During these recent years, many Korean restaurants opened in sunnybank area. I tried many of them.

Maru is one of my list. This restaurant is located in the heart of sunnybank, just next market square. I tried their Bibimbap (Hot Stone Rice). That is not bad, I felt full, after I had this.


Besides that, I love their dumplings a lot!

Course of, they have Korean side dishes too!
Korean side dishes

Address: Shop 3,
9 Lewina Street
QLD 4109
(Just behind the medical center)
Tel: 07 3344 3868

This afternoon, I and my wife went to a new Japanese Restaurant in Runcorn Plaza.   The atmosphere is quite comfortable and the staff are friendly.  I like this restaurant.

After we scanned through the menu, we finally ordered a Bento special for $21.  That was a big lunch!

Firstly, we had a streamed egg. Yummy, inside the egg, it had a mushroom and prawn!

Stream Egg @REN

Secondly, the main bento box arrived with miso soup.


That was huge, a few piece of chicken, a piece of fried chicken fillet and two prawn,a bowl of rice , salad and sashimi. This portion made me feeling full until 7pm! This was not just big, it tasted good too! I love those two prawn. They were lovely with salad sauce!


The sashimi were very fresh and good! They worth five stars!

They was an enjoyable lunch! They are my top ten japanese restaurants in South side. Today, we were quite rush, I wish we can have more time to enjoy the food next times.


REN Japanese Restaurant

Shop 20, Runcorn Plaza
258 Warrigal Road,
Runcorn QLD 4113

Tel: 07038418889

Brisbane ANZAC Parade

Today is ANZAC Day which is a national day of remembrance in all Australians and New Zealanders who served and died in all wars, conflicts, and peacekeeping operations.

Thus,this morning, I went to City for ANZAC Parade. I wish to pay tribute to the men and women to service the country. The parade is very large, that was about 125 groups to join this parade.

ANZAC Ex-Service People

Firstly, the first group in the parade are some world war I and II ex-service men and women.  Also, I found there was British ex-service men and women in the parade.


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Easter Holidays

Source:Open Clip Art Using Under Public Domain Attribution

Most of Brisbane People are in a holiday mood again. Yesterday, we had a public holiday for Good Friday. On Monday(21/4). we will have a public holiday for Easter Monday. Most of people can get their usual day off on Saturday and Sunday. That is 4 days off! Then next Friday, that is an ANZAC holiday too! That will a long weekend again. During these two weeks, we only need to work 8 days! Some people (actually, they are quite a lot) took some annual leave to form two weeks holidays. That is very cool!

Hong Kong Style Wonton Noodle@Zen corner


Last Saturday,  we went to a new noodle bar, Zen corner , in Sunnybank Plaza for our lunch. When I looked at their menu, there is Hong Kong Style Wonton Noodle. That is great! I must try it!

That tasted good, quite authentic. Each wonton had prawn and pork, not bad.  The noodle was nice and fresh too! Moreover, the price is reasonable too. Large size which was the one I ordered costed $12, had 12 pieces of wonton (The small one is $9). The price is fair. I was about the lunch!

Zen corner
地址:Shop 32C,
Sunnybank Plaza Shopping Centre,
358 Mains Road,
Queensland 4109

Frozen Yogurt@ Nominom

Frozen Yogurt has been popular in Hong Kong for a while. Last year, I was in Hong Kong, I saw a lot of Frozen Yogurt in there.  In recent years, it becomes popular in Brisbane too. All major shopping centers at least have one Frozen Yogurt.

Well, I wish to have one too! So, I bought a groupon coupon, for Nominom. That is $3 coupon has $6 value! And few weeks ago,  I went to there for a trial.  The way to buy frozen yogurt is interesting. They are not selling Frozen Yogurt per cup. The price is counted by weight, $2 for 40g. You can freely choose any frozen yogurt base with the topping.  I got $6 voucher, therefore I could have 240g.

I chose Coffee Frozen Yogurt as the based. Choosing topping was a bit headache. So many choices, there were various selections of fruits, candy and chocolate.  Finally, I chose some M&M, chocolate with some of mango and kiwi fruit. I got the job done, that was my frist frozen yogurt.


Nominom Shop

2B 131 Elizabeth St, Brisbane QLD 4000