Besides queens park and those private gardens, the USQ Japanese garden is also a must-do place. There are too many flowers in full bloom, stunning.That is an Authentic Japanese Graden. If you read those photo I took in there; you cannot imagine that in Toowoomba, not in Japan.

Grand Central Floral Parade Float Parade

If you have time, you can also participate in the Grand Central Floral Parade on 22nd September at 3 pm. By then, there are dozens of flowery floats will parade near Queens Park.

Toowoomba Picnic Point

Please do not miss the Picnic Point. There are not too many blooming flowers to enjoy, but there is beautiful scenery. Where you can take a panoramic view of Toowoomba.

I believe that this will be suitable for your whole family, that will be the best activity for you this weekend.

Baby and Toddler Town

After Baby bounce and toyrus closed down, that sounds fewer choices of baby goods for us. Fortunately, we found a baby goods retail store has moved from the Gold Coast to Brisbane. That is Bady and Toddler Town. A few weeks ago, I have visited there. The store is not very small. They got most of the major brands, such as Safety 1st, Infa Secure, and iCandy. For our product ranges, they covered the most baby products, such as cot, parms, and Bottles & Starter Sets. Lastly, I saw their price tag sounds similar to other stores. Previously, I bought two toddler chair form their online store. I will visit their underwood if they need to buy some things for my daughter.
80 Kingston Rd Underwood
QLD 4119

Underwood Bunnings is moved

Bunnings Underwood

Underwood originally had two Bunnings hardware stores. One was on the Compton road, the other was on the Kingston road. Last year, the one in Compton Road closed to rebuild. Until a few weeks ago, it has been reopened, I was thinking that there are two Bunnings again. But last Tuesday, I went to the one in Kingston Road for buying some tools. Unfortunately, this store has been permanently closed. Actually, two stores have merged into one. Finally, I went to the new store in Compton road, only a five-minute driving distance. Honestly, I thought that the two rooms were so close together. There are no reasons to have two Bunnings in the same suburb. Besides, the new store environment is better, there are a lot of covered parking spaces. Even on the raining days, I do not need to worry getting wet.

Bunnings Underwood - Undercover Car Park

The new store is also a lot bigger, and the shopping experience is more comfortable. It seems to be air-conditioned. In summer, it is more comfortable when you buy something. I like the new store!

Compton Road &, Ewing Rd,
QLD 4119

Brisbane Festival 2018

From tomorrow to 29th September, we have a major annual event held in Brisbane, Brisbane Festival. There are different activities in the Brisbane district, such as the various art performance held in QPAC and QUT Creative Industries Precinct. However, the main event is to focus on Southbank’s culture forecourt, which is called Treasury Brisbane Arcadia. There has been a small theater, Courier-Mail Spiegeltent, where there are some musical performances. Of course, besides live entertainment, there is a place for eating and drinking. I believe the same as previous years. There are several food stalls and an outdoor bar. In addition, this year there is a mirror house, House of Mirrors. They used 40 tons of steel and 15 tons mirrors to build a giant mirror room. the visitor can have a fancy journey inside, but an entrance fee is $10 .

Also this year, at the section of Brisbane River where is in front of the culture forecourt, there is a laser show called celebratebrisbane river of light, not just lasers. In the middle of the river, a small stage was set up, At the stage, dynamic jets and giant spirals of water will be featuring with the laser shows. I saw similar performances at the Brisbane Festival a few years ago, and it was wonderful! If there is a chance, I will go to City for watching this performance. In addition, there are three sessions per night at 6:30, 8:00 and 9:30, which are quite convenient.

Of course, I would like to participate in RiverFire fireworks show at Brisbane River on 29 th September we should not miss that!

The details of the different activities can be found on their website

Celebratebrisbane river of light

Date: September 8th to 29th

Time: 6:30, 8:00, 9:30

Location: culture forecourt

House of Mirrors

Date: September 8th to 29th

Time: 10 am to 10 pm

Location: culture forecourt

Fee: $10 (10am to 6pm) $15 (after 6pm to 10pm)