Recently, I tried a new coffee,Cafe Madeleine, next to Hoyts Cinema  in Sunnybank Plaza. Their shop front looks beautiful, I think they hired someone to design that.

Besides of the shop front design, their food tastes good and great values. Last times, we ordered a seafood pan pasta which sounds like a Korean-Italian fusion dish.

Seafood Pan Pasta

I love the sauce, which is very creamy. Moreover, it had a lot of seafood, such as squid, shrimp, mussels and fish. Wow, I paid $8.80 and I cloud have that many types of seafood, that was great value for money.  Moreover, that $8.80 meal included a piece of garlic bread.

garlic bread.

If you go there after 2.30pm, you can try their omelet rice which is only $9.90. I tried their creamy chicken omelette rice.  I loved their omelette, which is fried very well. Inside the omelette, there were tasty chicken fried rice.  Of course, I loved their creamy sauce too.

creamy chicken omelet


In addition, this $9.90 deal included a cup of orange juice.

Orange Juice


I am happy about the meals I had in there and I had my lunch in there for a few times too.

Cafe Madeline

Address: Shop 113 Sunnybank Plaza

358 Mains Road


QLD 4109

Tel: 07-33445922

Brisbane Riverfire 2014


Last night,we went to the Southbank for Suncorp Riverfire fireworks. it is a major event in Brisbane every year. The entire fireworks show  was 30 minute length. Firstly,  two F / A18 fighter jets flew over Southbank to kick off this year Riverfire.  Then a barge on the river and  the rooftop of some buildings at CBD started to emit colorful fireworks. Those firework were in different shapes, some like a meteor, other like a big flower balls, even some were heart-shaped! And under the  Goodwill  bridge emitted some fireworks, like a golden watefall In addition, those fireworks were just beautiful colors, some were given a “Sa Sa” sound. That was very interesting.  The fireworks were very attractive, unfortunately that is same as  previous years, in addition to fireworks, there were  laser effects.

Before fireworks started, at the events, there were some air force aerial displays, included two army helicopters and two F / A18 fighters flow over southbank.


When two F / A18 fighters flow over, finally, I knew its engine sounded thunderous. Well, the jets flew very fast, I cannot see them very clear!



Armed helicopters circled in the river and southbank, and the soldiers on helicopters waved to the public from time to time! We are very pleased because we  can have close distance to see these helicopters!

Besides fighter jets performances at the sky, on the river, there is the police silver brand to performance at a police vessel.  That is great!


This year, Riverfire is fabulous!


Now is near the end of Brisbane Festival 2014. That is the time for the largest event of this festival,Brisbane Riverfire. It will start on Tomorrow 7pm.  Moreover, according to the official website of Brisbane Festival, there will be aerial displays from defence force at Sunnybank. The timetable is listed as the below:

3.30pm – F/A18 Super Hornet
4.30pm – Helicopters
5.15pm – Helicopters
5.37pm –  F/A18 Super Hornet
5.50pm – Helicopters
7.04pm – F/A18 Super Hornet

I believe this event will be great and a lot of people will go to southbank for this. Thus, the best way to there is using public transport.  Translink will have extra services for this event!

Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers 2014

From today to 28/09/2014, Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers 2014 is held.  We can go to the winner gardens of Chronicle Garden Competition, Queens Park and USQ Japan Garden. There are a lot of beautiful flowers.  Moreover,  there will be another major event, Grand Central Floral Parade which is from City to Queens Park..  This parade will be a lot of fresh floral floats. I think that is an event we should not miss!

New wing of Garden City

Last night, I went to Garden City for dinner. There were a long queue of cars! I have spent more ten minutes for finding a parking spot!

Well, yesterday, the new extension of Garden city was opened to public. A lot of people , like us, want to experience those new shops during the night shopping!

Wow, I found a lot of new things in there. Firstly, there is a huge new car park at the roof of  new extension. I was so silly, I have spent more ten minutes for finding a parking spot in those old car parks.

Garden City New Car Park

Secondly, there are a tons of new stores, such as Target, Kmart, ADLI and new spaces.

New Extension of Garden City


The new store of Target is very impressive! The store has a lot of open spaces, that is very different than the rest of stores. I found the shopping experience can compare with Muji.

DAISO Garden City

In additional, there is a new DAISO store. If you want to buy $2.8 household goods, you don’t need to go to carindale anymore.

NOOSA Chocolate Factory

Thirdly, I found there are new few coffee shops too,  such as NOOSA Chocolate Factory and Shingle Inn. I think you can find a coffee shop within a minute walking distance.

Well, this new extension is still quite new. Some shops, such as Myer, will opens on next month.

Lastly, there are a new Asian features.  For example, a asian supermarket,Sunlit, opened next to Coles.  Although this market is not very big, she has every asian goods, such as chinese vegetable, chinese frozen food and Asian sacks.

Sunlit Asian  Supermarket


In additional, the ground level food court is extended and given a new look.  There is a new section for Asian restaurants, it calls 8 streets.  It will opens soon.



The new extension is really a good place for shopping.  Also, it makes Garden City is the largest shopping center in Queensland!

Garden City Westfield Shopping Center

Cnr Logan Road & Kessel Road

Upper Mount Gravatt QLD 4122

Brisbane Festival

Brisbane Festival is held until 27/9/2014. Those events of Brisbane Festival are carrying in Southbank. In past years, the Santos laser show was a signature event of Brisbane Festival. I am quite disappointed, the laser show won’t be a part of this festival. Instead, there is a Santos live music stage near Goodwill bridge.


During the festival, every Thursday and Saturday, there will be  a series of live performance.  For the detailed programs, please visit their website.

Another major event of this year is Exxopolis which is an inflatable sculpture at Culture forecourt. This sculpture is about 1000m² large. That is just big, you can walk in to this sculpture.  Inside itself, there are a lot of walking paths, similar with a maze.  Moreover, it reflects sunlight to  inside. That looks quite fantasy. However, this experience is not free of charge, an adult tickets costs $16.


Well, there is still a free option.  If you turn left from this inflatable sculpture,  that is Brisbane Airport Light Garden. This is completely free, free to walk-in, free to take photo!

Brisbane Airport Light Garden

This sculpture contains a lot of bamboo. I guess it represents a bamboo forest.

 handmade bamboo lanterns

In additional, a lot  handmade bamboo lanterns  hanged on each tree in Culture forecourt.

Lastly, there will be a firework on 27/9/2014 at 7pm in Southbank, please don’t miss it!

Yesterday is the last day of taiwan festival. This year , the festival took places in four shopping malls and about a week long, without a central location. This was a bit hard to attend their programs.
Magical Show at Taiwan festival 2014
However , i have attended some programs. Firstly, I watched the magician show on last Thursday . The magician turned himself to a ball and was jumping around the stage. That was very funny.

A lot of people were lining up in front of Chatime

Secondly, yesterday, i went to cha time in sunnybank around 1.30pm. We enjoyed the buy one get one free deal. Although we spent an hour for lining up, that was  a huge bargain! Long time waiting was still worthy. Moreover we got a ten dollars voucher from a center staff. We can use it on 7th september. We got a huge benefit on this trip.

Chatime Buy one get one free
Lastly, at night, we went to the  LuBenTan Night Market at calamvale central. There was a full of people. The car park was completely full. We had to park in sunnybank hills shopping town and walked across to there. I have not seen that many chinese in Brisbane ever before!

 LuBenTan Night Market

There were a lot of taiwanese hawker style food stall, but each stall had a long queue in front of itself. Thus, we had two dishes. Firstly, that was Oden. It contains 9 types of fish balls. It did not taste bad at all. Second one is coconut jelly.  That was quite tasty. I like it.

Coconut Jelly


Lastly, at 9pm, a firework show lighted up at the roof of  sunnybank hills shopping town.

Fireworks of Taiwan Festival 2014That was quite fun.

Well, although the Taiwan Festival 2014 ended, LuBenTan Night Market still opens 6pm to 11pm at Calamvale Central every Saturday.