small cake place

Earlier this year, at my friend’s birthday party, I had a very delicious cake, and the texture of the cake was so soft that I thought it was one of the best cakes in Brisbane! So I asked where my friend bought it? It turned out to be one. It’s called a small cake place. That shop was near the Fruit Grove train station, not far from my home.
A few days ago, I finally had the opportunity to try it! Because the bakery shop is mainly making custom cakes, there are not many cake slice choices for sale. I remember there are about five choices to be offered.
So I ordered a black sesame cake slice (~$7) on the day, this is very suitable for Asian tastes, and the cake texture is very soft! Not bad! It reminds me of the cakes that I used to eat in Hong Kong, and they are very fragrant. The taste of sesame seeds is very solid. The appearance is also beautiful.
In addition to the food, the environment there is good! It is minimalist, the decoration is mainly white and wood colors, the color is soft, and it is very comfortable! Although it is a small shop, the seats are pretty spacious.
The last thing to mention is that there are not many parking spaces in the store, and the Fruit Grove train station is nearby, so I believe that office hours of Monday to Friday, the nearby street parking spaces will be almost full, so everyone should be aware of parking. We didn’t have this problem on Saturday when we went there. A lot of parking spaces are in the train station are very convenient!
The cakes in this shop are delicious. So if someone has a birthday next time, they will go there to order cakes and try their real skills!

Adress:Shop 3/83 Mango St, Runcorn QLD 4113

Business Hours: Wed-Sun, 11am to 5pm

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 lavender blooming season

It’s September again; it’s a flower blooming season. Thus, I went to Sirromet Winery in Mount Cotton to see lavender last week. Many purple flowers can already be seen.

 lavender blooming season
The weather was fine and sunny. Although there is no purple-sea-like lavender field, there are also several rows of lavender. That is still an excellent choice. And the winery has a lot of free parking spaces, which is convenient! Moreover, Mount Cotton is also half an hour’s drive from Brisbane City and only half an hour’s drive from the south of Brisbane. So it’s very close to our home!

several wild kangaroos in mount cotton
Apart from watching lavender, there are also several wild kangaroos there. They are jumping around the winery, which is interesting.
And that day we visited there, we saw a few little kangaroos baby, some cute ones.
So I think it’s worth going there!

Address:850-938 Mount Cotton Rd, Mount Cotton QLD 4165

Opening Hours: 9am to 8:30pm

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Recently, I saw some people in a Whatsapp group who have been in Australia for a short period asked that the things on Kogan and are cheap, but they do not have a physical store. So is it credible?
I think it should be ok. I also brought some goods to those two online stores from time to time, especially Kogan, because there are many OEM products. They are all made by foundries in Southeast Asia, so the prices are very attractive, the styles are many, and the functions are complete. I once had friends who bought their brand TV sets, and they all said they were good. However, it was made by a foundry. Whether it is durable or not depends on your luck. But according to my experience with friends, it is ok. is all possible. My Dyson vacuum cleaner was also bought in there, and there are often significant discounts on brand-name products!
There is also a membership system, where members can have free delivery services and even some member discounts. But their monthly membership fee is a few yuan. But if you often buy the goods in there, it’s worth it. And they have a one-month free trial; you can use it after the trial, then you can consider whether to use it or not.
In the end, everyone should pay attention, some of their products are sold by third-party suppliers, so if they are unreliable, you have to look at the reviews of that merchant!

During these years in Australia, I usually ate some kind of budget dining, most of them only cost around $10. However, sometimes I have to eat some high-end things to treat myself better, and it can also add some romance to my life. Thus, I went to a Japanese Fusion restaurant in the star casino of Gold Coast earlier, Kiyomi, for fine dining. As soon as I entered, I already felt that the environment was good, the atmosphere was very high-end, the light was soft, and the decoration was not old. Although, of course, the atmosphere is so high-end, that is still entirely causal, and it is very comfortable! As for the food, of course, it is also good, in this grade place, but that is quite pricy. A set meal costs $120 per person, and there are eight courses at this price.
First of all, let’s talk about the appetizer, a few slices of tuna and some snacks like tofu. Seriously, I really don’t know what it is, but it’s exquisite in short.
The second dish is fried squid, nothing special, but it is beautiful, and it is fried a little bit fragrant, plus some green onion, just like painting.
The next thing is the DENGAKUMAN fish, which is also fried a little fragrant, and the meat is tender.
Next is tonight’s main course, Wagyu. I am a person who dislikes beef very much, but I also think that this kind of beef is good, and it has a feeling of melting in the mouth.
Next is the other main sushi set, including salmon, tuna, and squid. Although it is not too special, it is also very exquisite. Everything about this meal is picturesque.
Finally, dessert is also a kind of art, including green tea, ice cream, and a small pancake. In summary, this restaurant is excellent. Must go once so that you can understand what fine dining is. But there are some things to pay attention to. First of all, this is a Fine Dining restaurant, which is mainly for enjoying the atmosphere. Therefore, don’t expect to eat full in there. In short, there are several dishes, but the portions are small. Secondly, my daughter is only a few years old, so I found that the environment and menu are not very suitable for young children. Finally, I want to mention that this restaurant is popular. Therefore, if you’re going to go on the weekend, it is best to make an appointment one or two weeks early. address: Lobby Level, The Star Gold Coast Broadbeach QLD 4218 Phone: 07 5592 8757 Continue Reading