Yesterday, I visited a special Mcdonald’s  Restaurant in Underwood. It looks different from the standard Mcdonald’s restaurant setting, no cashier counters, instead of a big touch screen computer to order. Moreover, it has a open kitchen which you can see the staff to make salads and burgers and  all tables and chairs are more cafe-style. It looks like a cafe or a “Burger” bar. I think  this kind of restaurants settings are design for the new product of McDondald, create your taste burgers which is your own build burgers.  The kind of higher end of interior design is for higher end customer.


Also, I love the sauces bar, which has chilli and tomato sauces. The most important feature is the free water! I can drink this rather than soft drink!


When your order is ready, a staff will deliver the food to your table, you don’t need to pick them up at the counter like other Mcdonalds.


This Mcdonald’s has those advanced features, but their menu is same as other Mcdonald’s and in the same prices!


12-18 Kingston Rd,
QLD 4119

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