In the past, we like la casamia a lot. I got a lot of friends like their cake. My friends told their chief was in a five-star hotel in Hong Kong, so their cakes are tasting similar to those ones from those high end hotels. Unfortunately, they closed a few years ago. But I found out they are re-opened again in our Brisbane Southside. They located near Runcorn Train Station, that is still very close to us, but for some reasons, they changed their brand to Brisbane Dessert and Cake.
Two weeks ago, we went to their shop for afternoon tea. Their store is not very big, but very comfortable. Also, their cakes were great. I had a slice of Cheese Cake and Chocolate Vanilla Brulee. First of all, they looked very great, like an art piece. That sounds high end. The most important, they tasted awesome. The cheesecake is very cheesy. And I loved the Chocolate Vanilla Brulee a lot! I like that kind of sweet!
Besides of cakes, I bumped into some sisters from our Church. They recommended their coffee too. However, I already had a cup of coffee beforehand, I have not a chance to try. I must try it next times.
That is a must go cake shop!

Opening Hours

Tue to Sunday
1pm to 10pm
Shop 3/957 Beenleigh Rd, Runcorn Brisbane, Queensland, Australia 4113
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